A few months ago, I wrote one of these fabulous (?) blogs, and informed everybody, (all 2 of you!) that I was writing a book.  The cover of the book is being designed by a great friend, former client, and a wonderful graphic artist, Roger Carpenter, who had his design firm here in L.A., Carpenter Design.  My first draft is at my editor’s office.  What’s really funny, is that I thought that once I sent everything to the editor, everything would settle down, I would be on easy street.  Little did I know that every day, from my editor, I get corrections, rewrites, ideas that go into another chapter; I have to make the corrections, because she wants me add more to the story; get more feelings into it, etc.  So I’m busy.  In fact, really busy!  It’s very interesting to me; I thought I really didn’t need an editor, WRONG! The truth here is, I’m really enjoying this, this whole learning process.

When I told all of you that I was writing this book, I was actually working on it for about a year and a half.  I always seemed to come up against a certain block, so I’d lay off for two, sometime three weeks.  Then, to start back in, I’d have to do a lot of reviewing of what I had just written, and remember what I was trying to say.  I did waste a lot of time operating like that.  but that’s the learning curve.  I now know, that the next book that comes out, hopefully, should be on a much tighter schedule, (again, hopefully).

The point on all of my mistakes, here, is there is nothing in your life that cannot be overcome, there really is a solution.  It might not come out the way you had initially planned, (my life changed), but I (we) find a solution; we have to.  I always wanted to write a book, but a very SHORT list of questions were in my mind, and that stopped me from even starting.  As I say in my business, just START!  It’s really that easy.  Once you start, you kind of find your rhythm, and your mistakes, and your keep going.  Sometime you’ll find that that problem wasn’t something that would stop you, you just went around it; that was your solution.  I say this, because I am really enjoying this, even though I feel like I just started this project again, after following my editor’s many suggestions.  As we said before, life changes, priorities change.  I do think that is a good thing, a great thing, actually.  Since there are over 500,000 of us meningioma patients, I’m hoping that this book might get into many more hands than my volunteering advice.  Optimistic, yes, but why not try to meet a challenge?

Brain Matter(s) is the title; could change, don’t know yet.  Basically, the book is about my medical condition when I had my surgeries, and more importantly, my rehab that I had to design and follow.  It’s interesting, as I kept writing, I starting remembering things that seemed to have left my mind, maybe I wanted to forget, I don’t know.  On the other hand, maybe it was the volunteering at UCLA that made me recreate what I’d been through, to other neurological patients, which made certain things come back to me, and I enjoy that. Both the remembering, and the pain that I see the patients suffering right now, at that moment.  That’s when I realize why I’m there at the hospital, not only to help and support patients that need it, but what it’s done for me.  Amazing.

I love to say that I’m writing a book, but what is most important to me, is when I speak of my rehab.  It has to be done, to anyone who has a surgery like mine, the are no options.  A person has to get their balance back; they have to get their strength back; they have to get their coordination back: there are NO OPTIONS. It’s very simple, just persevere.  That’s why I’m doing this; I did this, so can a patient.  We stand together, support each other, converse to each other, and build up our self-confidence together.  This is what support means, to actually HELP each other.  Not just a pat on the back for recovering from the surgery, but helping to bring their life back together. What I did find out, we all need this support, so let’s just KEEP ON TRUCKIN’, together!


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