Let’s JUICE!!!!

Ok, who juiced this morning?  I think everyone knows that I did.  Carrots, apple, broccoli, ginger, beets, kale, lemon, orange; I think that’s pretty much it.  Top that with oatmeal, (a six-grain oatmeal), which has bananas, blueberries, and cinnamon.  I love my breakfast.  That’s every day.  I hate to get full on that, it’s so good.  Takes 15-20 minutes to make; if you haven’t noticed, I like to make things in a hurry, because I WILL then , go through the effort to make something healthy, and VERY tasty.

The juicing thing is very important.  Do you know that a LOT of cancer, different types of cancer, sometimes up to 200% , in India, lots of islands, let’s just say under- developed countries, hold these statistics?  Why, you ask?  They don’t eat the fast food that we have here.  I know, you go in, order something, and it’s there in less than 5 minutes.  Sounds good.  We all know, deep down, that it’s killing us.  Strong words: but it’s true.  Let’s go back to the under developed countries.  They don’t have the luxeries that we have; but they eat simple foods; and a lot of spices.  Ginger is my juice every day.  Every day I’ll put another spice in, also.  If you don’t spice right now, one spice is a start.  The hotter that you can tolerate, the better.  I don’t mean to get on a big soap box here, but try to help yourself,  just juice!  By the way, it’s good!  Even if it’s just 2 things, ( or just 1 to start things out), get in the habit of doing it.  If you have questions on this, call me, or write me.  I WANT to help! 

Ok, that’s it on juicing.  Get a hold of me, and tell me what’s going on, for your health!  It’s all good, staying healthy.  Little things can make a big change.  Good luck, and enjoy life, ( the good, healthy way!).

All the best,


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