Who juiced today?  How was your training today, or yesterday; and how will it be tomorrow?  Just little reminders.

What time did you get up today?  Four, five?  Did you give me the ten minutes that we talked about last time?  How about 10 minutes this time around; if you have stairs, 1) walk up and down them, 2) get down on the floor and give me five push-ups, (if you need to have your knees on the floor for your push-ups, that’s ok!).  Repeat this complete routine for ten minutes; that’s all!  Zero, zip, naata more! You’re done.  If you don’t have stairs, think about twenty stairs, and bring your left knee up to your chest, as high as you can, (that’s 1 stair), then bring your right knee up, (that’s stair number 2), go to 20 stairs, then give me those push-ups.  Repeat this routine,  for ten minutes, and your done!  I want response on “who did this great routine”?

After this, what do you do?  Get cleaned up, EAT(!), drive to work, have coffee, work, take a break, work, eat lunch, work, again work, and now go home….


This could be the most important thing in your day!  Think about what relaxes you, and who relaxes you.  Conversation could be a great entree on the menu.  Maybe you have your own protocol on how you relax, it doesn’t matter, it’s just that you do it.  Let’s go back to the workout; maybe that’s your release.  Physical exercise releases SO  much tension, and gives you the satisfaction of you, helping yourself; because remember, you have to PICK yourself up during your, (and every) day.  I know we mentioned that before, but it is so important.  You need to go get a good sleep with a relaxed mind.  Sometimes, that’s a hard thing to do, I’m guilty of that, too.  Sometimes, I’ll give myself 5 minutes, (get that in your mind). and describe something that you love; a person, a movie, an exceptionally moment in your life,  (remember that  greatest moment in your life that we described before?)?  Just look at that, and really look at it, it could very easily change your tension-filled mind.

If we look at the time that you’ve given yourself today, (exercise and a relaxed mind), it’s 15 minutes.  FIFTEEN  minutes.  Hope to get more time out of this, but these 15 minutes can be a good commitment, a treat to yourself.  Now, who could resist a treat???

Sometimes, committing to you, only, can be frustrating; with family, husband/wife…whatever.  Again, you have to pick yourself so that you do get “treated”everyday.  You have to make that decision, to “pick”.  It can really be a nice part of your day, your life.  I’ll put something out there, from what I’ve been through, that life isn’t about succumbing to the trails we face, it’s really about picking YOUR crosses that we bear, and moving forward; embracing the situation that God has given us.  Ok, I’m done.  I actually think that the more we put into ourselves, the more we appreciate ourselves.  Big step.  Let’s do it, together if you want.

I wish everyone a happy day, into the weekend, and let’s go into the next month!  Why not???  Treat yourself, and others, too!

By the way, who sang that 80’s song “Relax”?

(we’re you thinking Frankie goes to Hollywood?)

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