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  1. larry klevit says:

    You are an amazing human being! Your attitude is fantastic and your perspective is great!

  2. Rosann Wilson says:

    Dearest Cuz Scott,
    Thank you for sharing, you have found your purpose in LIFE! Keep posting so that others may be encouraged, if one person is able to accomplish something it is no loger impossible. You are a shooting star in our family! God Bless you. Cheers!

  3. cruz says:

    dear scott,
    i’m reading this and i think you are a great person i found this website becuase i was looking for some shoes called scotts and this came up just to let you know im 16 and i attend mollina high school im from texas was born in dallas and im in 11 grade.
    i hope everything is good with you god bless you…

    • scott yonkouski says:

      Hey Cruz,

      Thank you for your thoughts. Life’s a journey, let’s enjoy it, one step at a time. I don’t know how far you read, but as you read back in time on each blog, you’ll find out a lot about UCLA and it’s medical team. They’re unbelievable! I hope everything works for you, and if you have any questions or concerns, throw them out there, we’ll see what answers we can come up with!
      Again, thanks , and with warm thoughts,

      Scott Yonkouski

  4. Annie Isaac says:

    My dear Scott, Oh my, how many years have passed and here we are – at least some of us – beaten up and battered, but still surviving! I just tonight discovered your blog while playing on the computer and I am so sorry that you have been in less than good health . . . . is that a delicate way to say it? I loved looking at your pictures . . . you look just as I remember you . . . still the best looking kid on the block 🙂

    Do you still remember that wild caravan ride from Peoria to California in 1981? My dear Jim left this world on Nov 1, 1987. I believe we went to see you while your mom and dad were visiting in the late summer that year. I can still remember your little apartment – in Manhattan Beach, right? . . . still remember the laughter when your mom was telling about being in Venice Beach. She loved it; I hated it!

    I am now living in Scottsdale, AZ with Sarah and her family. I was diagnosed with colon cancer last summer but doing pretty well now. Life has not always turned out like I had planned but I keep repeating, “Man plans, God smiles.” So all is well I think.

    Wonder if you will see this and if you even remember me/us. On trips back to Peoria I have gone past our old house on Willow Wood and remembered many good times there. I have only read a little of your blog but plan to read it thoroughly when I am not so tired. I think you missed your calling, should be an author . . . . but then maybe you are 🙂

    Maybe you will remember and want to say, “Hi’ when you have the chance. If so my email address is Bless you always.

  5. scott yonkouski says:

    What a sweet story of some great memories! I will write you on your email, give you all of my info, and once you read some of my blogs, you’ll find out a lot of my history. So nice to hear from you; and I have to tell you, no battered bodies, just lovin’ life, each day, every minute!!

    Take care of yourself, tell Sarah “Hey”, and I’ll write more,


  6. Joe Yonkouski says:

    How COOL is that??? Wow!! What memories we have of times with those wonderful people!
    Your blog always inspires me and brings a smile to my face…but Annie’s post was a BIG Pleasant surprise!
    Have a great day…..keep touching all those people in your own special way.
    See you soon.

    Brother, Joe

  7. Tracie aka lil zzzz says:

    Just wanted you to know that every time I read your blog, everything just seems better and put back into perspective for me. I look at all of these photos in amazment of what a example you are to me of just accepting things with a smile and getting back out there and grasping whats next! This is great to hear that people are finding you from old family friends to 16 year olds that all get a positive out of reading your blogs, we all do, keep it up, you are doing many people alot of good now and always have been, from physical to now mental……. Thats my big brother, my hero, my friend and now my healer!

    Love ya,
    lil zzzzz Tra

  8. Donna Manders says:

    just wanted to say hi ~ miss your smile. xoxoxoxo miss you and hope to see you soon. Big hug and kiss.


  9. I had eight hours of surprise surgery on 9/24/14 at UCLA. The surgeons removed a back muscle and used it to cover a large area of my scalp due to the removal of basal cell carcinoma. They also supplied blood flow to my head. Miraculous flap surgery.

    As I awaited discharge six days later, Scott humbley introduced himself to me and my husband at UCLA. A new friendship began. I am so grateful for his positive and brilliant insights as he spent his volunteer hours listening to me while sharing his journey.

    To be continued as I await hair transplants and learn to accept a bald bold look and attitude with inspiration from Scott. What a blessing during a very difficult time.


    • admin says:

      Thanks for sharing Jane. There is an special energy in someone that believes in helping someone else. Scott reached out to help you. You comment here is also a continuance of that energy to help others. We celebrate to your continued recovery. Michael

  10. Ellen says:

    H.i, Scott,
    Thank you for writing your beautiful blog
    I have been living with your type of tumor for 6 years. I have researched every study on our tumor type and seem to have discovered valuable information that the medical profession is not aware of. I am writing a book, and I found the wonderful “Meningioma Mammas” group, while I did my exhaustive research. My reseach has lead me to discover the answers of what a person . can do besides cut, burn,and wait while having this tumor reoccur. After two brain surgeries and radiation my tumors have reoccured. Hopefully, I will gather my strength in order to do battle once again!

  11. Scott says:

    Hi Ellen,
    Thank you for your comment, and I hope that your are feeling well throughout this time right now. I am a consoler at Immermann Angels out of Chicago, and yes, I do know of Meningioma Mommas, and I am an advisor at UCLA, in their Patient and Family Advisory Counsel, among others. I w0uld love to have a conversation with you; either calling, text, or email. You can find my info on my website:

    When it comes to Meningioma’s, since I’ve had 3, and two rounds of radiation, seizures; let’s just I know a thing or two about them! Let’s get in touch with regard to this.

    Peace and Blessings to you,

  12. Michael J, Izzo says:

    I miss you my warrior. You have run the road to recovery many times and never waned in your steady drive, hard and relentless work. You are truly blessed and a positive example to many. Aloha my Friend.

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