I’ve wondered about that, more and more, recently.  If you’ve read any of these words I’ve written, lately, I don’t know that I have “one” special day.  They’re all special.  Ya wake up, ya walk around, ya see people, and ya even say “hi”, ( which makes a “hi” come back at ya!).  I know, I know, it sounds so general, in terms of how my mind works this way.  Why wouldn’t it?  After what a lot of people have done for me, some still doing things, and some other new things coming around. 

 Facebook.  What would be the first thing you think about when you think about Facebook?  In my mind, it’s changed dramatically in the past 1-2 years; and mind you, this is just MY opinion.  Instead of checking it out most every day; now, maybe just every 4-5 days.  I think that I understand that it’s become a very good advertising vehicle, but there’s a LOT of negative vibes being written, but that’s just my opinion, and I guess that’s why I stay away.  I really want to stay with very positive people, and I don’t get that with this site anymore.  So let’s go with what gets me goin’!

Last week, I just had a great day.  In the past, a lot of things went on in my life, and I just took them for granted.  Some things put a smile on your face, you’re happy, but that’s it.  Now, I really think it out, and say , life IS good.  I was invited to a meeting, a fundraising meeting, at UCLA, for the Visionary Ball at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel.  The Visionary Ball is a fundraiser to raise money to lead the way in the fight against brain cancer.  I’ve had a few surgeries on MY brain, so this is extremely important in my life right now.  If you remember, I had told those in charge of the committee, that I had done fundraising before, but more in the tens-of-thousands of dollars range; this committee raised over $2 million dollars last year!  I get to thinking, “how am I going to hang with these guys”; actually girls, I was the only guy.  That in itself was pretty cool.  That’s when I pinch myself, and say, this is going to be REALLY cool.  There were a few other brain patients, but a lot of fundraising people; that’s why I consider this a great day.  A lot of hope; a lot of positive thinking, and lots of success from past years.  Dr. Neil Martin, Professor and Chairman, Dept. of Neurosurgery at UCLA, started this organiaztion and heads it up; wives of some of Dr.s who are on the Neurosurgery Team were also on board.  It was just full of accomplishment, again, that’s why I feel blessed.

For those who don’t know my little story, a lot of people did a lot of things for me.  I’ve always said how lucky I feel to have the friends that I have, period.  Then you start to throw in what they threw in; things, and financial things, and emotional things, and any other “thing” that you want to throw in.  That’s what kept me in UCLA;

 and I get a surgeon, Marvin Bergsneider, who is nationally known on doing what he does, drilling into heads.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, but this all leads into my second sugery and Dr. Isaac Yang, who really keeps me in line, and calls ’em like he sees ’em.  Since I’ve had MY eyes opened to the quality of what UCLA offers, I’ve always had the offering to do whatever volunteer work that they might have in my strengths; whether it be physical, emotional, supporting, whatever.  So hear it is, raising money.  I couldn’t be happier. Now let’s see if I can keep up with these guys!

I start to think about the letters I have to write, and I think that I am not a creative as some of these people.  Then I have to stop myself in this thought pattern.  The best thing I can do is just be myself; if I’m me, I can be just as creative, only in my own unique way.   That’s really the way that life works.  Just do YOU!   Nobody can do you, like you can do you.  You try to be, or act like somebody else, rumor has they’re already taken!  Just do you.  What I’ve learned, is that when you receive something, like I have, you also learn to be observent.  Instead of trying to take over, sit back, and observe.  Then so much starts to go through your head, or half-head, in my case.  I can just go on, on how the system works, but you get the point, really take it all in, and apply what you can to a similar situation.

I’ve written a lot on how lucky I feel the world has been to me.  I think it not just every day, but so many times throughout the day, it would make YOUR  head spin.  Did you ever think that my head would have a menengiama the size of a baseball in it, that had to be removed RIGHT NOW?  This is the guy that spent his life trying to remain healthy, trying to have others  follow in his footsteps so they can remain healthy; and now we know why.  To recover the way I did; to have the strength to recover the way I did, I had to do exactly what I did.  I didn’t plan this, but God did.  So good.  That’s why I have the people in my life that I do; to help me along when I need the help.  To make me aware of when I can be of help to others, is some respect or another.  I don’t try to plan on my physical state,  anymore.  I try to remain as strong as I can be, but there’s no guarentee there won’t be another “thing” in my head, and I’m truly o.k. with that.  Heck, I’ve already had another “thing” in my head, for surgery #2, then radiation, then a seizure.  So I think I can accept whatever, however God wants it.  I don’t mean to get on a band wagon here, I’m just here to say thanks, to everyone who helped, who prayed, who gave up some warm thoughts, and can except me to tell you that this organization is so important to me, I would really like to express my gratitude to all who gave up some of themselves, for me.

Please enjoy your day(s), every day, and really appreciate what your inner voice might have to tell you.  Enjoy…

(now you know why I can’t have just “one” special day; they’re all pretty special!)


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