Ok, Ok, so for those that I haven’t had a conversation with about my head, and how I take care of it, it’s all about a company named HEADBLADE.  Back in 2000, I met a guy in Montreal; I was up there with one of my clients, Bobby Slayton,(comedian), at a huge comedy festival named “Just for Laughs” or the French term, “Juste pour rire”.  I was walking through a square, and I heard someone addressing me, “How do you shave your head?”.  It was Todd Greene, developer of a shaver, for the bald guys.  He told me about his new product, and since we both live in Los Angeles, we met up after the festival, so I could check it out.  Well, I was so impressed with my “new” razor, I’ve been using it since 2000.  Even after my surgeries, the Headblade is still my razor, and most definitely because it is the safest way for me to shave my half-brain head!

So there you have it; how I SAFELY take care of my dome, after the surgeries.  Another buddy of mine, (that’s you Markus!), needs to get into my head game!  I hope Todd sees this, and I want to compliment him, not just on this product, but on his success, going worldwide.  Congratulations!!

I’m writing this to let everyone know what a little idea, perseverance , and effort comes to a person who acts NOW.  Doesn’t wait until tomorrow, it’s today, NOW.  We can all prosper in success by following from another’s  success.

Get kickin’ on your ideas, and let’s act NOW.

Lovin’ life, and HEADBLADE…


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