HEROES of HOPE; 5k/10k race for research of brain tumors and cancer research at Dockweiler State Beach, Playa del Rey, Ca., November 12, 2023

HERO: N, A mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability;

An illustrious warrior

A person admired for achievements and noble qualities

One who shows great courage

This is a dictionary’s defining of the word HERO; I’d like to add a few more words to this. I think every word defined here is accurate, but also the effort of surviving in a task of life, suffering defeats one by one, but still winning the race, the race of this wonderful event of LIFE.  This is my life, my future, my hope, and my peace.  I’m participating in this event this coming Sunday, November 12, 2023, at Dockweiler State Beach in Playa del Rey, Ca. This event has a motto; HEROES of HOPE.  We are all Heroes, every one of us, in some unique way, this is the way we were all created.  In this HEROES of HOPE EVENT, we will have survivors of brain tumors, strokes, brain bleeds, anything involving neurological trauma.  These are the real HEROES, those who have stepped into a new path of their new life; the people who have adapted their physical being of losing some of their capabilities, into a “win, win”, because they are still HERE, with a smile on their face! The experience of acknowledging life, in every simple form of thanking God for His steps that He gives them, to also participating in this race from a wheel chair, again with a smile! This is a Hero, the happiest person out on the journey of HOPE.

This event means everything to everyone here, funds to give back to UCLA, which I am part of, and others that use these proceeds for the brain tumor and cancer research.  This is who we are, and why we ask for your participating in this event, to carry forward the funds from the amount raised of $1.800,000.00 from the past 15 years, to our future that we dream about, free from all cancer from all brain tumors, and every other neurological trauma that we’ve faced; won many races, and celebrated the life of those who have no pain in Heaven.

Come join us, come to have fun, come to shed a tear, come with a perfect heart that will impact so many. Come and be a HERO!

Peace from all,



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