I’ve talked about this for a long time, but really didn’t advertise too much.  It’s speaking.  I don’t know anyone that I’ve spoken to, who hasn’t wanted SOME sort of my medical history.  I’m always ready to go in that direction, so I guess I should put up, what is going up on my website.  I’ll paste in in here, you can always contact me, per the numbers listed on the website.


I entertain all aspects of interest in my personal history with regard to speaking, and /or medical re-hab.

On April 29 of 2008, when my first surgery was performed, my social outlook changed dramatically.A few of my other interests, and vocations, didn’t really make as much sense to me, because the outcome was FOR ME. After what others had done for me, from family to friends to professionals doing their wonderous cutting on my noggin, it made more sense to try and help others, maybe those who didn’t recover as completely as I did, than to try and do something for me.

I immediately was asked to speak to prisoners at the L.A. County Jail; and now THAT took me by surprise. What could I say to someone behind bars, to motivate them to try and reach out to their own hearts themselves, to make their lives worth really enjoying, and living. You TALK to them, from your own heart. No magical talk, just the truth about how everyone helped me, how I trusted people whom I had never had to before, how THAT is one thing that we all have, the ability to trust, no matter what our past is.

The story goes on, but the point is, having trust; at some point we all have to have trust in someone. I think that the experience helped me as much as it helped them, ( at least one, I hope).

I have spoken to those that are disabiled, and seniors., there is no specific audience. If you have questions, or have some particular needs, please contact me for a reply in either my blog site; www.everythingisgoingtobealright.com , or my website www.playapersonaltraining.com . Leave any information that you want, and I will get back on a daily basis. You will find my phone on these sites. My thoughts are to try and use my personal experiences from two brain tumors, radiation, and seizures; and re-training myself, physical, and emotionally, to push others in that same direction. It’s amazing what we can do, given the right frame of mind, and I try to push that forward.

So there we have it; throw it out there, should you know anyone that wants my opinion! (now that’s real mind-bender!).

Enjoy, now I’M going for coffee!

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