PT= physical therapy

I’ve been doing my own PT, as I did on my first hip replacement, (left hip).  As we all know, little stuff can turn into big stuff, over time.  As with regular fitness commitment, perseverance with small movements, which you all know is all that I can do right now, leads to larger movements, and visual progress.

Day #1, 24 hours after surgery; I think my dog missed me! (YouTube link:I’m home! – YouTube    Just link this)

Day #4 after surgery; first workout; (YouTube link Hip Flexor Raising Both Legs – YouTube).

Day #8 after surgery, starting to feel strong enough to expand variety of exercises, one is with rope exercise, for shoulders, but also for a very intense core engagement throughout my hips. (YouTube link IMG 9371 – YouTube ).

Day# 8 after surgery; using TRX for MINI-squats!  Very minor movements, challenge ourselves as we progress, (YouTube link

Every day is another day, sometimes I feel very strong, sometimes I don’t, and I have to keep telling myself, that I only had a HIP REPLACEMENT 8 days ago, go easy!  It’s  a good arena for me to be in, I have to reign myself  in sometimes, which I then have to remind myself of the clients that I have; watch closely, observe, and reign them in if they reach out of their zone that we’re working within.

With this PT, I’m doing most of what I did with my other hip one and 1/2 years ago, but I’m adding a few more progressive movements for rapid recovery, like the TRX, and shoulder rope to add a few more muscle groups in my routine.

I’ll keep you posted as we carry on, in some weary way, I find this to be very exciting!



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Thirty-six hours ago I had my right hip replaced.  Dr. Erik Zeegen of  UCLA  Santa Monica did all of the surgery, appropriate so, he also did my left hip 18 months ago!  I thought that he did a phenomenal job first time around, but this time, I would have to say that he was 50% better.  More range of motion, I was up walking around 2 hours after surgery.  My strides were longer, my strength abilities were much more intact.  I have to salute him, really on both!

After my 1st surgery, I was back at work in 7 days, but honestly, all I did was sit in a chair and direct clients through their boot camp sessions. The problem was, my back really didn’t resume to a state of comfort, with so much tightness still in it, which of course is useful; if your hips have no cartilage, which causes pain, and you start to have a limp with each step, that will be one of the effects, no cartilage=pain.  My point here is that at the time of my first, the Dr. told me, “I’ll be seeing you in about 18-24 months”.  I guess he knew what my journey was going to be in the next 2 years!  He was right, because as soon as the left hip, (1st one), starting feeling good, I could tell that the right hip was starting to feel pain, which is why my back didn’t want to return to it’s full range of movement for anything., from bending over, to actual pain when I would turn a certain way.  Time to go back in.  The one thing that a person who is having a hip replacement, continuously, is told, is to walk as much as possible, (without aggravation of course), the reason for this is for rebuilding strength, and giving movement to a surgical area so you try to prevent blood clots  from gathering.  It just seems  magical on how a hip replacement can (is) a big surgery, and how fast it can recovery.

I will be reminding everyone on a day-by-day progression of recovery, and show some of the exercises that I will be doing, should anyone have consideration of a hip replacement. Ask away, and I will respond on how my recovery is progressing.

No Pain!  No Pain! YESSSSSSS!

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I haven’t written for a few months, for different reasons.  I hope that everyone is well,  and as we are coming up on the holidays, that we all are looking for a very Merry Christmas, as a change to this past years events.  When 2020 hit us, it seemed as if it  was a new decade, like it was just yesterday, but like we all know, the rest of 2020 is something that we’ve never anything like it before.  From the the young generations, to those who were here in the 40’s and 50’s, during the Cold War, and maybe a few from the Depression, knew hardship, but this is a little different.  We’ve experienced a situation where there don’t seem to be answers, (as we are being told).  Lots of questions, and a lot of time, no answers.  Let’s try to do better, let’s try to help others, let’s try to be kind to others. or how about this; let’s try to be kind to everyone!

A lot of friends, family, and others that I know maintained their business, some even excelled; but there are others that I know and love, that have been hit hard by co-void.  I’m sure that we all try to help with words, and maybe actions; but sometimes that isn’t enough.  Bottom line, though, is that we HAVE to keep trying.  Sometimes we don’t see any effect of our efforts, but I’m convinced that at sometime, sooner or later, we have helped, as a supporting team member.  I know this SO very well; when I was having surgery with those brain tumors that happen to like me, I felt SO much support from everyone that was in my life at that time, because they TRIED to give me some kind of help, from kindness, to words, to actions, to just being a friend.  From my own personal situation, at times I felt so lost as to how I cold get back my business, my physical being, my rightful mind; you name it, at least once I experienced it.  In no way am I trying to say “oh poor me”; but just the opposite, “Oh great are THEY!”.  The help I received from others, when I didn’t even know how to ask, is my point here.  When we see, or know someone who needs a shoulder to lean on, push that shoulder of yours out!  Be that support, of whatever you can give.  Sometimes, literally just being there is enough.  I’ll give you a story that still gets emotionally for me.  It’s about my father, who just passed away 3 years ago, (which really seemed like 3 days ago).  I was having one of my surgery, (in all honesty, I don’t know if it was 1st or 2nd one), and about the last hour before the surgery, Dad just sat on a chair, along the side of my bed, and put his huge hand on my forearm, and he never said a word.  Him just being there showed all of his concern, his hope, his affections, his love.  No words were needed, just his presence was enough; and by now, you know the story, we made it!  Trust that when you are trying to help a person, and don’t seem to think that you have to have a supporting word, just being there let’s them know that you care, and are with them.  Sometimes having a bit of kindness in a brief moment, gives them a second to know that they will make this part of their life positive, and when that feeling starts to hit them, they start to know that something could be made possible, and you were there!

I say this, because we all need a something positive in our lives right now.  I’ll tell you what I tell myself every morning, “who can I help today?”.  Not that I think I can go out and change someone’s life in a day, but if I can have a conversation, maybe a 10 word conversation, or even smile at them where they smile back, maybe that stays with them.  It’s just that one moment that they know that you are with them, and that could mean a lot, maybe not that day, but maybe later.  Remember that.

Kindness is special, to anyone at any time.  Let us not give up on those in stressful times, they need us.  We’re all unique, we all believe in goodness, and let us leave those ugly words aside, they do not help anyone.  Let’s get through this, all of us.  Make a great idea happen; we all have ideas!

I have one wish, that all places of worship, mine being a Catholic Church, can be an “essential” place.  Heaven forbid I have to use those terms, but I hope that we all keep our faith, our beliefs, and our hope in our hearts to see the end of this, and have happiness in our lives again.


“God said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.  I will rather boast more gladly about my weakness in order that the power of Christ may dwell in me.  Therefore I am content with weakness, insults, hardships, persecutions, and constraints, for the sake of Christ, for when I am weak, then I am strong.”

2 Corinthians 12: 9-10




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“In the same way, the tongue is a small member and yet has great pretensions.  Consider how a small fire can set a huge forest ablaze, the tongue is also a fire.”  James 3: 5-6

When I read this scripture, it was so relative to the actions of today; it calls out today’s word of hatred, anger, hostility, and much, much more.  I say this, not to anger any of those who read this, on any of my feelings, but to really think about words.  Think about what they mean, what the intent about saying those words really mean, think about the soul that says these words. I’ll repeat a phrase that I saw, that  can teach a tongue to remain calm, and be not even an ash:


I saw something that I think is wonderful:  It’s called “Before you speak, THINK”.







Obviously, this doesn’t calm society down right now, but it can be a start.  I propose that whoever this, read this at least FIVE times, and let it soak in.  It’s important that one should understand that words are permanent, they’ll never disappear from someone’s mind.  THAT is so important!


As some of you know, I haven’t written anything for a while; I didn’t have “words”.  When I read articles of today, I feel my blood get hot, I want to respond, but I look at the defining words of “THINK”, (Which I have in front of my face when I’m at my desk),  I want to remain positive in my thoughts, and the words to follow; and my response would  certainly NOT have been “TRUE”, (the first “T”), it would be an emotional opinion, which is not a dialogue; it becomes a war to win a debate, rather than a dialogue.  That then becomes NOT “Helpful”.  What then, is the point of the conversation?  Is there a point to have these kinds of “conversations”?  There have been several separation of friends, some of these with many years of friendship with these types of conversations, and I am speaking of some of my friends who distanced themselves from me.  The reason I mentioned this, is I am fully invested in friendship.  I’m ok with someone who wants to keep a distance, but from a conversation(s); REALLY???


What I’ve noticed, is that our “friendly” social network, our neighborhood website, and others have become so, so sad, such ANGRY words, and also words of HATE.

HATE:  v.; to dislike intensely; to feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward: detest.


WOW. That’s heavy.  I have had friends on our wonderful social media, (again),  spilling out angry, hateful words; mostly political, emotional opinions, and that goes, where?  I know that we all have opinions, we’re humans, I get it; but to end a friendship because we have a different view on things.  If I remember somewhat not so distant ago, this didn’t happen 10-15 years ago, it is very incomprehensible to me right now.  This might go nowhere, but I do ask all of you who wish to put your not so sweet thoughts out there, to go in a different route out there,  How about the “I” in THINK, to Inspire?  Anything that you have, because we all have something inspiring, throw it out there!  Trust me, it will be so motivating to see something “inspiring”, and trust me on this,  you will feel so clean in your heart! That ugly feeling in your gut won’t be there, please trust that!  I rely on my faith to help me through this time, and I know I’m not alone here.  Trust in your positive beliefs, trust in what is kind for you.  It’s all about knowing that we, all of us, can’t change anything with angry words, so let’s inspire others.  Hop on this train!!!

FYI, I have had a few of those reply thoughts in my mind, but I’m so glad that I didn’t give that type of reply, because really, what’s the point?  Really, WHAT IS THE POINT???  What does that heated anger get someone?  Either another reply like wise, or heaven forbid, a contrasting reply that instigates reply after reply after reply.  Again, what is the point?  Nothing changed, no one won the “argument”, the item discussed didn’t change; I hope that I didn’t go to far, stating something like this, but the last thing I’d like to ask, is it “KIND”?  Isn’t that word beautiful?  I mean it’s just cool, when it’s KIND.  ( I just love that phrase, I’ll register it!).  I’ll say it again, it’s cool when it’s KIND!

For those who might not have some sort of scripture reference, I’ll give you a definition of the WORD:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”  John 1:1

When you’re on social media, and you want to make a statement, or reply to one, “THINK”; motivate someone, inspire someone, be kind to someone, (it’s really cool to be Kind!) , be Necessary to someone, and be True to your positive soul, and enjoy the WORD!!!




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When I wrote my last blog, it was about the positive coming out of the quarantine era.  It seems to me now, that some differ from that, and that’s too bad.  In our world, times should be “of the moment”, with appreciation of what’s been given to us, to all of us, as we look for answers; mine is my belief in God.  I try to move forward, with an attempt to do good for others. and volunteer my services to those who need support in hospitals, in my neighborhood, and wherever else I see a need.  I see no need for skin color to be a concern to me.  We are all born with a journey ahead of us, and we are taught what God has given us.  Unfortunately, recently there has been a mass of people who have strayed from the church, especially those with young children.  This is a problem with keeping one’s faith, to NOT having history OF faith.  We, (our country),  have gotten do so much political correctness with all of our beliefs, that some can’t even express our beliefs to others, for fear of being something of a ***ist, whatever that means.  It’s a terrible thing when people use their emotional opinions to converse, to “win” a conversation, rather than having a talk, as friends who maybe disagree; wasn’t like that 10 or so years ago.

It’s sad, as people who had friends for 15, 20, 25 years, suddenly dismiss that friendship, due to political, and other beliefs.  Is harsh feelings the way to find peace?  Is hatred talk the way to converse?

I did a viral recently, (on YouTube), describing how we can adapt to our situation of the virus, and staying home, and renewing our religious faith with the time that we had with our quarantine restrictions.  I found it necessary for all of us to use that “moment to moment” time, to look at what we can do with this new “change” that will be here for awhile.  It’s not going away, but it also means that we can adapt to it, and make it useful in our lives, and our faith.  As I mentioned in my last blog, I saw many wonderful things come out of that time.  And then things changed.  A tragic event occurred, and so did many harsh feelings, much harsh language, and events that did nothing but cause hatred.  I think that many emotions opinions took the place of conversation, and I hope that people start to look at those that  lost a friend, a business, a soul.  We are better than that.  Our hearts are better than that,  Our faith is better than that.  Peace doesn’t just happen, it has to be committed to, to be worked on, but only with open eyes, and an open heart.  Talk, observe, listen to others, be kind, be helpful, and try to be necessary for someone.  We can get through this, but we have to stay open.

Many police have been in altercations, some have died in the last few weeks, and why?  For the ONE bad apple, (which I think is tragic!), police , (and 1st responders), have become targets; a policeman breaking up a fight in Las Vegas during a “demonstration” and point blank getting shot in the back of his head, Santa Cruz ambush that killed a policeman, New York same thing.  Not a lot of thinking about this. Intentions should be calmer.


I’m going to include a script that I hope lifts up our thoughts.  It means that we are ALL sinners, which we know, but that if we encourage a word like repent, which means “go beyond the mind that you have”,  meaning minds, eyes, ears, senses, perceptions, all have to be opened up and be revitalized.  It means to have forgiveness, and to be righteous.  We have all sinned, but let’s try to change that; we ask and we shall receive.

“Remind the people to respect the government and be law-abiding, always ready to lend a helping hand. No insults, no fights. God’s people should be bighearted and courteous.

It wasn’t so long ago that we ourselves were stupid and stubborn, dupes of sin, ordered every which way by our glands, going around with a chip on our shoulder, hated and hating back.

But when God, our kind and loving Savior God, stepped in, he saved us from all that. It was all his doing; we had nothing to do with it. He gave us a good bath, and we came out of it new people, washed inside and out by the Holy Spirit. Our Savior Jesus poured out new life so generously. God’s gift has restored our relationship with him and given us back our lives. And there’s more life to come–an eternity of life!”

Titus 3:1-7 The Message


I sincerely hope that we all remain well, and that we all can have our friendships remain, and express your faith with good intentions.

Let’s all be lives of goodness,






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I’ve witnessed a lot these past 6 or more weeks, as I’m sure most other people would say the same.  As an addition to that, I would also include a change to my perceptions of what I witnessed, as I think most others would agree.


Witness: v., to see, hear, or know by personal presence and perception


I used to refer to this time frame that we’re in as “strange times”, and it was strange times, because it was something that was out of our control; meaning there was no solution when “times” needed to be changed.  It really meant that we, as a society, needed to adapt our personnel life, the awareness around us, our financial business, our family being, etc…everything had to be “changed”.


Change: n., The act or instance of making or becoming different


I remember when I was just out of college, 21-22 years old.  I lived in Peoria, Illinois.  My ambition, at that age, was to “get out of town!”, north, south, east, or west, didn’t matter!  So I had an opportunity to come to SoCal, Santa Barbara to be exact.  My parents next door neighbors were moving their business out here, and he had several cars for his business, and asked me to drive one out here; best news, “I’ll pay everything, out here and back.”.  Took me about, uhm, ONE second to say YES, and so I contacted a friend from grade school,  stayed in his place for about 4-5 weeks in Santa Barbara, and thought well, I wanted to get out of Peoria, so here I am in California, let’s look for a job, since I just got out of college with an Engineering degree.  Now, it’s 1981, (WOW!), defense budgets were huge, and I got an offer on my first interview at Hughes Aircraft, Rader Division; no exaggeration at all, the interview took no longer than 5 minutes, they just needed people.  I took the job, went back to Peoria for my clothes, car, and that was about it.  As I was at my parents, I sat there with my mom, and said I didn’t know if I made the right decision; my family, friends, relatives, everyone who meant anything to me, was in Peoria.  Could I make this “change” in my life?  It would be a total different “change” to me and what I know?  To my surprise, my mom said that I should go, try it out; I could always come back home.  So I did.  The first day I made it out here, I said to myself  that that “change”, really wasn’t that big of a deal.  It was a little different, but I adapted.  Almost forty years, I guess I adapted well.


All of this leads up to our “stay at home” restrictions.  When we all first heard this, were our feelings something like, WHAAAAAAAT, NO WAY; WHAT AM I GOING TO DO????

And then things start to settle in; because I work at home, with my fitness studio in my garage, staying at home wasn’t that big of a deal to me.  I walk my dog about 3 times a day, and you always see the same people walking the same dog, and you strike up a conversation, and it’s really very nice; but now I’m not just seeing that ONE  dog walking person, I’m seeing the whole family walking the dog, talking, and maybe the young toddler has the lease in their hands, with papa right with them.  I’m seeing mom and dad riding their bikes on the side streets with their kids.  I’m seeing groups of moms with their masks, walking together as a group.  I’m seeing people going around the neighborhood, asking others if they need any help, especially to the elderly friends.  After a few weeks, I see people starting to accept this new “change”; they are gathering within ones driveway, 10-12 feet away, having a beer together.  I can go on and on, but the point here is that people adapted, they changed.  Will it stay like that?  No answers on that,  but I see a lot of people staying at home working, and will this scenario stay the same?  No answer on that, but it sure does make traffic seem like a ghost town!  I personally, would love to see traffic stay this way.  Will it stay this way?  That’s one that I can safely say, probably not! (DAAAAAANG!).  I also know that there are some people whose work just stopped, and believe me, I hurt for them.  That’s the rough part, and the only thing that I can say to someone like that, is I don’t have THE answer, but I can tell you of what I had to do, because I work one-on-one with people, and I can’t do that, at this moment.  We just have to be creative, or go with our strengths, or modify your business.  I also know that restaurants can only only do take-outs, suspending a lot of personnel, bartenders, and so on; I don’t have an answer.  My story: but I had to start to go with an idea that I had 3-4 years ago, but just didn’t push the “start” button; video training.  I do it in real time now, but that led me on a path, that I might be able to expand; I also started to walk off site from my studio with clients, around the side streets doing exercises, carrying exercise straps with a few clients, at least 6 ft. from them, doing push-ups, squats, lunges,(forward/reversed lunges/walking lunges…), for some, pull ups from tree limbs, (if they can); anything that can be done in a gym, can be duplicated outside, or at least a varying of an exercise.  It’s what I know, (my strength).  For me, that’s what worked, and I highly recommend that you all should try something that, trust yourself, be creative; and be kind.  I have also seen a lot of that, now that we’re all in this together.


The biggest thing that I might add, that this “change” will level out, and come to an end.  My mind also believes that everything WON’T go back to what it was; it will be what it will be, and we change our life to it.  We, from our personnel self, to us as a society, have always had peaks and valleys; we might be at the bottom of the valley right now, but we will start up that peak very soon.  I’m writing this now, because I’m seeing so much positive changes going on, so much kindness going on, so many families spending SO much time as family time, so much spiritually-oriented time being changed, people tuning into church, masses from their own diocese, or others that might be a distance from them, but had interest in that parish, services, lectures, support groups if needed.  I’m seeing so much goodness, and I have high hopes that when things start to become our natural state of affairs, that we stay in this positive frame of mind.  Smile, say hi to a stranger, wave, sometimes we don’t know who it is wearing a mask, but hey, that was fun waving to whoever!  Think about your heart opening up to let kindness from others fill that ol’ heart up!  Maybe I’m a little optimist here, but I feel like people are not only trying to “get through this”, I but also realizing that change is ok, actually GOOD, and maybe those changes that others have operated on this past few months, were good, and have presented  themselves in such a way, that they’ll use them as our peak starts to appear.  I wish everyone so much good wishes, hugs, love, and calm.

God bless you,




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DO UNTO OTHERS…(and yourself)

There will be several answers here, but who would you say was the greatest NFL coach?  If that’s too much, let’s give you some consideration, and you can name the top three.  Anyone want to disagree with Vince Lombardi?  If I remember, isn’t there a trophy, the Vince Lombardi Trophy?  I’m a little biased here, (even though I’m a Chicago Bears fan!), but this man tells us, especially in sports, the meaning of commitment.  It’s your word, to yourself, or many others if you belong to a team, of commitment, to be your best.  This man talked not only of being your best on the playing field, but outside the stadium.  He really remains one of the most notable sports figures of all time, but despite his success, he never lost sight of his purpose in life.  First of all, he was a very religious man; he went to daily mass, and received Communion every day.  Just giving you info about him, and his thinking.  He once said,

“After all the cheers have died down and the stadium is empty, after the headlines have been written, and after you are back in the quiet of your room and the championship ring has been placed on the dresser, and after all the pomp and fanfare have faded, the enduring thing that is left is the dedication to doing with our lives the very best we can to make the world a better place in which to live.”  Vince Lombardi.

To me, that sums it up.  Live your life, better yet, live your life for someone else, every day, every hour, every second; moment-to-moment!  So many times we go through life multi-tasking, and NEVER noticing what has been giving to us.  Whether you’re walking down the street and the beauty of the trees, or you’re driving and thinking about the rest of your day, it would seem that one would some how miss a miracle that could be happening, right in front of them.  Did you ever appreciate the beauty of silence, only silence?  I’m guilty if I said I do all of the time, but when I focus on just enjoying that second, or even a minute, it really is beautiful.  This is Mr. Lombardi teaching, to give to another a commitment of your time, and kindness to make their day, a better day.  You are outside the stadium, you are trying to make the world a better place to live.  It’s a beautiful way to think, so why don’t we ALWAYS try to think that way?  For those that go to church every Sunday, try to live that peaceful space from your heart throughout your day, when you drive out of the church parking lot, instead of reacting to the car that just cut in front you, and you might have had to apply your breaks.  Maybe just thank God that you’re still safe, you made the world a better place.

If you remember, there was a high school student, Kendrick Castillo who was a very kind, religious student, the perfect young adult.  He was involved in the Denver shooting last May, a gunman started shooting, and as he charged the gunman, he was shot, and passed away.  Yes, this is tragic; yes, he lost his life; yes, his parents do not have him any longer.  I absolutely think, though, that he gave his life for his friends, and any other student, teachers; he made the world a better place.  At the end of the day, was his thinking right, or not so right.  No answer to that, but he lived in the moment, and reacted to saving other peoples lives, and to me, there is no other greater deed, than to think of others at all times.  His parents used this as a picture of well being, and their response was, at a honor for him, “Kendrick would go out of his way-nothing was more important than helping someone else, he did something what we should be doing, we gather here as a community to learn the lessons of love, but when we exit the doors, it(love),  should never stop, and Kendrick figured it out.  If he can be the new light to bring people out of darkness, to let them know that there’s hope and to live their lives differently, get involved, I think that’s a good thing; we need someone like that, and he was that person.”

That, to me, is a saint; who gave his life, to save others.  So do we all have to be in that situation, to be thought of in that way?  I don’t think so, but I DO think we should be very kind to other people, help other people, even help someone without them knowing it was you who helped them, because your kindness doesn’t have to be “on show” to others.

Next week, in the Catholic church, Lent starts.  I not trying to preach to anyone about my religion, but why don’t you join me in the way that I’m honoring my beliefs?  Instead of “giving something up” for Lent, (40 days), why not give to someone, help in any way that they might need help.  Picking up their trash, throwing their newspaper that’s laying at the curb, and bringing it up to their door, simple stuff.  You would be making the world a better place to live.  Here is one thing that I can, and will guarantee; you will feel SO much better, so much more peace than before.  Guess what?  You will find out that this is the easy part, that took maybe about 30 seconds!  If someone needs a ride, give them one if you have the time, or just offer them your time, and that will clear a head from everything that went wrong that day, into a place of peacefulness.  You’re helping someone, and making the world a better place.  You will find that this is not a chore, but enjoyable.  I will be open to anyone who asks about my day throughout Lent, how about you? Join me, I’m serious when I say that your heart will jump to another beat!  Join me, help someone, make this world a better place.



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Smiling is contagious.  I think that we all know that, and what could be more inspiring than a smiling face?  This could be an obvious act, but there are some who don’t have that attitude of bringing a smile back to them, by throwing out a smile, even if it’s just a little one.  Being your honest, supportive, meaningful, inspiring, lively, expressive self could be the one of the best attitudes that you throw out to other people, because it shows that you care, not only for them at that moment, but for everyone in you company.


S – Is it supportive?

M-Is it meaningful?

I- Is it inspiring?

L -Is it lively?

E -Is it expressive?


Is it Supportive?

I’ve found out that the more a person smiles, whether he knows a person that he passes, or not, brings about an attitude of confidence, and people like confidence.  Smiles present that.  If you have a personal friend who is not physically feeling well, an honest smile is our S; A SUPPORTIVE smile, and that goes a long way towards bringing a ray of hope to someone outlook.  I remember when I was in the hospital after one of my tumor surgeries, and my dad was sitting in a chair by my bed; he doesn’t say to much, but having him there, with his hand lying across my arm, and him giving me a little smile, made all the world of peacefulness to me, and basically no words were used.  It was very touching, just a small, little smile.  People understand what you are trying to say, sometimes without words.  Smile.  Be Supportive, and it could easily bring a smile back to you!


Is it Meaningful?

I think we all know if a smile is honest, and meaningful, rather than one that might be sneering at you.  We know what that is about, and really, why put that energy out there?  It does no one any good.  Being meaningful simply means that you care, and maybe even lending a hand to a chore, or that you feel good, and you want to lighten some else’s day!  How about something so simple as a smile, and say “HELLO”!  One word!  To some people, that could be their word of their day.  By doing some of the things that I do at the UCLA Ronald Regan Hospital, I have to be very observant to a patient, or the support group that might be in that room.  I try to be in THEIR shoes for about 5 seconds, and see what their seeing.  I give a smile, to show that I care, and I mean really care, because I’ve been in that bed before, and if I feel compassion from that a person coming into a room, it really could be my moment of the day; short and sweet. Being honest to someone, is actually being meaningful, and that can sink into someone’s heart.  Be Meaningful!


Is it Inspiring?

Inspiring is so important.  One smile, one gracious smile, could turn someone’s around for the day.  We’ve all had days where, well, things just aren’t going the way we planned, and someone comes along, tells an inspiring story, (with a smile, of course!), and sometimes things just turn around, just by a smile.  Being personal to someone, showing that you care, even for a second, can easily put a smile their face, or put peace on their forehead. It can be that simple, and I’m sure we’ve all seen that happen.  Be inspiring, and you’ve lifted someone’s day!


Is it Lively?

Lively is a strong word.  You have heart, and maybe you’re trying to share it.  That could be the coolest thing ever, to try and share your excitement with a person, to show how you feel right now, in that moment.  I think people want to share in happiness, whether it be for them, or for another person.  Lively, and happiness are contagious, and that certainly can go into another’s heart.  Again, it’s very simple; being honest, meaningful, supportive, and inspiring, shows another person that you really care enough in your heart, enough that you have so much more to share!  Put out that big smile, and let people know that you have enough to share, enough to smile back, and I think they will.


Is it Expressive?

It might seem like you’re under pressure with this word, expressive, but it really means “just be yourself”.  Honesty always comes through, and so does trying to be “expressive”.  It doesn’t mean that you have to be so outgoing, or beyond what you really are.  If you’re soft spoken, good for you!  A little smile comes out of you, even bigger than most people would suspect!  As you are expressive in your nature, it can affect someone, maybe without either one of you knowing!  One time I was, again, at the hospital, in the cafeteria, and a young lady came up to me, and asked me if I remember her, and qualified herself, by saying that it had been a few years ago when we talked; she was a patient, and was on a  returning visit.  To be honest, I didn’t remember talking to her; because I do see a number of people in the hospital, and after a few years, well, I just don’t have that big brain anymore!  I asked her what we talked about, and she basically responded that we just talked.  Now, that’s what I mean when I said to be expressive, in your own honest, expressive way.  No act, just honest; and that shows caring, and that caring leads itself to sticking into someone’s soul, that they remember something that was just conversation, but so meaningful to them.  So be Expressive!  Be yourself!  Be much more, by only bringing a smile!


Bringing happiness to someone else, just be being “you”, what could be better?  All of this means is that you have to be happy inside, yourself; and that happiness will always comes out, and you don’t have to anything but show up, (with that smile, of course!).

Have a great day!










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WARRIOR:  n.  a person who has shown great vigor, or courage


This really is the word that describes the attendees at the “Heroes of Hope” 5k/10k Race for Research.  With all of the proceeds going back to UCLA, Cedars-Sinai, and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles brain tumor research departments for cancer termination, this event was full of Warriors today.  This was a day filled with plenty of emotions, joys, and remembrance.  When you’ve seen people who are survivors of brain cancer, surgeons who had operated on these survivors, friends of these survivors, and families of these survivors, it hits you, hard.  It happened to me.  I’ve been associated with this organization, The Brad Kaminsky Foundation; and every year that this event comes upon us, (usually around Veterans Day),  I thank God for being here today.  This event is full of Warriors.  From the survivors, to the teams who are supporting a person who is fighting a brain tumor, to those who are commemorating someone who courageously fought this tragic brain tumor with so much vigor, it reminds you of the effort that we all have put our passion into; to help these three institutions to elevate their efforts for brain cancer.


When I see someone, especially women, and I see a beautiful scarf around their beautiful bald head, I ALWAYS approach them, and ask them if they would like to tell their story, because there is one.  I’ve had people do that to me, when they see my wonderful scar on my head, and we have a great conversation.  The point is: I’m so glad when I get asked, because I know that I’m not the only one.  That’s why I’ll approach someone, with a smile for them, and ask if they would like to talk.  Very simple.  It’s so pleasing to them, and me, because we all know that there are a lot of us out there in our world, and we sure do love the hope that another person gives us.


At our event today, there is a teenager named Joey.  Joey told me today that he is 13 years old.  Two years ago at age 11, Joey had a bald head, going through chemotherapy, and last year, he had a full head of hair.  Today he looked a little tired, and I found out that he is going through cycles of chemo again, week by week for the next year.  I had to hold my emotions in, such a great family supporting him, and Joey had so much vigor!  Such a great attitude, like he’s telling all of us to fight, and I mean fight!  We are all one, and we all fight together!  I saw Veronica this year, and she was in a wheelchair, last year she didn’t need to have that wheelchair, but she had that same attitude; fight, fight, fight!!! Although she was in her chair, we did pictures at the end of the two racing events, (5k/10k), so her parents brought her over to the stage where we all stood on top of the stage, which was about one foot above the ground.  She wanted to come up, and she did!  She did it, with a little help from other people, but she did it; she just had that look, “I’m going up there!”, and she did.  Again, I choked up.  Most of you know my story, but when I see those warriors out there, who are dealing with situations more demanding than mine, I applaud them, I hug them, I love them.  We ARE all together, and we support each other, and we appreciate every effort for any and all of those that donate to our cause, run for our cause, walk for our cause, and give hugs for our cause.  It’s a cause that I’m in, for the rest of my life, and I’m pretty sure that I can speak for the other warriors out there, they think the same way of appreciating all of the efforts to help our cause.


Lisa Kaminsky Millar started this organization, a 501(c)3, and gives everything that she has committing to this one event, all year long.  She started this foundation, after her brother, Brad, fought courageously throughout his tumor on his brain.  I believe he looks upon what we are doing, in his cause, because Lisa has carried on this event for 12 years, including today, and another for next year, to help others so that they have a warrior at their side to help them fight, and also win the fight with brain cancer!  It was also announced today, that for the end of this years time frame, donations will still be accepted for this organization:


I think that we all have a story, many being different from brain tumors, but the actions, and attitude remain the same.  Hug someone, converse with whoever needs that conversation, try not to judge someone, maybe just try to look from their eyes for about 10 seconds, and give them a smile.  It will mean SO much to them.  When I was in the hospital recently, with my hip replacement, and as some of you know, I volunteer at UCLA by speaking to other neurological trauma patients; so a friend that I work for at UCLA, comes into my room, to my surprise, spends literally about one minute coming to my room to visit, and had to leave because of his schedule, but that one minute meant the world to me.  The attentiveness that was given to me, very unexpectedly, was all that I needed at that moment. That’s all you need, to become a warrior.  You don’t have to have an event to work at, or a long day to comfort someone, (although if you can, do it!), but just a kind word, a hug, a smile, can mean you really ARE a warrior!  There’s a scripture that I’d like to  mention:

“So not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.”   Hebrews 13: 2

So go ahead, be that warrior, and you will definitely be an angel to someone when they need it.



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