UCLA ER - Post Seizure

So a little time goes by, again… since I last wrote, it’ s amazing how that happens, with all of us, all of the time. Time goes by, life goes on, and things happens;  I’m a pretty lucky guy, I had a friend/client who was getting married in Kauai, and needed someone to film their little wedding.  Who am I to say anything but YES!!  It was so wonderful, and beautiful, and wet!  That island is the wettest place on this earth in some places, almost 500 inches of rain per year in the center of the island; is that almost 1 1/2 inches per day??   Boy was it beautiful, though.  I went on some unbelievable hikes; took in some waterfall sites where they filmed “Jerrasic Park”, mindboggling.  Traveled every road on the island.  Went up in elevation, ate plenty of great food, drank great beer, and enjoyed a great hotel in Lihue, near the airport.  Some things you  just want to keep going, but things then move on, and you have to come home, back to your reality, to whatever that is.  I think that we all try to maxamize our holidays, to “exhaust” our stay, and that is what I did.  Is it smart?  This time for me, no…  You go with a travel schedule that leaves late at night, and the flight gets delayed by a couple of hours, and doesn’t leave until 11:30-11:45, and gets into Los Angeles about 7:00 am, which is about 2 days of no sleep.  Lots of people can handle that, I can’t; I just had brain surgery 4 months ago, with radiation ending 6 weeks ago.  This can put a little inflamation on the nogin, and with no meds to combat that, the exhaustion can cause a seizure; it did.  Interesting thing.  Something comes on, and you just go with it.  I, once again, was really lucky.  I was in the company of a friend who knew just what to do.  He rolled me to my side, fortunatley I stayed awake, and it was all good.  I’m very lucky.  What happened was very typical, coming from my doctors.  Brain surgery, radiation, no meds, exhaustion; it all adds up into this. 

Back to UCLA, with some wonderful doctors; no other place to be.  They come in, in teams, 12-15 in all.  I feel so wanted in there!!  It is, though, a good feeling, knowing that I had the attention that I did.  At this point, all of you know of my past; 2 brain surgeries, radiation, this trip now.  We’re human, and I think we did something spectacular with a great recovery, and UCLA wants me to go on record with my treatments, and rehab.  We’ll see how this comes out.  If I can use my experiences of rehab, of exposing my treatments, to help a few people, then that’s what I’m here for, no other reason.  I have what I consider the greatest doctors in the world.  My surgeon, Dr. Isaac Yang, is my man, we’re on the same page.  He’s very visual, and has shown me so many MRI’s from before the cut, to after the cut, to after the radiation, to this latest incident, and the great part is that none of this “seizure” had anything to do with the tumor, great news. 

I guess we all have questions regarding our being.  I just don’t even think about it any more.  I have a purpose, which I don’t even use the word normal, anymore.  I have said, and will continue to say, how fortunate I am to have the friends, family, and treatment that I’ve had, it’s for a reason, so follow me here.  Practice what I preach, it helps, in every thing that we do.  Will I save the world, no; but will it help maybe one person: I hope so, and that is why I write on this space.  I can only hope; no ego anymore, just is what it is.  I’m more determined now than ever to bring people into a little, little bit into the fitness world, for their good, not mine.  As I’ve mentioned before, contact me on my website, www.playapersonaltraining.com  My contact numbers, email, text, whatever, give me questions, concerns.  Ask about me and my experiences, whatever, we’re only here for a while, let’s make it good, let’s make it fun, let’s make it worth your while….

If any of this startles you, don’t get too upset, it just is what it is, and I think that it is all very, very good.  It’s is there for a reason, and I hope that we can all appreciate, and get something out of this, I did.

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  • Joe Yonkouski

    We always hear that God works in mysterious ways. It’s really not too mysterious. There’s always a reason and a purpose…and you certainly have a purpose!
    You touch and inspire so many people, including me! You are and always have been my hero. I am the luckiest guy in the world to be able to say that you are my brother.

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