Do you ever think about your dreams?  Do you remember your dreams?  I never really did, until recently.  My sleep is going way overboard, but now I do remember my dreams; and some of them are WAY out there.  With that info, some of them are right in there with rest the my life.  Lots of times, actually most of the times, the people in the dreams are people I know. Maybe that’s the way it goes, I really don’t know.   What I do know, though, is there’s a lot of strange stuff going on in my half-brain these days.  Good, bad… I really don’t know, but I do remember them, and THAT, my friends,  I consider a plus.

I’m  sure, we all go through the same style of dreams, at some point in our lives.  You know, the ol’ “I’m falling, I’m falling, and I’m just ready to hit the ground!…” and you wake up.  Or you’re running, as fast as you can, but it’s not fast enough.  I never would have thought I’d be that slow, ( I actually had some wheels when I was young!).  Things that keep you thinking; you wake up, maybe to go to the bathroom, but you want to hurry and get back to sleep, to finish that wonderful dream!  It all is curious to me.  I never realize what is real, and what is a dream, at least in a dreaming state of sleep.

Now, let’s go into another area.  How about if you’re not medically up to par, and you’re taking drugs?  Now that, dear people, can bring up some wierd sh*t!  After my first surgery, they gave me morphine.  WOW.  Talk about what it causes, (in dreams).  I told the nurses, to  never give me that drug again.  I really don’t have the words to describe what those dreams were about.  All I can say, though, is that I’ve never had as scary dreams, before, or since, and I’m talking about whatever hair I’ve got stood up; I mean SCARY!  I have heard stories like that from people who took morphine.  As I think about it, from time to time, it still scares me.  I know I’m repeating this info, but it was a very scary situation.  No more, and I mean absolutely NO MORE morphine!  There’s a lot of things that put a little scare in you, in the hospital, why intensify it even more with a drug that I defenitely don’t want?  No more.

Sometime when I talk to people about the hospital experience, I used to talk about ” I really didn’t sleep” ; but I always felt like the nurses “woke” me up to take tests, or give me more drugs.  So I guess, I really did get some sleep.  I’ve stayed at the #1 hospital in the west, UCLA.  Other than being a research center for so many cancers, and neurological situations, they, and I mean ALL personal, treat you with GREAT  bedsite manners.  This goes a long way.   When you’re in a hospital, you NEED someone to know how to treat you as a person who doesn’t feel well, not just as a patient.  UCLA does that.  Enough said, that’s just how they operate.  By the way, they have GREAT food, and that, my friends, also goes a long way!

How I went from dreams to hospitals, I’m just shaking my head.  If you can get it, tell me!   Speaking of sleep, I must go and get some.  I used to get by on 6 hours of sleep.  I couldn’t get by on 8 hours right now.  I think the meds that I’m on dictates that, but it holds true, I need 8-10 hours sleep to operate at my best.  I need to give that to clients, who pay me a nice chunk of change; I would want that, so that’s why I need my sleep.  So off to sleep, catch my dreams, (hopefully) and wake up refreshed!

I hope you all do the same…go get refreshed!



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