COUPLE OF TRIPS; or just “other” trips…

2011, what a year.  I want to say I’m glad that it’s over, but really, why be glad that ANY time is over.  O.k., so times get a little rough, either financially, support-wise, whatever;  it means that time is gone.  GONE.  No matter what you do, that time is gone.  I wanted to write something on January 1, but I didn’t; and now that time is gone.  I’ve still written something, but maybe I could of written two things.  So now we move on, to 2012.  By the way, I’m very glad that I went through 2011; a trip to Hawaii (Kauai), a little Vegas,  a Phoenix trip, and some friends that I haven’t seen in 30 years; so I’d say those were some good TRIPS!  Then there were the “other” trips, to the hospital.  We came out pretty good, but they were still “occupied” time, out of my control.  BUTTT, there were several more steps taken in the right direction, ( well, that is just in my half-brain objectivity)!

How do we know what is the “right direction”?  We might not be able to put it all together, in our head, but let me tell you, it WAS the right direction.  Every person can make their own stand on who makes their decisions, I know who made mine.  It’s very simple for me, we can talk further if you’d like, my contact number is own my website: www.playapersonaltraining.com  . 

Next thing; my parents are great!  I’m very lucky.  Wait, let’s back up.  As I’ve said MANY times before, on this blog, I’m the luckiest guy in the world!  Period!  Let’s see, I’ve been around awhile, say 53 years, and I’ve still got BOTH of  my parents.  How great is that? It is so great great to spend time with parents, at this age.  So many times, as we grow older in age, who DOESN’T  have a few things to whine about with their parents?  Let’s put it this way, I don’t.  Well, there’s things I could tell them, complain about, but my God, they’re in their upper 70’s.  I’ve got to give them some space to “act their age”, if I have to speak a little louder, then I have to speak a little louder!  If I have to spell things out, then I have to spell things out!  Where’s the magic?  My parents are great!  Sometimes, they’ll start laughing, together, and I’ll just start shaking my head; because I don’t know what is making them laugh!!  Let them act their age.  Who knows how long they’ll keep laughing?  I’m going to be there, to keep shaking my (half) head, and let them be who they are!

Same with my friends.  I have some great people in my life.  Some people come in (my life) for a little bit, and then leave, and all of a sudden, 20 years later, come back.  Some stay in for the long haul, and others are only in at the time you need them!  Sometimes life seems strange, but in the end, it really makes sense.  My cousins are the same, sometimes no conversations for years, then all of a sudden you call them, or they call you, and your language goes back to when you were kids, or shall we say, “younger”?  Like I said, I am very lucky, to have the people around me that I do.

My brother belongs to a non-profit group called CHEFS FOR KIDS.  On Christmas Eve morning, we gather at 5:15 (am!) to provide a breakfast for homeless and/or domestic violence towards women.  By the way,there is Santa!  There is food, but more important, there is so much help, that these women are waited on.  There is so much gratitude, this is a very touching situation.  It’s something I look forward to every Christmas.

My brother hosted a Christmas Eve get together, with some very good food!  I ate a lot, by the way.  Is there any other way to go, for the holidays?  It was really, very nice.  Then, my sister and I went to lunchon day, sat and talked for a few hours, and then, went and had coffee for another couple of hours!  Time just flew by!  It was just a great day.  Then she hosted the Christmas dinner, which was PHENOMENAL!  We went over to her house in the morning, for breakfast, stayed all day, and then had dinner.  By the way, I brought my dog to her house, she is somewhere around 14.  Now, you know how a 14 year old dog likes to lay around, and sleep.  Not my dog; but you need to know, my sister has 3 dogs, 1 or 2 cats, a gerbal, and I don’t really know how many other “things” running around.  So, needless to say, all of that kept my dog running around!  She slept a lot the next day, and really, the next 2 or 3 days.  Who would of thought that would happen??  Since Christmas was on a Sunday, I stayed on Monday, leaving Tuesday.  Monday was a total relaxtion day.  Very glad I did that, I did leave early the next morning, and avoided the traffic coming back to L.A. 

All together, it was a great holiday.  Lots of food, lots of love, and lots of drinks!  My point through all of this writing, is it’s (Christmas) about the getting together.  It’s about the presents for the kids, even though, really it’s about US!  I just went to my parents, and relaxed.  They did all the work, they always do.  I am so grateful  for that.  I hope everyone had some great thing, like that, in their holiday experience.  I’m hoping that your New Year’s starts out with a bang, too.

Enjoy the new year, 2012…

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