Where does this saying come from?  I believe from anywhere,and everywhere.  As I mentioned before, “think positive”, “the glass is half full”, etc…there really isn’t any bad days.  I don’t know who follows the pro teams in sports, and even though the media likes to spotlight the athletes who tarnish themselves, and their teams with negative behavior; most of them are human, and kind.  (What do I mean by all of this?); let’s take LeBron James.  I have an opinion on him, as all of you do; but here’s an incident that put him in the real world.  LeBron and Dwyane Wade went into a hospital, to a children’s cancer ward.  Little kids, if I should call them that, were struggling with life, man, just LIFE!  These children were 5,6,7, 10 years old, and their fighting for their lives; and the Heat, ( the team that LeBron and Dwyane play for) were entering the Finals for the NBA Championship, the pinnacle of every athlete who plays in the NBA, the most cherished goal.  As LeBron and Dwyane walk out of the hospital, they are interviewed.  These guys see the reality of the world; LeBron says how he is affected by these children, that their lives might be SO short, and that his job in the NBA is “only playing basketball, it’s nothing but a game, and these kids are fighting for their lives”.  How about that?  It’s only a game.  What a great gesture by a pro athlete, maybe the best in the league right now.  What do you think about Life?  Is it only a game?  For some it might be, to others, it’s to be cherished.  I’m not trying to say, “let’s be so serious with Life”, but you should really try to enjoy it, even on “bad” days.  There are always a good part of a “bad” day.  Find it, and enjoy it.  It IS  there.

What do feel when your goal was to be a pro athlete, or a gifted singer, or an in-demand entertainer; and you didn’t get there?  Hurts for awhile, but then we get over it, and on with Plan B, whatever that might be.  I went through that.  When I was about 25-26, I thought I would be the next “big star” in the film and T.V. world.  Guess what? Didn’t happen.  Over 25 years in that business, and it didn’t happen.  Oh, I definitely had some joys; did a lot of television in the 90’s, and in the early 2000’s.  Nothing like the feeling of when you work.  Also, nothing like the feeling of when you DON’T work.  I’ve always said, about my first surgery, that I think that event, that surgery, was the best thing that happened to me.  Why would I say that?  That event, as I call it, made me realize that this life could be short, for anyone.  Life is SO good; I’m just trying to emphasize that point to whoever wants to listen.  It also made me realize the point of “going with the flow”.  I definitely didn’t plan on having a brain tumor; but God did, said ” try it this way”.  OK,  I was now, going with the flow.  I would say that going with the flow kinda means that we let go of our personal agenda that was our “plan”, and notice the change in our state, our presence, the NOW state, ( notice how I still use that NOW thing!).  I think that if we step into that flow, or at least notice it, and we don’t try to resistance it, by trying to STILL pursue our original dreams, things become easier.  Things have changed, their different!  Accept it; or try to work WITH it.  Working with anything in this world is much easier than fighting against it.  Maybe we’re afraid of going with this “new” path that’s opening for us, because we don’t know where it’s going, but let me tell you, it’s SO worth it!  With your brain, (or in my case, a half-brain!) open to new changes, you mood will feel much better.  That’s why I believe that there are “no bad days”!  Hey, let me tell you, sometimes it’s work, but so worth it.  I would always like to be in a good mood, than the other way around.

I wish I knew who thought that montra up, and put it on paper!  It inspires me, keeps my hopes up.  If anything, it makes me want to improve the life of someone, anyone, some stranger I see walking down the street.  Why not?  Put’s a smile on my face, hopefully on their face, too.  Right now, I do some volunteer work at UCLA.  I go into rooms of patients, especially on the neurological floor.  As I see how their doing, I can tell them, “Hey, I’ve been there, and now I’m here; hold on to your hope, because you’re halfway home because you’re here talking to me!”  I don’t know if that always helps; I think it does, helps me.  That’s why I say, if you do something to to make someone feel a little better, then that means, that there are no bad days, for anyone!

So enjoy your day, OWN that day, and pass it on; it’s called going with the flow, so go down your new river; just throw out that old paddle!

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