How does a person describe a Mother’s love?

MOTHER:  n.  someone that gives rise to, or exercises protective care over someone else

It should be a very simple answer, and it is; but it can be a very complicated answer, also.  Your mother gave you life; what could be more loving than that?  The reason that a mother gave birth to you, is that she wanted YOU!  A human, God-given life that she gave 9 (ish!) months to develop you, delivered you with a little pain (!), nourished you, fed you, played with you, took you on walks with her, spoke with you, read to you, prayed for you, thanked God for you; this was all in your first months with her, and the rest of your family!  This then lasted through the teenage years, and into the adult years.  This was my mother.  A woman whom I never wanted to leave her arms, when I was a child.  A woman who gave me so much love, that I learned the ability to love like her.  These thoughts bring me so much happiness, from my days as a child, to my present days as her son.  She has given more than I would wish upon her.  She has given me hope, and self-confidence to follow, but still enough pride to lead the pack, as she would say.

Thank you Mom.

I wrote an article in the last blog about the time that I was in the hospital for over a month, after being hit by a car.  I always wondered, to myself, why Mom would show up, and stay all day at the hospital, every day.  One day, as I was at the hospital, I asked her why she did that. I mean, I was only five years old, so I guess I had to ask her.  She looked at me, and her eyes filled with tears, and she simply told me, “I just love you so much”.  At the time, it was just an answer to my question.  As time moved on, that answer showed me the love that she had for me every day; how do you top that?  Mom went to all of my school events, from football, to basketball, to baseball.  When I was 10,and 11, I made the All-Star basketball team in what was called the Biddy Basketball tournament.  They would take me to the All-Star tournament in Indianapolis, and since I lived in Peoria, Illinois, I wondered why would they want to drive the four hours to Indy, since I was sure I could ride with someone else!  My parents told me that they loved me, and wanted to see me play at the tournament.  Sounded good then, but look at the love that they gave me, and the time that they gave me on those trips.  I know that not everyone received what I received, and that’s the love that I know about, the love that has no limits.

I love you, Mom.

You have given me so much, and I want you to know how much I NOW know, about how much you HAVE given me.  I remember when I was in high school, we had a house that fed the neighborhood!  Anyone that was over at dinner time, they had a meal; and if you remember, we were not a cheap meal!  Teenage athletes with huge appetites! (grocery bill=$$$!).  That happened in college, also; roommates that wanted to come to Peoria, they stayed at our house, and Mom would cook up a huge breakfast, and we took off for the day.  We took that as having a great mother, I took it having a mother that cared for me much more than I can explain.  With love, comes respect;  and we, as a family, were taught by our parents to not only have respect, but to show respect.  This came from both sides, Dad and Mom.

Thank you for showing me respect, Mom.

When I was graduating from college, I had the opportunity to come out to California.  Obviously, I took it.  After a 2 month stay, I was offered a job at Hughes Aircraft, but they gave me only one week to fly back home, get whatever I had, (wasn’t much at 21) to pack for the trip back to L.A, with my car and suitcases.  So I get all packed, and it all started to hit me, I’m leaving my family, my friends, Peoria.  I sat there, and my Mom sat there with me, and I said I didn’t know if it was good for me to move out to L.A.  It was Mom who told me to go, experience life, try something new; you could always come back if I wanted.  Obviously, I did go, and it was the right decision, but it was Mom who told me that, with tears in her eyes.

Thank you for your knowledge, and love, Mom.

Time goes on, we grow older, and we reflect on the memories that we had growing up, as a family, and what I felt as a son having so much love from my mother.  I’ll never want to replace any of it Mom, it was more than magical; it was as good as good can get.  I can’t tell you how much I love you, it’s just “Somewhere over the Rainbow”!

I love you Mom.

p.s.; (Maybe I should have waited until Mother’s Day, but I decided, why wait, I want that new experience again!)

Your son, Scott

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  • Joe Yonkouski

    This tribute to Mom is so right on. So was the one about Dad.
    You are so blessed to be able to put into words all of those thoughts, memories and feelings.
    And I am so blessed to have you as a brother and to have had such an incredible family while growing up!

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