I’m assuming that we all like to make our own decisions, with those decisions putting us in the right mood, and that mood dictating our day.  I’d like to say that I do.  For me, it’s really not a control thing, (I gave up THAT a long time ago); I just decided that I don’t want another situation to alter my mood.  If a situation comes along, and I like what I see, I’ll definitely consider an alternate plan.  But if something happens to you that you used to play to, but it definitely put you in a rotten mood, why play that game?

I’m driving down the street the other day, right lane, and there’s a parking lane to the right of the lane I’m in,and a car pulls out right in front of me; I had to slam on the brakes not to hit the car, (guy driving).  Here’s the funny part; he gets hot at me for getting to close to his car!  Now honestly, I’ll have to tell you what might have happened 10 years ago, if this happened way back when.  Let’s say I’d get a little,uhm, hot headed?  As they say,  the dance was going to happen, and no matter which way the outcome would, that mood would stay with me all day long, or perhaps longer.  Now, let’s go back to “why play that game”.   Why would I let some absent minded person change my mood?  Over the past few years, I just think that I don’t want to be in bad mood, it’s that simple.  What did I do that day?  I laughed, past him up, and waved at him.   Sounds silly, right?  Never would have happened years ago; but today, I would rather be in a good mood, period.  Good moods are much easier than letting yourself into a bad mood.  The story, could end there, but let’s take it a step further.

I know that I like to be in a good mood; again, simple.  My suggestion would be to you guys, is to find out what puts you in a good mood. What is your hobby?  Is there something that you want to do, but something’s might be holding you back?  Let’s take that “control” thing, and just toss it out.  I’ve had this discussion with most of my clients, when I first meet them after they call me, for training, or circuits, whatever they might be interested in.  I’m telling you this, because what they just did, (calling me), was the biggest move they could do, and the rest is downhill.  I can’t tell you how many people tell me how long it took them to pick up that phone, an call.  It’s a huge action, and the longer that one waits to take the first step, in whatever that they are interested in, makes that first step seem enormous, when it is actually small.  The smartest thing that you can do, is to know what interests you, and just go for it.  Sometimes a “change” in our lives seems to be SO big, and after you make that first move, it’s like, “what’s the big deal”, I can do this, and it’s not as hard as I thought it would be.

So now let’s go on to something you know you should do, but your reaction is something of a “NO”!  Let’s say a Dr. made a suggestion, or even worse, a demand on what you need to do.  From the fitness side, here’s a suggestion.  Make the call; whether it’s to a gym, a fitness consultant, or to your friends to see if you can recruit a few people to join you on your new “change”.  That would be your hardest step.  The next step gets much easier.  The first thing that I ask a person when I first meet with them, is what do they enjoy doing, what IS their hobby?  I can use their answer to that to recommend a few movements, that would give strength, and flexibility to the areas that would be used in their hobby.  That way, it doesn’t seem like “THE workout”; it’s something that they might enjoy.  If you want to join a gym, go in there, look at the machines, look at their classes, see if anything they offer starts to interest you.  Don’t mistake anything here, DO WHAT INTEREST YOU.  If that gym doesn’t have what interest you, that will be a waste of money, and it might put a little funk in you, knowing that you’re paying for a gym, and not using it.  Do what interests you.  It could be a great move to recruit one of your friends to join you, and both, ( or more!), of you can decide what you both like; this works well, because you both won’t want to cancel on the other.  The bottom line here is, when you are done with your workout, you WILL feel much because you didn’t cancel out on you workout buddy!

Believe it or not, this all goes back to the traffic incident; I want to stay in a good mood.  Obviously, I enjoy working out, so when I do that first thing in the morning, my day starts with a big rush; I really enjoy that.  Sometimes, we all get stuck in a morning of coffee, maybe a little news, or whatever.  Try this, give yourself something easy, commit yourself to one week, 7 days, of your hobby.  It’s a “change”, but it’s ONLY 7 days!  You can do that, 7 days, commit to only 7 days, and I will bet that you will see, that’s not so big.  In fact let me go another week, and on, and on…That’s how we change, little by little.  You don’t have to go from A to Z this week, ( in fact, I wouldn’t recommend it), settle for A to B,and then B to  C, C to D….and then you’ll start to see your progress; when we see progress, that’s an incentive to keep that change alive!

All of this means is stay in a good mood; bad moods are ugly!  Keep that good thing going.  Find what you like to do, put it in a little schedule, and just do it.  Keep it simple, just do it!  Stay happy, do what interest you, and enjoy your whole day in YOUR good mood….






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