Today is June 6, 2019, which is exactly one week after May 30.  So what is the point of interest in this one week?  Seven days after having my hip replaced; progression from day one.  Santa Monica’s UCLA did the surgery, and sure, I’m a little biased toward UCLA, but they (once again), out did themselves on professionalism, courtesy, smiles, and pre-op appointments, (I had 4 before surgery!).  I could go on, and on, but they were just unbelievable in EVERY part of this surgery; from their protocol on surgery, to constant communication for the three days leading up to the cut, to the after post-op procedure afterwards, to the home care, and to the PT at the hospital, etc…. unbelievable.

I went into the hospital at about 8:30, surgery at 11:00.  Everything was right on time.  Surgery was longer than I expected; I was thinking about 90 minute cut time, ended up being about 3 hours.  I know how I treat people who are in the hospital, I was treated like a king while I was there.  My question to all of the doctors (pre-op), was always “when will I be able to go back to work”, as if they haven’t been asked THAT hundreds of times!  Answer usually was about a month, or so, depending on how I felt.  Also in that answer, was never sit to long, the more you walk, the more you start to train that hip, and everything around it.  Also, I talked to at least 15 different people who had at least one hip replaced, if not two, (at different times).  Pretty much everyone said that after 3-4 days, you’ll see your progress, and you will be very pleased on doing this surgery.  They were all correct.  Here’s the timeline:

Thursday May 30; arrive at 8:30, surgery at 11:00.  Woke up about 3:00-3:30, saw my brother, and mother.  They rocked, staying at the hospital all day, and were ready to go home, until the Dr. came into the room and said that I’ll be walking with the nurse in a couple of hours.  Brother says, “I got to see this!”  He has a video of me walking, down the hall; this was all pretty cool.  I was up through the night, so I kept asking the nurse to walk with me, and we did another 3-4 walks.  I think because I had so much pain meds in me, everything felt great.

Friday May 31; Kept my walks up, then met with hospital PT  for them to educate me on what I should do to help myself when I got home.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them what I do, and that I did my rehab after my brain surgeries!  They were very nice, and respectable, which is what every patient wants.  It’s all called courtesy with a smile!  So it was time for me to go home, about 4:00, and THEN I started to feel a little uncomfortable; the pain meds were wearing off!  The one thing I couldn’t do, was to turn my knee inward, it would start pain because that new hip hasn’t been on super charge for recovery, so I had to sleep on my back only.  Unfortunately, I’m one of those guys who like to toss and turn!  So my nights were not with  lot of sleep.

Saturday June 1; I started to think that people were not telling me the truth about my recovery, steps were hurting me in each stride, and I was a little grumpy about that, I mean, I was pushing myself, but I certainly wasn’t feeling like I thought I would feel.  I think I went to bed at 6:00, and slept good, until I tried to move around, not a good idea.  Keep in mind, since I had surgery, in my mind, I’m thinking, give it 4-5 days, then go back to work.  I think I was tossing that that idea out.

Sunday June 2; Couldn’t believe how much better that I felt!  Went to church, walked a lot to see other people, went home and iced the left quad, and felt so much better.  I thought, ok, let’s see what we can do, I’m feelin’ good!  Did a lot of lateral rotations, up/back extensions, everything felt good, until later in the night when I couldn’t even lift my knee up.  Some say I overdid it; maybe so.  Ask me tomorrow.

Monday June 3; even after yesterday’s activity, (but having about 8 hours sleep because of it), I felt great!  I was able to actually start getting into my truck, scooting that leg around, picking my knee up, laterally rotating my foot left to right; getting my hopes up on my recovery schedule!  After every day of activity, I would get to a point where I had to stop, pain was coming back; by the way, no pain meds went down, Oxy????  No Way.

Tuesday June 4; Had my brother take me up to a clients house, to train him, from a chair!  Talk about a funny scene, bossing someone around from a chair, and sipping coffee!  I have a great job.

Wednesday June 5; Two home nurses come in, and I tell them about my swelling in my leg, and they didn’t seem to be too concerned, due to swelling will be there after 6 days; so I worked another 2 clients.  Got so tired that I go to bed early, just to give the leg a rest until tomorrow.  Today, I took a few steps without the walker, that I use regularly for my balance, thrilled that I could do that.

Thursday June 6; Felt great today, and worked 3 clients, and then, (like Tuesday), I went to my client’s house, sat down, bossed him around, and drank coffee!  My brother did a video on me with several steps without the walker!  What a day it’s been; one week later, (to this day), I might be too optimistic, but I think this ol’ hip replacement might just be what the doctor ordered!  On the record, though, I know how to treat other people, clients who have an injury, those that are trying to recovery, I am pretty good at what I do,  but treating myself?  Let’s just say, I’m an impatient patient, but I don’t exceed the Dr.s orders!

Treatment technologies have become so progressive these days, that a hip replacement these days would resolve in my one week of pain vs. results; what a week!  Follow the Dr.s orders, AND be the PATIENT’S  PATIENTS, not the IMpatient’s patient, and if you’re in pain, get that hip replacement!


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