I’ve been trying to remember to mention these two functions; so here they are:

1)  A Benefit for UCLA Neurosurgery Dept, specifically for the guy that cut into my noggin’, Dr. Isaac Yang. He knows heads, and by now he knows mine.  He does a LOT of these Meningiomas (tumors) removals, and does research as a non-profit on the how/why does someone get these?  If you know the answer to this, please tell me, so then, I’LL know.  After getting TWO, (not one), I’m still very curious; we still don’t know; I can put a tunnel vision on the rest of my body, but not so much up top!  My teachers always told me I wasn’t putting much in my brain!!  All proceeds, donations, and sponsorships, will be going specifically to his department.

The tournament will be in Las Vegas on September 24, 2011, at the Silverstone Golf Course.  If anyone has any questions, CALL ME!  We’ll hook you up!  It will be lots of fun!

2)  Dr. Yang works with the only neurological department that I would ever think about going to.  It’s UCLA, which by the way, is rated #5 in the country, but I really can’t imagine what the other 4 do.  Dr. Neil A. Martin heads up what’s called the VISIONARY BALL 2011, at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel,  Thursday, October 6, 2011.  Now we’re talking about surgical masters in neurovascular disease, spinal trauma, pediatric brain disorders, brain injury, epilepsy, and brain tumors.  It’s  an unbelievable experience, should one have to go through any experience like I just mentioned.  Since I’ve had a LITTLE  bit of help from UCLA, they have asked me to help them bring in 2.5 million dollars this year.  TWO AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS!!  Who am I to do this; I’m not sure, but let’s give it a whirl.  I’m going to attach a letter that’s going out, with all my packages.  You can have a laugh,  Lord knows I can’t be totally REAL!  So here we go:




How many of you know the parameters of UCLA? I know that I don’t. It seems like every day, UCLA just keeps pushing forward, especially in the area that I have become very familiar with: neurological health. If you aren’t familiar with my medical history, in the past three years, I’ve had two meningiomas (brain tumors), thirty-seven days of radiation, and have dealt with myriad seizures. Is that really it? Let’s just say, I hope so.

Kind of strange for a person who thought something like this would never happen to him, considering my “job description” involved a lot of functional body exercise movements. I have been active in fitness consulting since 1987, designing programs for individuals and groups, designing gyms large and small, and traveling with clients to help them enforce their healthy ways. It’s amazing how I can worry about others, but somehow let myself escape my tunnel vision.

For close to a year, I knew something was not right. Then I had a seizure and was taken to UCLA. That is when I discovered how great this hospital is. They’re ranked #5 in the country, but I really can’t imagine what the other four could possibly do any better. Aside from what they do to treat their patients, let me tell you how a patient here feels. You’re not a patient, you’re a person. Ask a question, you won’t get an answer, you’ll often get an escort to where you want to go. After my second surgery, I received a visit from dogs in my room, since I’m a doggie person, which has been proven to enhance physical healing and emotional well-being for critically ill patients. The point I’m trying to make here, is you FEEL how much the doctors and nurses care- they’re not just there doing their jobs – and that goes a long way. Technically, there’s no place that compares with Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center. There’s a long list of efforts that UCLA spearheaded – keeping them consistently above everyone else – from using mobile robots, to strides in how to treat epilepsy. The list goes on, and on.

I’ve had two incredible surgical teams, led by Dr. Marvin Bergsneider on surgery #1, and Dr. Isaac Yang, on surgery #2. Dr. Yang has continued to be my support system in the ever-evolving organism that is my head, and I couldn’t ask for a better man. He is why I’m here. After my last episode, Dr. Yang asked me to come on board, to help in raising money for research that will help others like me. I said this should have happened two years ago, in any way I can; from physical, to emotional, to support. Anything.

So here’s where we start, and why I’m writing you today: Please consider sponsoring The 2011 UCLA Neurosurgery Visionary Ball, Thursday, October 6, at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. You can make a tax-deductible donation, and attend an excellent fundraising function. This has become the priority in my life. I had a brain tumor, then another one came back, then I had to get radiation. Will I get another one, or three, or none? Doesn’t matter to me now; what does matter, however, is that it doesn’t happen to other people. So many lives are riding on research that takes place today, and that starts with money from all of us, who care for everyone who has an episode to go through, and a normal life to also live.

After considering this, if you have any questions, please contact me or visit the website at www.visionaryball.org. Thank you so much for your time, and interest.

With warm thoughts,

Scott Yonkouski

(310) 989-4997


P.O. Box 5344, Playa del Rey, CA 90296

scott@yonkouski.com www.everythingisgoingtobealright.com blog


So there you go; that’s me!  If you can do anything; donate, attend the function, or just pray with the rest of us, everything comes from your heart!  Thanks so much for all of your support, throughout all of my ordeal, and let’s just go one terrific day at a time!

Again, thanks, now go have a coffee (maybe with an expresso in it!).


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