PT= physical therapy

I’ve been doing my own PT, as I did on my first hip replacement, (left hip).  As we all know, little stuff can turn into big stuff, over time.  As with regular fitness commitment, perseverance with small movements, which you all know is all that I can do right now, leads to larger movements, and visual progress.

Day #1, 24 hours after surgery; I think my dog missed me! (YouTube link:I’m home! – YouTube    Just link this)

Day #4 after surgery; first workout; (YouTube link Hip Flexor Raising Both Legs – YouTube).

Day #8 after surgery, starting to feel strong enough to expand variety of exercises, one is with rope exercise, for shoulders, but also for a very intense core engagement throughout my hips. (YouTube link IMG 9371 – YouTube ).

Day# 8 after surgery; using TRX for MINI-squats!  Very minor movements, challenge ourselves as we progress, (YouTube link  https://youtu.be/yY-57oHAiDc)

Every day is another day, sometimes I feel very strong, sometimes I don’t, and I have to keep telling myself, that I only had a HIP REPLACEMENT 8 days ago, go easy!  It’s  a good arena for me to be in, I have to reign myself  in sometimes, which I then have to remind myself of the clients that I have; watch closely, observe, and reign them in if they reach out of their zone that we’re working within.

With this PT, I’m doing most of what I did with my other hip one and 1/2 years ago, but I’m adding a few more progressive movements for rapid recovery, like the TRX, and shoulder rope to add a few more muscle groups in my routine.

I’ll keep you posted as we carry on, in some weary way, I find this to be very exciting!




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