To everyone: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  It’s a great day, isn’t it?  I mean, you can eat an overload of food, feel terrible, but not feel guilty, right?  I mean, that’s expected from everyone.  Most people do; I’m just not the one who wants to feel terrible.  Oh, trust me, it has happened many, many times, and then I say, “I’ll never….”.  I even went on the bandwagon of only wanting “white” meat, because it’s got more protein.  That isn’t exactly right; well, it is, to a point.  A piece of white meat has only got about 2-3 grams of protein more than dark meat; but really, what’s the point?  If you’re going to go overboard, DO IT!  Eat what you want; you’ll feel better tomorrow.

I say this, because I do believe in “cheat” days in your diet.  That’s why I try to keep it in check, I don’t like to feel like poop for a few days.  My half-head tells me no, go ahead and indulge, but my insides tell me, “you should see us, and how you’re putting us on overload!”.  Tough call, but the bottom line would be, enjoy.  Enjoy this holiday, enjoy whoever you’re visiting for this meal, and enjoy not only the people that you’re with, but just take a moment and put a thought in your head for those that don’t have the opportunity that you’re enjoying right now.  Make no mistake, enjoy this day, this moment; but also realize that 10 days ago, people of the Midwest, primarily in Washington, Illinois, where 1,000 homes were destroyed, were planning on this holiday.  There was one person who had their life taken by the storm, and God bless them, and send a good thought to their family.  The Philippines; actually, all across the world, we should have a good thought for the people who don’t have this wonderful meal that we’ll be getting.  Just a thought; it will go a long, long way.

So, now that you’re done eating, what are you going to do?   Tomorrow, maybe I should work out?  You knew I would bring that up, but I won’t stress that, you’ll know what I mean; but hey, trust me, if you want to talk about workouts, I’ll talk all night on that topic ( or at least up to my bedtime!).  Now that we’ve filled our bellies up, does it cross your mind to give something up, like blood, or platelets?  Maybe I should back up a little bit here; do you know your blood type?  I hope you do; if not, find out.  You could be helping out a large number of people by donating, and you’ll feel so good afterwards, no weak feelings, or any side effect.  You can donate every 56 days, which is the time needed to restore your whole blood.    This blood is good for 35-42 days.  Help someone.  We never know what the future, (or present) time, will be like.  Ask Washington, or even someone like myself, who ends up in the hospital, and like me, has AB negative blood type.  Listen, if anybody knows me, I go all the way; only 3% of us have AB-; this is why I would like some blood donors out there!  I can give MY blood to just about anyone in the negative category, but I can only get an AB- donation.  I always did like to be in the upper class!  Now, let’s talk about the really good stuff, giving platelets.  So, what’s a platelet?  Platelets are collected by apheresis, which uses a medical device called a cell separator to process the donor’s blood, collect the platelets, and return the remaining red blood cells back to the donor.  This will actually take about 2 1/2 hrs., but hey, you get all the juices and cookies and granola bars that you want!  Platelets are only good for 5 days, and the patients receiving chemotherapy and/or undergoing heart surgery, require platelet transfusions. That is why we need a LOT of platelets.  Here’s the good side; for 2 1/2 you have a T.V. monitor right in front of you with about 75 recent movies that you can pick; what a great time!  Seriously, though, these are at a premium, especially considering your blood type; so please do give some consideration to donating.  I would love it if one of you guys had an interest, and contacted me to get a drive going, for those that need this in time of need.  We’ll put it together.  O.K., done with driving that down your throats; now, how about some more turkey, and veggies, and gravy, and PUMPKIN PIE?  Who wouldn’t want that?

Enjoy this day, with great people, this moment, this second; but give a little thought to others, and keep that good ol’ heart open to those in need.

Savor this  feeling………


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