Smiling is contagious.  I think that we all know that, and what could be more inspiring than a smiling face?  This could be an obvious act, but there are some who don’t have that attitude of bringing a smile back to them, by throwing out a smile, even if it’s just a little one.  Being your honest, supportive, meaningful, inspiring, lively, expressive self could be the one of the best attitudes that you throw out to other people, because it shows that you care, not only for them at that moment, but for everyone in you company.


S – Is it supportive?

M-Is it meaningful?

I- Is it inspiring?

L -Is it lively?

E -Is it expressive?


Is it Supportive?

I’ve found out that the more a person smiles, whether he knows a person that he passes, or not, brings about an attitude of confidence, and people like confidence.  Smiles present that.  If you have a personal friend who is not physically feeling well, an honest smile is our S; A SUPPORTIVE smile, and that goes a long way towards bringing a ray of hope to someone outlook.  I remember when I was in the hospital after one of my tumor surgeries, and my dad was sitting in a chair by my bed; he doesn’t say to much, but having him there, with his hand lying across my arm, and him giving me a little smile, made all the world of peacefulness to me, and basically no words were used.  It was very touching, just a small, little smile.  People understand what you are trying to say, sometimes without words.  Smile.  Be Supportive, and it could easily bring a smile back to you!


Is it Meaningful?

I think we all know if a smile is honest, and meaningful, rather than one that might be sneering at you.  We know what that is about, and really, why put that energy out there?  It does no one any good.  Being meaningful simply means that you care, and maybe even lending a hand to a chore, or that you feel good, and you want to lighten some else’s day!  How about something so simple as a smile, and say “HELLO”!  One word!  To some people, that could be their word of their day.  By doing some of the things that I do at the UCLA Ronald Regan Hospital, I have to be very observant to a patient, or the support group that might be in that room.  I try to be in THEIR shoes for about 5 seconds, and see what their seeing.  I give a smile, to show that I care, and I mean really care, because I’ve been in that bed before, and if I feel compassion from that a person coming into a room, it really could be my moment of the day; short and sweet. Being honest to someone, is actually being meaningful, and that can sink into someone’s heart.  Be Meaningful!


Is it Inspiring?

Inspiring is so important.  One smile, one gracious smile, could turn someone’s around for the day.  We’ve all had days where, well, things just aren’t going the way we planned, and someone comes along, tells an inspiring story, (with a smile, of course!), and sometimes things just turn around, just by a smile.  Being personal to someone, showing that you care, even for a second, can easily put a smile their face, or put peace on their forehead. It can be that simple, and I’m sure we’ve all seen that happen.  Be inspiring, and you’ve lifted someone’s day!


Is it Lively?

Lively is a strong word.  You have heart, and maybe you’re trying to share it.  That could be the coolest thing ever, to try and share your excitement with a person, to show how you feel right now, in that moment.  I think people want to share in happiness, whether it be for them, or for another person.  Lively, and happiness are contagious, and that certainly can go into another’s heart.  Again, it’s very simple; being honest, meaningful, supportive, and inspiring, shows another person that you really care enough in your heart, enough that you have so much more to share!  Put out that big smile, and let people know that you have enough to share, enough to smile back, and I think they will.


Is it Expressive?

It might seem like you’re under pressure with this word, expressive, but it really means “just be yourself”.  Honesty always comes through, and so does trying to be “expressive”.  It doesn’t mean that you have to be so outgoing, or beyond what you really are.  If you’re soft spoken, good for you!  A little smile comes out of you, even bigger than most people would suspect!  As you are expressive in your nature, it can affect someone, maybe without either one of you knowing!  One time I was, again, at the hospital, in the cafeteria, and a young lady came up to me, and asked me if I remember her, and qualified herself, by saying that it had been a few years ago when we talked; she was a patient, and was on a  returning visit.  To be honest, I didn’t remember talking to her; because I do see a number of people in the hospital, and after a few years, well, I just don’t have that big brain anymore!  I asked her what we talked about, and she basically responded that we just talked.  Now, that’s what I mean when I said to be expressive, in your own honest, expressive way.  No act, just honest; and that shows caring, and that caring leads itself to sticking into someone’s soul, that they remember something that was just conversation, but so meaningful to them.  So be Expressive!  Be yourself!  Be much more, by only bringing a smile!


Bringing happiness to someone else, just be being “you”, what could be better?  All of this means is that you have to be happy inside, yourself; and that happiness will always comes out, and you don’t have to anything but show up, (with that smile, of course!).

Have a great day!











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