I’m hoping that your New Year’s resolution, (January), is ROCKIN’!  All of those “after Christmas” remarks; how are they hanging?  Nothing standing in our way?  Remember, no excuses, right?  It doesn’t matter what you promised yourself, that just happens to be your goal.  Keep in mind that you are you, remember how we talked about that before?  Please, please, please, don’t rely on someone else to give you approval for YOUR goals, these are your goals.  Whatever they are.  Try to remember one thing, “That was then, this is NOW!”.  We’ve heard this a million times in our past, but really look at it.  This is NOW.  No other way to put it, it’s just so simple.

Do step #1; whatever that first step of your goal is, do it.  Is it joining the gym, hiring a trainer, starting your walks, giving yourself 20 minutes in the morning for yourself?  Any or all of these?  Doesn’t matter; if it is picking up the phone, and calling your friend, the gym, a trainer, whatever, just make that your first step, and everything will start to fall into place.  Just don’t be afraid to engage in YOUR activity, or any activity; sometimes fear to start anything can paralyze us, don’t fall into that.  You will feel SO much better after that first step, so I tell you, GO, GO, GO;  how about THAT freedom???  That really is what FIT means; not so much about the mirror, it’s about you making, and taking, that first step.  If you hear me say, “stay fit”, it’s really about the inside, and hey, if the mirror starts to agree with that, it’s a double sunday, (not ice cream, though!!!).  By rejoining the “fit” crew, YOU define yourself, as we spoke of before.  Don’t let society do it to you, trying to define you, you stand up, and say, “This is me, take it or not, this is me”.

That was then, this is NOW.

Be honest with yourself, and also, be kind to yourself.  Your new goal might take a month, or a year; but that doesn’t matter!  The most important thing WAS done, the first step, and you did it!  I will also guarantee this; if you start to get “fit”, your perception of yourself will start to grow, in a positive way.  When you start to say “I’m doing this”, nobody can take that away from you, and soon, very soon, you’ll start to recognize that, and THAT feels great.  DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!  It will start to come at your decision.

Here’s one more thing that might help, and I can say this because this one thing that I’ll mention, brings this day to be my favorite day: volunteering.  That’s the big “zappo” here.  When you volunteer, for anything that interests you,  you will always have a big smile on your face, and a little bit, (or a LOT of) humble feelings surrounding you.  As I’ve said before, I volunteer at the RONALD REGAN UCLA HOSPITAL.  I asked to go to the neurological surgery ward to see patients that have had some sort of surgeries like I had.  They start to open up after they hear my side of the story, but I’m on the other side of the bed, trying to help them with support!  I know their feelings, I spent a lot of time in that same bed, feeling that same pain.  It ( the support, or conversation) means the same to me, as I hope it means to them.  That’s “fit”, to me, and when I leave the hospital, ( sometimes I stay longer than my 4 hours, if I’m in conversation), I feel so humbled, because I KNOW, I really know what they feel. The only reason that I bring this up, you will realize how good you already have it, and now you’re putting icing on the cake, (I have to stop talking like that!).  It takes you to such a high point, that you feel that your 1st step was so “ordinary”, and you can go even higher.  Take those feelings, or steps, to help YOU, you’re worth it.


Enjoy this wonderful life, it’s so worth it…


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