I slept!  Let me say THAT again, I slept!  What a feeling that is, to actually wake up, and feel pretty good!  Woop-to-do!!  For what ever you’ve read, you’ll notice that I’ve been on these wonderful steroids for the inflamation from radiation for about 3 weeks now, another week to go as we taper down the dosages, but the side effect on this, you DON’T sleep.  An hour or two, wake up my half-mind starts to race,( and for me, what does does THAT mean?), so you stay up, write, read, whatever; I guess if I think about it, maybe it’s really not SO bad!  Sure makes an interesting day/night combo that I really haven’t been through before, and to be honest with you, I really like experiencing these situations.  Life is full of changes, I enjoy going through them all, it really does make me smile, it does,so let’s make it ALL work.

Sometimes when you think you do the RIGHT thing, then that’s  when you start thinking, how YOUR  life is supposed to operate.  It’s all of a nature that we think that way;  probably how we prepare ourselves for our expectations.  Keep it that way, it’s what we know.  But then God has a smile, says we might lean a little this way or that way, and says let’s go. I have another little thing that we must do.   And we do.  What choice do we have?  After a few experiences like I’ve had, you just embrace what comes up, and follow up; again, what choice do we have? 

And you’re saying, “What IS he talking about here?”.  If you read some of the comments that have been posted here, you’ll see a wonderful remark from my brother’s wife Ginna, that I’ll try to use a little testimony to doing things in the “right” way.  She gave some very nice words on how I ways able to give her a little bit of help, at a time in her life, when she went through a stroke a year and half ago.  Come a long way.  Regained everything, kept the activity going, completely revised their diets, as you just read, since I just wrote all of that blog, and on that night that she wrote that, she suffored through another stroke.  Paramedics, hospital , medications.  You’re mind starts to wonder, mine does.  I will tell you the ONE thing that NEVER enters my mind, is “WHY”.  Can’t.  Not my purpose, not my situation in this life.  We just do what we are here to react to, that’s how I think.  That’s NOW, this moment.  It could change, but that’s is how this moment was supposed to go; let’s deal with it the best that we can, and move on in this life.  I think that’s good.

My brother, Joe, and the rest of the family was all around, so plenty of eyes reacted.  Paramedics reacted very positively, administered to proper meds withen that 90 minutes time frame, and she is responding so positively, it’s amazing.  I’m so happy that they we’re doing what we talked about for them to be doing, to enhance their lives, because if they hadn’t, how would this be right now?  We don’t know, and it doesn’t matter, because it didn’t happen that way.  I love this life, and how it works, keeps blowin’ me away.

Think about it; great diet with regards to how they cook, always looking at what goes into what they make, because they have to watch suger, or lack of, and many, many other things, and they do.  Exercise, little by little, you have to; I should list, ( maybe at some point I will list articles that I’ve read, and practiced a lot of years!), how exercise stimulates brain cells, makes actual growth happen up there in the noggin, and who doesn’t need it more than me??  That has to go with everyone who has a nerou-situation going on.  Actually, that should happen to everyone, why not?  This has been my business for 26 years, so, yea, I so believe in that.  On another note, it’s funny how we all go through life, believe certain ways of opperating, and through the years, start reading up on research, and findings, and funded projects, that confirm that what we have practiced all these years, is and was the way to go.  Funny.

So let’s get back to Ginna.  She’s doing great, she’s starting to get a little testy with the hospital; I love that, that’s Ginna at her best.  I say go, get honry if that makes you feel better.  Get that brain-a -workin.  She’s going home tomorrow, and an exercise program that will come from me that WILL NOT be cancelled, on any day.  This juice day continues, why would it not?  As I said,  everything that went on here before, as we said , the RIGHT stuff, made this recovery a very successful, positive recovery; that’s why we’ll keep it going.  Why would it stop?  I thank the Lord for all of this, so let’s celebrate each day, each moment, and I really mean celebrate.  Lot of beautiful stuff in our world to be thankful for; just look, maybe listen to sounds, birds, man, this is ccol, cool stuff.

I’m not even thinking about this little blog being right today; I’m just so excited about Ginna, coming back strong, because she IS strong, and will continue to stabalize, and I can’t wait to be a part of this again. 

Enjoy all of this,  man I am!!


  • Donna Manders

    Dear Scott,

    My warmest thoughts are with Ginna and your family. That Ginna sounds like quite an amazing and extraordinary woman of strength (attributes which seems to be a family trait). Ginna is blessed to call you her brother in law.
    Scott, your blog always touches my heart and soul.
    Healing prayers going out to your sis in law…
    Love, Donna

    • scott yonkouski

      Donna, you always are the sweetest; she’s doing great, is home and VERY honry!! I love it, she will be just fine!
      Thanks again for your warm thoughts,


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