GO UP, UP UP, the view is a little nicer…

How was everyone’s Memorial Day Weekend?  Did we find a little time to give a little respect to our vets?  Hope so.  My Dad is a vet, and NOW, finally, is getting some gracious handshakes, and some “thank you’s” for doing what he, and so many others did.  B-B-Q’s, sure, why not; it’s a day off work, but the priorities should be the thanks to an enormous group of people who dedicated their lives, for our lives.

I thanked a lot of people; it was also a very relaxing few days for me, too.  Saturday, took my dog running, or should I say he took ME running!  Trying to pace a 50 lb. dog running, who is all muscle, is rather INSANE!  We ran, but I had to keep reining him in so I wouldn’t, as they say, loose it!  I must say, though, I really enjoyed it.  We ran around the wetlands; this is where all the geese, ducks, birds, frogs, squirrels, etc… hang out.  Of course, he wanted to give chase to them, so another episode to laugh at!  So I came home, ate, and then went kayaking, for two hours out in the ocean, 1-2 miles out.  What a day; and the eating that day, I couldn’t get enough; really burned through me.  I love that feeling.  I needed a day off, so that was Sunday, but then I had to go to a little party, and had so much fun; some friends go SO far to make a get-together awesome, and these guys did.

So this morning, after clients, I thought, “what should I do, without a work-related effort?”.  So I made a cup of coffee, (I really love coffee!), sat outside, turned on the water fall, and told myself, “just enjoy this!”.  It was so peaceful, the birds were loud and chirping, sun was in the clear sky, and my dog was at my side.  Can anyone tell me what might wrong with this???  NOTHING!!  It was perfect; I was so at peace doing nothing, enjoying that very moment.  I guess that was my way of meditating.  It put me in such a positive spot.  Just enjoying the moment; I think everyone should practice some sort of their “moment”.  Whatever that might be; doing nothing, finding their favorite spot and reading a book, writing, whatever it is, something that you ENJOY.  Not something that you feel you need to do, something that you enjoy.  It could be 15 minutes, or an hour or two; but let me tell you, you WILL feel better, like you did do something!  As we talked about before, if you feel good, your thoughts will be good and positive, and I will guarantee, that something will happen in this world that will be very good.  By your actions, who knows; but really, who cares?  Something will happen, in that regards.

There’s something that I wanted to mentioned this time, but it’s something that I’ve been very affected by.  A young boy, no, I mean a young man, was nearing the end of this life, ( he died 2 days after turning 18).  Zack Sobiech, did anyone follow his story?  A good friend of mine, who also writes blogs, (and very good at that! How about that plug, Markus?), mentioned the documentary (22 minutes of length) of his life.  In a nutshell, he had cancer in his bones, was diagnosed in 2009, fought through all of his treatments so fearlessly, and turned to his music for his closure to his friends, and family, and others.  This hit went viral, called “Clouds”, over 1 million hits, worldwide.  He was told he only had a couple of months left, and that’s when he went into overdrive, to make sure that everyone had the knowledge of his song.  All through this documentary, this guy always had a smile on his face, and positive things to say, up to the end.  Certainly, he got emotional near the end, but in a good way.  He knew his time was just about up, but look what he did, he got the WORLD to know about HOPE!  We all have hope, but sometimes we don’t put time into our “Hopes”.  He knew his time was narrowing down, so he put EVERYTHING into NOW!  Do we all know when our time might be?  Trust me, I’m not trying to guide anybody to my apple box here, this is just me and my opinion.  This is why I emphasize Now.  I went through some stuff, and I know that something can come up tomorrow, or tonight, or 30 years, or more, but I want everyone to enjoy their time, now.  It’s very important for you to know how much you mean to a bunch of people.  Know that, and in your own way, let them feel how you feel.  It could make your day, or theirs.  I had a conversation with my Mom over this, and she was sad over him dying so young.  That was all the time the Lord gave him, and look what he did:  he was known worldwide, again about hope.  Not many people ( 17 years old, anyway) can distribute love and hope like that, so his time was well spent, and a lot of people, like me, were affected by his life, and how he made his closure.

I hope we can all enjoy what we have here, with your own moments.  They mean a lot, to you and others.  I love my dog runs, (or visa-versa!), my coffee, get-togethers…it can go on and on, but simple moments that can put me in a great mood.  It will for you, too, I’ll guarantee that one!


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