Look at the picture above ( the entry picture).  What do you see?  No, really, WHAT do you see?  So many times, we just walk along, or drive along, and look at the hood of the car, or stare down at the ground when walking.  Why?  Don’t we want to see the absolute beauty of what is around us?  I’ll tell you, that is what can cheer you up, put a smile on your face, or any other state that puts you in a good mood.  I mean really, it’s everything around us that changes our mood.  If things get a little depressing where you’re at, just go for a walk; I know that I’m into fitness, but make this a “mood” walk, something that is for you, however you want to feel.  So make this your walk, fast, slow, moderate, it doesn’t matter.  Just make it something that puts you in a better mood.  I’ll tell you, right now, my dog is getting pretty old, for her size.  Fourteen years old.  I have to get up pretty early to walk her, because she actually “walks” on her walk.  Takes awhile.  But I love it, because I love the time that it takes; I have to rely on my own words, and look OUTWARDS, and see as far as I can see, and I’ll tell you, it puts me in a much better mood.  I’m telling you, it works, it works!!  Where I live, from the bluff that I walk, I can see the ocean, the mountains, and the city of Los Angeles.  You think that I don’t enjoy that?  It’s beautiful, and it puts me in a much better mood, if things don’t look so good today.  Who doesn’t need something like that every now and then?

Look at the picture (above picture) again; what do you really see?  Do you see the sheep on the side?  How many do you see; do you think there are others? Look at those trees.  Don’t look at just one, look at the whole lot of trees; isn’t that just beautiful?  What do you think is up the hill that is in front of the guy walking the road, I think that he is going to find out.  I’m not trying to put words, or thoughts in your mind, just let your mind go free.  Let it imagine, whatever!  How many post’s (on the fence) are in this guys walk.  Little things like that, (mindless, I’m sure), can take your mind into simple things, and energize your thought pattern.  Oh boy, now I’m getting into THAT stuff; ok, we’ll stay away from that stuff, but every once in a while, give little things like that a shot; it might make you smile!  Do you think that the picture is a morning, or evening?  What about the gate?  Do you think that the gate ever gets closed?  First grade questions, but it makes you think, and not about topics that frustate you.  That little walk can take five minutes, or an hour, depending on how long you want to make it.  I’ll bet if you put your head UP, you’ll heart will go up, too.  Everything changes if you let it.  I’m not saying that it will happen right now, at your command.  I’m just saying that if you’re willing to let SOMETHING happen, without your command, you might be surprised!

What kind of trees are those, and how old are they?  Do you think there are sheep on the right side of the fence, on the other side of the road?  Hey, what do you think about jumping the fence, and walking on the other side of the road?  Huh-oh, I’m jumping back into my teen years, when we used to do that, and sometimes chase the cows, or sheep!  Wrong move, be we did it; it was fun!!  Really, what’s wrong with walking on the inside of the fencing post?  I don’t see any signs that say you can’t walk on the “inside” of the fence?  With all that land, and space, why do you think that this guy is walking??  Do you think that he is troubled, or just enjoying where he is at?  I don’t want to put all of that into your head, but why do you think a lot of people go walking every day, sometimes the same route?  They either like it, or they know that it is good for them, or they just want something to chill their mind.  This is all good stuff.

What do you think of the little bit of sunlight that poofs through the upper right side of the trees, and why do you think that leaves are only pushed up to the side of the road, in one section?  Our minds can go in a hundred different directions, boy, mine sure does,( I’m not sure if it’s an open-mind, or brainless!)  It’s all easy, and free flowing.  With all that is going on in this world, why not treat yourself to your own “mind-massage”.  It’s so worth it!

So go ahead, pick a day, and really try to stay in a good mood.  No matter what others usually do to you, let it go, go for a walk, and know that you are not here for very long, so why not enjoy this day, and every day; that’s is why we’re here!

Enjoy it all…


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  • Michael Castello

    It bring up the old adage “Smell the Flowers along the way”. Heaven or hell can be preceived by the individual. You can see kids in Tijuana playing at the dump and they are smiling and having fun but to others it would be hell to see thier kids playing in trash. It is what our minds preceive it to be. Preception is up to us. Notice the little things, they explain bigger things.

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