Last Saturday We Actually Played Poker

Last Saturday we actually played poker; it was fun, I think that I actually pulled in about even at the end of the night. It was fun, seeing as though after 3-4 hours, I was starting to get a little tired. The poker players, Paul, Michael, Ron, myself. By the end of the night, all right, let’s go home and call it a night.

So many times I go to a poker game, play poker, and head on end to another day. Every day, now, it seems to take on a new perspective. Probably every little thing will. By the way, that’s not a bad thing; I do believe that little thing has it’s own little place in this universal world. Time after time, people just kind of go on. There’s a bit of that, but people, realize that stuff CAN happen every day. Just try to realize that in this world, things really do mean a little something. I don’t try to mean that there’s a CERTAIN something going on, but I’ll you, a little thing here and little thing there can mean the difference between you going out and trying your heart out, or not trying at all.

Think about all of this; do we just try to commit ourselves to get through the day, or do we try to just go out, really enjoy the day, enjoy the activity or enjoy what ever it is that we are doing. Do it guys, actually go and enjoy your day!! This is great stuff!!


  • Tracie aka lil zzzz

    Wow, I thought I had a pretty good perspective on life, but then I read your blogs and realize I have alot to learn from you. Every day I think about you and read what you have to say, and I look forward to it, because you put things in perspective and teach us all that life and everything that happens in life no matter how big, how small, how good or bad just go with it and be blessed for every little thing! You keep doing what is in your heart and keep doing with God on your side and we will keep learning from you! Love you and I am cheering you on every day!

    Love Ya,
    Lil zzzzz Tra

  • Joseph Yonkouski

    I certainly agree with our sister. We realize how much we have to learn, and we also know how fortunate we are to have you as our brother and our teacher.
    You’ve always been my best friend and my hero and I am so proud to be able to say that I not only now you…but, that you’re my brother.
    Keep the posts coming, because we certainly look forward to them!

    We love you!
    Keep up the good work!



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