The symmetry was breath taking.  Round curves, a body which comments can’t describe, and her color, OMG!!!  I just want to close my eyes, and let my hands caress those…Wait, wait, wait; what’s going through that noggin of yours?  Oh, I get it… and I’ll let you know something, “it” has 4 wheels.  It really is a site to behold; black on black and the sound!  Again, OMG!!!  Lamborghini; can somebody PLEASE give the word that should be used, besides GORGEOUS.  Lamborghini.  Couldn’t resist, had to have it; the ride sold me.  A couple of people laid that wonderful pitch on me.  Actually, it was a team of six, and the head person, (I’ll call them Doctors), sold me.  I had to do it, today, they told me I might die if I didn’t go through it.  Ok, ok, I did it; and you know what?  Not only did I live after the buy, but there are no regrets, no “why” going through my brain, everything is CALM!  What a wonderful feeling.  We should all experience that feeling, all of us; you, me, all of us.

So I had you there for a second, maybe only a second, but I had you.  A very good friend of mine whom I’ve known for twenty years, did buy this Lamborghini, but my mind went to those words that I mentioned earlier, it was beautiful. When I went for my first ride, I really didn’t want that ride to end.  I’ve been in it a few times now, and the feeling is always the same, a word  that’s called “exotic”.  This is a feeling that we all have had, probably in various areas of our lives.  Let’s go to the real story here.  I’m certainly not going to mentioned dollar signs, for the purchase of this car, but I think you all might have an idea of where it could possibly be.  Some people can do something special like this, and I think that I went through that feeling, in my own special way.  I’ll point out what I mentioned earlier; we all have had these special moments, and I sincerely hope that we not only noticed them, but we also let these moments affect us, and we acknowledge them, let them seep into our memories.  As you know, this coming month, actually 4/29/08, was my special day, the “greatest” day of my life.  Why?  Dr. Marvin Bergsneider cut into my head at UCLA.  I never asked “why”, just had to be, and I could have put myself in a life threatening position if I didn’t go through this operation.  I’ve said this (my) story a few times, and I’ll repeat it down the road, but right now, it leads into another story, how’s that? So after the surgery, I certainly was a bit “off”, but I was CALM.  Everythingisgoingtobealright.  Recognize that?  This is how that name came across to me.  Same person who bought that Lamborghini, had this .com name, and told me to start this blog, it’s “now” mine…  Notice how I said NOW?  Everything is a now, not yesterday, not tomorrow, (how could it be, we have no idea what tomorrow brings, I sure didn’t).  Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes it can be a little comical, when something happens YEARS later, after an event years before. The physical side of me was needed for my recovery, that was the part of me that was working toward another career!  Funny.

So this past Saturday, I was having a cup of coffee with my friend, who brought along with him with my fantasy, the Lamborghini, of course!  As we spoke of the financial expenses of the car, the conversation somehow went into some of my medical expenses after my surgery; here’s the funny part, money/money, what he spent vs. what I spent, I could have bought one of those beautiful Lamborghini!  How funny, but really, the kicker here, is I had already had that “special” feeling, (with no car!), after my operation!  This is a fact, I had that feeling!  My doctors were my specialist guys, just like my friend and his team of car specialist.  And boy did they, (my doctors),work wonders on me.  At that time frame, do you know what the 2nd best feeling was?  Coming home; in a car, looking at every little tree, every bland of grass, every other car, every house, well these little tears in my eyes made it hard to see much more.  That was the feeling.  Now, I now that you’ve had a feeling like this; a person in your life, a moment by yourself, a $10.00 purchase that means everything to you…it doesn’t matter; you have felt that feeling,  you have had that Lamborghini,  you let that feeling affect you.  Let’s put it this way, you have been blessed with that.  I honestly don’t believe that anyone reading this hasn’t had this feeling.  Here’s another thing, you can get that feeling back.  You can restructure your life to relive it, or how about that memory of yours?  Be nice to yourself, give yourself 30 minutes of “your time”.  Remember every little element of that feeling, and let it affect you like it did before, take a ride in that Lamborghini, and smile!  YOU DESERVE THAT!  Smile, take your ride, caress it, and take that $10.00 item out of your pocket and give it a big hug!!!


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