“Healing humankind one patient at a time by improving health, alleviating suffering and delivering acts of kindness.”  UCLA  Health Vision


What a powerful vision.  Think about it, it seems so simple, and sometimes it is; other times it can get to be complicated.  When you think about every minute, (or every second), of every day, and every instant of every moment to do nothing but helping others, well, it can be difficult in our lives.  This UCLA vision doesn’t allow that type of thinking.  Think about that!  The only people that come into a hospital, are people in need; every one of them.  Think of the doctors, the nurses, the technicians, the administration, the counselors, the service workers, the blood/platelets workers, the behind-the-scenes people, (security, researchers, interns, etc…), you have to ask yourself, “Who is the last person to be put on this list?”.  Guess what?  the “end of the list” never ends.  It involves all of us; you, me, everyone; we ALL have the ability to decide each and every moment to help someone.  How about opening a door for someone, or stepping behind a car that has their phone on the hood and let them know that; these are so simple, yet can be so effective in someone day, (or moment).  Last week, I stopped a car pulling out of a parking space, because I saw something on their roof.  I started by honking my horn, and they got a little upset over the honking, and got out of their car to find out, in their terms, “what the f##k are you doing?”.  Well, it turns out that this folder was full of documents, probably work wise, and when they saw it, they came over and gave me a big hug, continuously thanking me.  All I did was honk my horn.  Just delivering an act of kindness; honking my horn.

I think that we need to analyze this vision.

a)   HEALING: v; to make healthy, whole or sound; to restore to health/ to effect a cure  This is what a hospital is all about, but what about you?  I’ll bet that throughout a day, you have done something that has affected someone, either good, or not so good.  How about doing something really cool?  Give each day the thought of doing just one thing for someone, even if they don’t even know that you created an act of kindness for them.  The difference; you knew.

b)     HUMANKIND: n; the human race, humanity/ making kind, or gentle acts towards            humans.  

This is what we are all about.  As I mentioned earlier, we all do so much for everyone during our days; how about we keep this concept in our minds, all through the day, and multiply our kindness more than we thought we could; because we can.

c)     ONE:  adj; being or amounting to a single unit or individual or entire thing; being a          particular, unique, or only individual item.

Wow, think about that!  That singular word, ONE, means so much, especially in this vision that UCLA adheres to.  I guess the team that made up this wonderful vision, meant ONE PERSON AT A TIME.  Out of a hospital that brings into their building thousands of people per year, they are interested in only ONE person at this person’s time.  WOW, WOW, WOW!  Guess what, you also can do that; no matter what your environment  you might be in, one person, or a roomful of people, you can do one,(or more) wonderful act of kindness.

d)     PATIENT   n; a person who is under medical care or treatment

Each person, ONE patient, is on the mind of any recovery center.  That’s could be on your (and mine), mind.  It all goes back to your morning commitment, doing an act of kindness, in any way, to whoever it might be, known or unknown at any particular moment of that day.  (Lot of words there!).  All of these words, though, means observing what is around you, rather than, (how should I say it), keeping your nose to your phone all day!  (Oh, I said it!!!).

e)     AT A TIME  adj; at the specified time, punctually

“At a time” means right now, as this person needs us, in this moment.  I know personally, that my agenda has me doing and thinking about something else, but here’s is NOW a situation where I can be of service to someone else.  This decision is now up to me; is my agenda more, or less, important than someone else’s  needs?  Something to think about.

f)     IMPROVING  v; to bring into a more desirable or excellent condition; to make better

One time, as I was having lunch at the hospital doing my rounds, a lady approached me.  She said that I had stopped in her room when she was a “patient”, and she was back for a Dr. return visit.  I see a lot of people in a day, and really, that’s no excuse to forget what we had talked about, but I didn’t have a clue about our conversation that we had in her room, but that’s not the point, here.  The point is, we spoke of something that was very important to her at that time, and it stuck with her, and I found that it’s ok if  I don’t remember what I said, or did, because I addressed her concerns, and hopefully it affected her in a positive way.  That happens to you too.  Staying focused on someone, and their concerns aren’t about you, it’s about them, and giving your output for them could make their day, whether you know or not.  I sure didn’t when that happened to me, and good for her.  Good people make good thoughts.

g)     HEALTH  n; the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness             vigor.

Part of this definition is “body or mind”.  It is SO important to be observant to what a conversation does to someone.  As we know in general, the mind certainly controls the body, and sometimes  a simple line that we say, or even a word, can mean so much to someone.  It’s like sometimes we’ll hear a person say something 20 times, and the 21st time that you hear that some line again, you finally get it!  You will be that person, at some point, and know that what you say, really does mean something to someone.

h)     ALLEVIATING v; to make easier, to endure

Look what we can do!  We can make someone’s life easier by doing an act of kindness.  Kind of simple, isn’t it?

I)     SUFFERING n; the state of a person or thing that suffers

Even though I see word this a lot, so much can “alleviate” someone’s sufferings.  If you have experienced something similar to what someone else is suffering from, you become their answer, which is great.  Sometimes though, we aren’t in that position, and that’s ok.  Showing up to their door, showing concern, or just being there in just a silent state means so much to them, and somehow, just being of concern for them can easily help their suffering.  Know that; and by all means, don’t feel bad about approaching someone who just NEED something, or someone, for comfort.

j)     DELIVERING v; to disburden oneself of thoughts , opinions; to service for goods and         products.

Now we’re talking!  Now we are giving one act of kindness!  Know it or not, you are doing that every day; just put that in the back of your mind, so that it sticks there, and you’re aware of it, and it pushes you even further than you thought you could be pushed.

k)     ACTS OF KINDNESS ///  you, me, us, everyday…ACTS OF KINDNESS!!!

“Healing humankind one patient at a time by improving health, alleviating suffering and delivering acts of kindness.” UCLA Health Vision

Enjoy helping someone, because you already are!








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