A Lot of Stuff That Eventually Wants to Come Out

There’s a lot of stuff that eventually wants to come out. So O.K., in time it will. But there’s still a whole lot that still is forming it’s way to the top.

So here I was, ready to start the blog on the last surgery, (April 29, 2008), and then we find out that, “Hey, we have to go back in there, grab ANOTHER tumor, and we’ll pull that one out,too!” Then there was more news, stuff that we should all know about, but it just came out like blah, blah, blah….

So the Dr., Dr. Isaac Yang of the UCLA Medical Bldg, very astutly asked, “So when do you want to do this, 1-2 days???” I was thinking, O.K., let me take a little trip, do this, do that, whatever, come back maybe by the end of the year, and it all ties in. Not so much. Dr. Yang says now, so it must be now. And he doesn’t fool around . He comes in, makes his position known, and off we go. He says that we have to have 2 MRI’s and angioplastic, all of this the day before the operation. Then the operation, and the ICU, and then you’re out of there, and back to your room. It’s all in a day work. And it does work; you don’t have any concerns, any doubts, nothing. You’re just lying there, and very knowingly, say o.k., let’s go through this, now, so I can get back to a familiar football game. It sounds so simple, and it is, with these guys, that’s how they operate.

So then you wake up in the ICU; you’re really just coming back in. But the nurses are just unbelievable, just unbelievable. They are there, 24 hours a day if needed, whatever, to suit your needs. I was needing particular care as I came off the asthetic from the surgery, probably every hour or so. From blood test, to blood suger, to finding where the insulin is, to seeing where the blood flow wants to stay, this was all happening now. This time was so much smoother than last. Once I came out of all of the surgery state, I was immediately hungery, (mind you, I haven’t had any food in the last two and a half-three days). So once I had a “sauce” go around, about an hour later, I asked if I could have another meal, had that, too. A few hours later, lunch, then a couple of dinners. You’re just waiting for food at that point. And their saying o.k., to all of that. UCLA is an unbelievable Medical Center. They only strive for the top, they are on top, and you don’t even start to degrade where they are; unbelievable.

After all of this starts to wear off on you, well, you start to wear down a little bit. It’s due, but you just think that you’re going to stay on top of your little wear and tear world, and you just have to listen to your body. You only do what you can do, and leave it go at that. You can stay able to abide by a few rules, and then come down, or try to stay on top, but really, just due what is in your heart, in your mind, and in your soul; and go only where your body takes you.

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