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Have Some Juicesssss….

Come on now, you gotta like juice, of some sort.  It could be something very simple, orange, cranberry, grapefruit;  but it could get deep, here.  Most people like to buy a processed juice at the store, why not juice you’re own thing, make it exactly what your taste is?   I prefer to juice everything, I have for years.  It’s addicting.  You can make some stuff with a juicer that coast less than $100.00, and that’s a deal over time, because you’re paying that money out when you buy a product, and why do that;  put that money in your body! 

Why would I do a blog on juice?  Because it’s GREAT for you.  It give you so many anti-oxidants, and fiber, and energy depending on what you throw in there.  It can be anything, and everything.  Start with sorting out, in your mind, what your favorite tastes are.  All of them.  Of course, every day doesn’t have to be the same taste, but vary a little bit here, a little bit there, and I guarentee, that you’ll be so thrilled, and a little excited, that you’ll start putting a plan in for tomorrow, and that next day, and….you get the picture.

Just as an example, I’ll give you one of my mainstays, but mind you, they always vary.  Carrot, apple, beet, celery, ginger(love that little energy buzz from ginger!), green pepper, KALE( always!) lemon.  When you put all of this together, it really gets to be plenty of juice, so go easy the first couple of rounds, you’ll get plenty of a buzz!  And plenty of greens; o.k, it seems weird, but so many greens have so much anti-oxidants, which fight cancer, and really make that brain to start working, and boy do I NEED that!  All of this has plenty of fiber, too, and we, in general, are a  little behind on that, so let’ s help ourselves.  Most Americans settle in for less that 15 grams of fiber per day; you should should double that; I personally go 50-60 because of my fitness routine, and  exercise will process that much fiber, without blouting out the body.  Try it, try 30 grams; most stores will list grams on the fruit or vegetable when you buy them; check them out, and you’ll see how you can add it up.

So we’re talking fiber here, because it’s so important to heart health, too.  Diabetes, it all figures in; plus it’s GOOD!  Let’s give out a few more suggestions, but don’t stop here, let your own taste buds kick in:  Pinapple, all of it.  Put the rind in, it is so sweet.  Watermelon, same thing with the rind, put it all in.  Actually, any kind of melon; they just get so sweet, throw them in!

All of this goes right down the shoot of a great juicer.  Get one that has a powerful RPM motor, so it doesn’t bog down, it makes it so much easier just to grind and dine!  A very important item that you’ll want to know, is how many parts do I now have to clean?  We all ask that, try to get a machine that only has 4, makes life much easier.  Getting a machine that has multiple parts, over time you might start loosing interest, so don’t buy having to clean so much; get 4 parts.

I keep mentioning fiber, we’re also talking weight loss, over time.  Worth mentioning is that following a fiber rich juice, both normal-weight, and overweight bodies start processing immediately, so let’s leave it at that, and have fun making some stuff up for your taste buds!

What you’ll find, hopefully, is that this just starts to make you interested in other forms of your diet, that make you feel good.  Doesn’t have to be invovled, complicated, any of that.  When it’s simple, you do it more often, you like it more, because it’s easy, and you realize how good you feel.  My brother and his wife had to completely change their diet, due to a couple of strokes.  Do ya think that might change things??  But the simplicity here, is that all they did, was simply MAKE their food now.  No more processed food.  Sometimes that was faster than all the other garbage that is out there.  So Joe, my brother, joined the ride, and guess what; dropped 50-60 lbs.  HHHMMMMMM!  Does anything start to make sense here!  Here’s the best part, he still might have a beer or two, NOT SO BAD!  I’m not saying how you have to ” change” your diet dramatically; that gets t be an individual thing, but a few small things can really start to add up, and then lead to your other interest, as you go along. 

Since we’re talking juice here, we’re talking morning.  The most important part of your nutritional day.  Everyone needs to set aside, just another 10 minutes, and they can make all of this happen.  We need out food, and juice; very simple.  Let’s do one thing here; set out a plan.  When we get an idea that seems to make sense to us, give yourself a time frame.  It’s not just for tomorrow, give yourself 3-4 weeks.  That’s a very short time, when you think about it, but it’s a time that you’ll start to feel what is happening your body, with a good diet, and how it keeps your energy up as your day starts.  You WILL feel the effects from all of your efforts, and I guarentee that you’re feeling like, “Let’s keep this up, this is easy, and I feel GOOD!”

This is how I feel every day, and that is how I would love to have everyone feel; give it a try, you might LIKE IT…..

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  • Joe Yonkouski

    All so true!
    Thanks so much for reminding us.
    Since we’ve been eliminating the processed stuff from our diet,(or TRYING to!), we’ve been looking at labels and find it hard to believe that people actually ingest these things that we can’t pronounce…. on purpose!
    Whenever we have a question, or are uncertain about a food(s) we’ll call Scott.
    The results have been amazing and life changing. We both feel so much better. And the doctor has me off of ALL of my meds that I used to have to take!
    Thanks, again, Brother!

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