CHANGE is gonna come…

The singer, the singer!  Come on, somebody knows who sings this blues song. Bring it back to me!

BLUES SONG: a modulation in jazz; depressed spirits, melancholy;  torch song.  DEPRESSED SPIRITS!#*, maybe that leads on to change; it should, don’t you think?  Do you ever think about change in your life, your experiences, your beliefs?  It happens, every day.  All it takes is observation, knowing your moment in time is “now”.  Don’t worry, I’m not going off on the deep end here, I’m just telling you to open yourself up, and let things in, in your life.  Do we all believe that somewhere, in this day today, there might be something that we fear?  I don’t think that there’s anyone out there who would say no, (honest answer, boys and girls!).  With all of that said, I say cross the line, take that fear, and express it.  That’s “change”.  Change doesn’t just change, just because we are hoping it will change , on it’s own.  It’s just like magic, magic isn’t magic, it’s a view, a change.  Change means you have to alter your routine, really believe that your effort will be a positive, on YOUR side.  Remember, also, that your change might be a little different than what your expectations were.  Walk through that fear, talk about that fear, talk about how to get through it; if you keep it in every day’s conversation, with anyone, you are making that change.  Very soon, you will wonder why that line was there, and why you weren’t tempted to cross it.  It might take a day, or a week, or a month, or a year; but you have taken the huge step of starting to make that change, in your life, by admitting something is bothering you.  Do it everyday, just keep on it, and things happen.  Let’s back up for a moment; do you think that the people of Washington, Illinois just “wished” for change, after the tornado hit.  No, they had to talk, to each other, or anyone, like relatives, or someone who had been in that situation before.  The change is gonna come, has to; they have to live their lives, cross that line.  Strong courage, that group.

FITNESS: Health.  Do you want to be healthy?  I would think that answer would be a “yes” all around.  That would be a nice change.  Don’t think about being “fit”, think about being healthy,  your children will appreciate that.  I think everyone knows something about my story, so I don’t want to be redundant, but guess who had to change? (let me see…..).   First surgery, I just wanted to get back to “normal”.  Why; (normal),  I don’t know, it just seemed like the route to take, but that wasn’t my route.  I didn’t figure that out until the 2nd surgery.  Then I finally found out what was important to me; my fear of changing what I thought was perfect for me in the fitness field.  It now had to be in the Health field.  It just took a little bit of a thought process, to see that I could still do what I’ve done for 35 years, but it all had to be altered a bit.  So I crossed the line, and low-and-behold, that was nothing but a spec in the road.  You have to remember, I had to change something that I had been preaching to clients as the “best” in fitness, (but not health).  So guess what; I say I was right, in it’s time; now we just have to adjust that, and now, that is NOW right.  All it was, was a change; and not a very fearful one.  It was what needed to be, and I did it.  Am I “special” because I did it?  Absolutely not;  you only have to admit that a CHANGE is gonna come.  And then it does, no matter what time frame.  With that change, you might feel that a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders, as well as it should.  Be nice to yourself,  you deserve it!  So what is your first step?  It’s to contact me, about health, and how you might want to love yourself.  If you believe in a higher power,( to me it’s God), then talk to Him/Her, and express your fears, anxiety, whatever you think is holding you back.  Be honest, and you’ll get an answer; trust me on this, you WILL get an answer.  This is all about your belief in you; trust yourself, nothing is too big.  We’re all in this together; I can’t say enough about conversing with someone, anyone, who has an understanding ear.  We all want to help, without judgement, by the way.  There’s no judgement in my world.  The best way  to get over that, is to think to yourself, “this is me, period.  If this is not your cup of tea, that’s fine, too, but this IS me!”.  That will help your mind.  One last thing, if you think that your fear is admitting to vulnerability in your personality, GOOD!  Vulnerability is not a bad word; it’s just being able to show who you really are, and not having any defenses, and not having any ego.  Let it out, be you, be FREE, accept a change!

So think Healthy: prosperous and conducive to good health.  I hope you do, and think of change… it’s gonna come!


Think Sam Cooke….

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