You see something, and you get some sort of a reaction, we all do.  It could something small, like your dog “smiling” at you, (and boy, I could go with that “smile” all day long!), to something large like a situation in your life that could change your life, and that situation could be minimal in someone else’s viewpoint; and that is OK.  Think about that, you witnessed the same thing, but had a contrasting viewpoint.  Our personality’s are different, our lives as children were different, our LIVES are different!  Keep that in the back of your mind; you are you, and you are special!  You are!  You have experienced situations in your life, that affect only you; so when something excites you, (excite: v; t o arouse or stir up the emotions or feelings), LET IT!  We are all human, let’s let our emotions get in the act, and enjoy a feeling at that moment.  Being present at that moment, not just seeing a situation and letting it pass by, can be so satisfying, maybe even making your day!  Listen, don’t let your life be determined by what happened to you, as to how YOUR mind looks at what just happened.  That a huge thing to imagine, but I absolutely agree that there’s something positive in every action, we just have to open up, and let our emotions, and viewpoints, have an effect on us; because that’s OUR viewpoint, our unique viewpoint.

When you are affected in a positive way, keep that smile on your face, it DOES affect others.  There is a lady that I know, from church, who always, ALWAYS, has a smile on her face.  A  smile, a GENUINE smile, that makes me want to smile, all day long.  I’m a firm believer that no matter how big, or how small of an act that you present, it absolutely can affect someones life, or even a day, or maybe just that moment, and how great is that?  If you don’t think about how you will present yourself, and just be you, that’s originality, and nobody can do you, but you!  I have a little story on that.  As you all know, I volunteer at UCLA hospital, and talk to patients, usually neurological trauma patients, (because, well, I’ve been there, so we’re in the same fraternity!).  I recently talked to a patient, a young lady, and tried to relay our surgical situation;, they all have some sort of connections.  I honestly can’t tell you how long we talked; it could have been five minutes, or thirty minutes.  The point here, is I got call from her about a month later, and I couldn’t place her face in my mind, and still can’t; apparently she was affected about what we spoke of, and it didn’t matter that I can’t recall that specific conversation, I was just being me.  It makes a difference, just being you makes a big difference, big or small.  We have continued to have conversations about her situation,by phone, or texting, and it is huge to me that she is so gracious about the little support that I can give her.  Just be you.  I viewed a little video about a year ago, and I think it changed my life. The video, in a short version, was only about five minutes.  It was in a hospital, and a man coming into the hospital has cancer, and passes a person who is walking out of the hospital with her new baby in her arms.  His life may end, she is bringing in a new life.  There are several scenes like that in the video, but I think you get the point; they might view something different than what you view.  When I speak to someone, or witness something, I  literally try to look through that persons eyes, to see what they see, it makes a huge difference, on how it affects me.   What I do at the hospital, I know, (to some extent), what they are feeling, so I’m not there to make them laugh, I’m just there to make them feel appreciated.  It makes a difference to make someone feel appreciated, so if you can smile, or do an action for someone ,(the pay- it- forward trend going around), DO IT!  They appreciate it, and believe me, you will, too.  This type of action for someone else starts to become a habit, your habit, and your self confidence starts to soar!  Believe me on that ; I believe that you can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lip.  Do it, do it, do it! The best way to increase your self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do, so if acting towards someone as we mentioned is new to you, as Nike would say, JUST DO IT!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to see a cousin up in Portland, Or.  We have been close every since we were kids.  I didn’t have business up there, I just wanted to view their lives.  We did have her daughter’s birthday, so that was the only dinner out, (oops, Mothers Day, too), the entire trip was to see their lives, very simple, and it was fantastic.  That was the trip, to see through their eyes, and live their lives.  That’s what we can do, be compassionate to others, and try to make others feel appreciated; we all like that!  A couple of nice acts every day, makes it YOUR day, and now we’re talking, YOUR day!  Even though I went up to see my cousins life, I was the one who felt so gracious; they made my life, from only a few days.  I love them SO much for that!

Go out there, be you, (no body else can!), and you will feel so great, and really, there’s nothing wrong with that… nope, nothing wrong with that!


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