PASSION n: 1) strong amorous feeling; love

2) a strong fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for something


I am a very passionate person, and I believe that we all are in some respect or another.  If there is any question in your mind, about you having this passion, just sit back and think about what “thing”, or event,involved you, to the point that this “thing” was on your mind constantly, it occupied you, to so many various degrees.  I think we all have something that affects our lives, either literally, or emotionally, on our journey.  My passions are events that resonate with my brain.  Why wouldn’t it, given my past?  As most of you know, I’ve had 3 brain tumors, 2 sessions of radiations, seizures; but a whole lot of sharing with others about my stories!  A lot of these “others” are people in the UCLA Ronald Regan hospital, who share my story; neuro trauma to their brain, or head, and we talk.  We talk about everything under the sun, mostly about our own traumas, but simply as “fraternity”  brothers/sisters.  We talk about what symptoms we had, comparing them, or not.  We talk about what I had to do for my rehab; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I realistically had to do a lot, but to me, it wasn’t “a lot”.  I had to do what I had to do, to regain myself.  For lack of better words, that last sentence wasn’t a pat on my back, it was what had to be.  I speak to groups, mostly in this same arena; I’ve accompanied my surgeon, Dr. Isaac Yang, into a class that where he lectures intern doctors, for a several days to explain our relationship, and what steps had to be taken on my surgery.  I am also a counselor on a palliative group, to administer companionship with those who are at the end of their days on earth.  This is part of my passion; there is another part of one of my passions, that are one of the biggest drives that urges me to become involved in brain research, and cures.  It’s an event, a fundraiser that occurs November 11 2018; let me tell you about it.


It’s called the 11th Annual Heroes of Hope Race for Brain Tumor Research, which I previously wrote about on my blog, (and which you can view on my 11/14/17 blog called “HEROES”).  For those of you who are on Facebook, go to my homepage, and scroll down until you can view that blog. if you haven’t already.  This is an event that I’m Passion about.  A wonderful, special person, Lisa Millar, that I’ve become friends with, started this fundraiser with this year becoming the 11 annual event.  This is a fundraiser that has contributed back to UCLA Research over $800,00!  That’s big bucks, from someone who lost her brother, before he hit 30 years old, to glioblastoma multiform, (think about brain).  This event is a 5k/10k walk/run, with lots of parents bringing strollers, walking the route, or simply coming down to the event.  This takes at Dockweiler Beach, Playa del Rey, Ca.  This is a beach town, and the run is on a beautiful Vista del Mar Blvd, right on the beach.  There is a stage for awards, entertainment, dancers, and wonderful survivors who tell their stories about their situations, their trauma, their recovery; in other words, being a HERO.  I can’t say enough words about the compassion of these survivors, what they have to say, and their wonderful zest for life!  At this event, their are so many “camps” set up.  Some are products in which the company wants to supply participates with nutrition, water, even pamphlets on their cause of brain cancer.  The Culver City Sheriff’s department sends a team to run the course, maybe 10-15 of their department running, several Teams for survivors set up camps. and of course, a UCLA camp where my surgeon, (and about 15 other doctors) run for us, and distribute information on brain cancer, which goes from brain tumors, to concussions; let’s just say, anything above the neck!  It is an emotional day for me, of course, because I’m one of “them”, but it’s also a day of fun, education, friendship, great food with all of the food trucks, and heartfelt emotions.  I will ask everyone that sees this, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contribute, come down, or donate.  Heroes of Hope is a 501c3 non-deductible group, so your donation will be tax deductible to the fullest extent of IRS law.  I beg all of you, save peoples lives by your contribution to research to cure cancer.


There are big sponsors involved in this event; UCLA Neurosurgery, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Cedars-Sinai, Kaleidoscope, iDance4aCure, etc…I will be having an event, with entertainment, food truck, silent auction, and more, to raise money for this event, especially those people in the Los Angeles area.  There will be several ways to donate, if you are not in this area.

1) You can become a sponsor

2) Become a vender to give out samples, give-aways to increase your  database

3) Start a Race Team for your company

4) Donate a gift certificate to be used as a prize for our participates

5) Market this event on your website, even Facebook!

Better yet, come to my fundraiser; I’ve done this so many times, it will be so much FUN!

For more information and to register, please contact us via:

www.wizathon.com/heroesofhoperace  or call 1-866-48-4CURE  lisa@tbkf.org

Please take this into consideration; you’ll be saving lives, literally.  Research is how we do that, and to contribute, we can’t thank you enough, but keep in mind what you are doing, saving lives from cancer, tumors, seizures, head traumas, etc…  plus keep in mind emotional fun that you’ll have with regard to any/all of the events listed here.  I wish you so much warm thoughts, and I will keep you updated as we go along.

Peace and good health,



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