Many Have Asked to Help

Some have asked to help, in some way or another:

A friend of mine has set up a PayPal account, so whatever a person wants to give, the funds will go directly into my account.

Thanks so much for any or all donations, this will all be used for bills and payments. 

Again, thanks for support.



  • admin

    For the time being “Stitch” will be your nickname. Can’t believe how quickly you are up an about. All that working out and eating well is paying off.

  • scott

    For all who have been sending thoughts, feelings, and prayers, thanks for all of your beliefs and I can’t wait to have a conversation with all of you in a very short time.

    Again, thanks so much,


  • scott yonkouski

    Well, two stories were typed, but I think the bottom line is I didn’t actually post them correctly, so let’s see if I can’t duplicate the info that I tried to put out there before.

    Last Wednesday, the stitches were taken out. It’s amazing, a person can’t really tell that the same old scar was again opened up, the same tumor,(a little less in size), was again taken out, and the scar was closed up again. The medical team was so unbelievable, in regards to so many things that they did, from the operation, to the after care, to following up on my rehab/walking, again, I just have words of praise for UCLA. Dr. Yang wanted to take the stitches out, and also answer any questions that I might have, along with taking a few steps that might need to be taken with my swollen area around the scar. He pulled out 20cm of blood out of my head. What that means, is one HUGE container of blood that he wanted to be tested in about 5 different tests, to make sure all was o.k. Everything came back negative, so all was good.

    When a person goes into the neurology wing, you kind of get used to seeing everyone else in the same boat as you. Everything is a bit unusual, but you just kind of get used to seeing something with everyone; and it’s NO big thing. It’s sounds weird, but that’s just what you see, over and over, so you figure that you’re just one more in the mix. Once you get past that, then you go in, everyone is looking at your head, you look at someone else’s; the whole trip is a little out there. I guess that we’re all a bit out there, no matter who all of us are. Welcome to my little world. If nothing else, we all have a bit of our own little world, so enjoy it! Who cares if it would be called “out of the normal”? I mean, what is that anyway? Live it up, enjoy that little piece of “your world”, why wait to find happiness?

    So tomorrow, Thursday, is the first appointment for radiology. I’m not sure how that’s going to affect me, but I’m all about let’s just do this; load it up, shoot me with what you got, and let’s get this done. I can say this, hopefully, it all ends up as opptimistic as I say. After I get some info, I’ll post it, and we’ll all have the same way of what is going on.

    I hope that some of this info is kind of in everyone’s world. We all have areas that we all tend to hold in there, to not let everyone get a hold of. Why not? Everyone has there own little part of the universe, somewhere. It’s so much easier to let a LOT of people in on our situations. SO many people want to help, SO many DO help; it’s just amazing how to just accept what people want to do. It’s definitely a little humbling in the beginning, but you past that stage, and man, people are really, really cool. And keep offering. Yes, I want to so called “get my life” back, but so often, a little help here, or there, can mean the difference between something being a bit hard or a bit do-able.

    As I said, when I get a little more info, I will relay that to everyone. In the meantime, PLEASE enjoy the small things that you do, and every once in a while, just place it in the back of your brain; and let it come out every once in a while.

    Enjoy yourself,


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