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  • Aly R.


    How beautifully written and filled with such meaningful heart felt thoughts…

    It was a humble privilege, an honor and an extraordinary blessing to have met you and your brother at the VA Cemetery during the recent holiday season. So, very special a day it was to have shared time with the both of you!

    Today, Monday, February 10, 2020 at 8:44PM, I’m here as always tending my brother’s (LVMPD Officer – Charleston Hartfield) grave, after my shift and radiation session, setting out an arrangement for the upcoming Valentine’s Day later this week. Rest assuredly, I haven’t forgotten about your Dad… I remember every word spoken in the wonderful memories you and your brother shared with me. I made certain to place an arrangement out for his grave too! I hope this brings one of those great smiles of yours out to shine and share with others throughout the week…

    “I hope all is well and only wish you the very best of God’s love and blessing’s overflowing!”

    With respect and adoration,

    IICOR 5:7

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