CAN, and still do…

Isn’t CAN a lovely word?  It really CAN mean the world, for a bunch of us; and it should. (definition)  CAN: v; to be able; to have the ability, power, or skill:  to know how to:  to have the power or means to:  to have the the RIGHT or qualifications to:  to have the possibility to:  to know:  much more, but I think that might be enough.  I love this word, and the message that goes with it.  You can; I can; everyone can.  There’s no rebuttal to this.  How about the 4 veterans, who all suffered injuries, one even lost his eyesight, in November, hiking through the South Pole, because they CAN.  This will take over one month to complete this, with sub-50 degree weather, because they all say it will be a cake walk, from what they have seen/done in war.  O.k., maybe not a calk walk in reality, but to them, maybe; because they CAN, and they believe that!

Now I’m going to throw in some old news, about my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Carol Adams.  I loved her;  actually I had a crush her, (I think I was her favorite!).  She liked me because I had A’s across the board in penmanship.  Now for those in this generation, we were actually graded on how well we could write.  Imagine that!  Repeat: how well we could write!  (pen on paper, write!).  I guess I should also say that she was a very good looking woman, and to a 5th grader, wow!  I think that we’ve all had a teacher that we remember, that one teacher who said something, so important, that we still remember it.  I’m not going to tell you how many years ago, (45 years ago?).  What she said all the time, when someone said they “can’t” do this, she would say to them, “can’t never did anything”.  By the way, I say that to all of my clients when I hear “can’t”.  This goes back to when I started this business, 28 years ago; so I know there’s a lot of people that don’t like Mrs. Adams, because I tell them, “can’t never did anything”!  I’ve even had clients say “can’t”, and then respond to their own statement, “I know, I know, Mrs. Adams said…..”.  I loved that woman, and I wish I could tell her how much that has meant to me.  My point here, is really,  “can’t” really never did anything!  How many times have you said that, or heard somebody say it?  “Can’t” really means, there’s a solution, you just have to find it.  It’s there, just find it.  Can.  Can.  Say it one more time, with me; Can.  Anything can happen.  If you try something, for the solution, it might not be what was in your mind, as the solution, but be open to, did it work?  Then that’s the solution.  I’m making this sound so simple, and I know a lot of the time, it’s not so simple, and sometime, it’s trying after trying, after trying.  But you know, nothing comes to an end; just stopped at the wall.  Do you believe in that?  I’ll bet you don’t; that, my friend, is the excuse we all use.  That is “the excuse”.  Don’t like that those words, either.  “The excuse”.  Piss on that, (oooops).

Here’s why I threw that in.  I truly believe in CAN; or “MAKE IT”.  I believe I can make it.  We all have our own opinion of what Makes It?  Is it money, car, relationship, tranquility, etc…  Any and all of that is ok, if that makes you happy.  Isn’t that what we’re here for, to be happy?  I am.  Two brain surgeries, radiation, and I am SO happy.  Why not?  Should I think about what I can’t do anymore?  I really DON’T think so.  See how that word “can’t” doesn’t fit into my wording here?  Oh, trust me, I have days where I have to “pep” talk to myself.  Especially if I’m tired, and that happens occasionally, with the meds I take.  Let’s take today; I was tired, but I got up at 5:00, worked at 6:00, got my workout in at 7:00, worked until 10:00, and then I took a nap.  So I got up early, what’s wrong with that schedule, and I complained?  (For about 30 seconds!)  Then I had to remind myself, that I have a pretty darned good life,  pay attention to that,  (I was telling myself).  There’s so many pluses, and really, no negatives.  I made it, my way.  What I don’t want, is for anyone to think that I’m trying for endorsements from everyone, for what I do.  It’s just what I do; the way I live.  I’m saying this, for you.  You can do what you want to do, because you CAN.  Believe in that, say it, time after time, every day.  That’s what it takes.  With all of our multi-tasking, your mind can get cluttered.  It did to me today.  After eating breakfast, ( actually, my second one), I was going into the bathroom to brush my teeth.  Had so many things on my mind that I wanted to get done today, and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw this scowl on my face, like, what’s THAT all about.  I DIDN’T like it.  So I turned it into a smile. and you wouldn’t believe how it changed my thought pattern.  I knew things would get done, because I BELIEVED in CAN.  It WILL get done.  Guess what?  It did; and what would have happened if it didn’t?  Nothing.  Hear that; nothing.  It will get done tomorrow, or the day after.  My world isn’t going to end.  Maybe I don’t get tomorrow; so I better enjoy now, today; make it my day, enjoyment.  How would you feel if tomorrow doesn’t come for you?  Did you enjoy YOUR day today?  Do, please do!   Everyone, please do enjoy your day, because not only you will feel better, but that will affect others; that will bring the word CAN into everyone’s lives.  Big differences; scowl vs. smiles.  OOOOh, give me the smiles!  Give me the CANS!  Give me the, “I can MAKE IT”!  Enjoy those days!!!  Every one of them…


  • Rosann Wilson

    Just read, would have said that I was behind or late in reading BUT after reading I know that it was read exactly when it was most needed. I love the word CAN too. You do make me smile, and you are one in a million!

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