What makes a great day?  Is it the fact that we actually wake up, or the fact that we “expect” a great day, but don’t even acknowledge what we experience.  I think we all go through that, occasionally.  (what’s he saying??).  Put it this way, you go through a nice situation, let yourself know just HOW nice that was, and WHY you should try to hang on to it.  That way, it won’t disappear .  Where this all comes from, in so many ways, I used to just move on.  Used to think that another “great” thing would come up, and then another one after that… you know the deal.  Now when I do something, anything really, I give thanks to experience what just happened.  It makes me think, so then I actually keep it in my mini-memory.  I say this, because this week, I heard some news that a old friend of mine, my age, came down with ALS,  the Lou Gehrig’s disease; amyotrophic lateral scierosis.  I had a brain tumor, actually two of them.  Everybody says how terrible that is.  In some ways, I guess o.k., it is.  I recovered, though.  I went to a hospital, to the operating room, had a chunk of junk removed from my head, and I recovered.  Good chance my friend won’t.  Ten years ago, or something in that time frame, I lost one of my 2nd cousins, to a malignant brain tumor.  Good guy, and actually in great shape, physically, but see, there’s nothing anybody can do to stop what goes on in the head.  THAT’S why we should always show an appreciation toward things that MEAN something to us.

I take my dog for a walk, every morning.  That’s  MEANS something to me, and I literally, out loud, (mind you, it is 4:30-5:00 A.M.!) say thanks to God for that.  What’s so special about that, you say?  I’m ABLE to do that, one step after one step.  Some people can’t.  Some people won’t be able to for too much longer; so appreciate what you CAN do, however elementary it may seem to you.  When a Dr. says to you, about a disease that there is no cure for, that you have a couple months to a couple of years, you don’t think that you’ll appreciate EVERY second in your life?  I don’t know if there will be other things in my head that need to come out, I hope not, but that’s not something I can control, nor do I care.  This is not my plan, I just go with the plan that was given to me.  I just trust that I can still appreciate everything given to me.  

When I take my dog, or just me down to the beach, a sunset is breath taking.  So is a sunrise.  Again, thanks.  I went to a great concert last week, and the music was fantastic; but that’s not what grabbed me.  It was the friendship with the guitarist, and his wife, that blew me away, how sweet they were.  We had a few meals together, and had a lot of laughs, together.  It was all of it that made it special.  That is why, I try to not allow myself to be among negative thinking, or speaking.  Sure, at times we will be in those discussions, but the more we can distance ourselves from them, the better off we will feel.  Look at it this way, it takes LESS stress, LESS anxiety, to move away from stuff that, rather than challenging it.  I can put all of that that energy into working on me, not challenging me.  I will work my butt off to keep me in the top physical shape that I can, so I can recover from things; things that have already happened, and things that I don’t know of. 

Pretty weird, huh?  I was put in a position to try and speak some words that make sense to me, with regard to someone else; and then I have no words for someone, other that hope and prayer, for someone with ALS.  A lot of thought.  Some things just hit you.  This is a guy who had taken martial arts as a kid, opened up a school, and built houses for 35 years, and in the past few months, has lost so much movement, that he has now “retired”.  He has a great attitude, God bless him.  He has a blog site   www.als-whaticantellyou.blogspot.com   you’ll find out a lot about him, and his attitude.  You’ll find hope, or what it can give you, towards your attitude.

Always, always, always, give thanks to what you have.  We’re still here.  Don’t worry, life goes fast enough; so keep the positive thoughts in tack.  Appreciate.  Pray.  Help others; especially when no one else knows.  It will always go noticed, at some level or another.

Enjoy your life, we’re  all here for a reason; you all deserve the best.

Have some more coffee,


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