Who exercised today?  Who juiced today?  Who did one single thing, (exercise wise) that was on “the list” for today?  I know a few people, myself included.  By the way, I’m not tooting my horn, this is for those that did, because it’s very easy to bypass, to “not be in the mood”, to be too tired, to say it’s Saturday, I want to relax….there’s a ton of excuses that I’m sure we’ve all used, heard, whatever.  I’m also sure that when we’ve made the effort, when we’ve put a little sweat on our forehead, when our muscles feel a little tight; that’s when a feeling of “I did it” comes over us, when we just weren’t in the mood.  That, my friends, is a GREAT feeling, a feeling you want to repeat many times over.

I went to Las Vegas this past Tuesday and Wednesday, to visit my family, and to work with my brother’s wife Ginna, who, as mentioned in a few blogs earlier, had a stroke.  She needed to get some exercise, a routine, on paper so she could involved in some sort of physical activity every day.  We went through a ton of exercises, so she would have a little variety.  Here’s the bottom line; in the few days that she has been doing this, her physical state has been in an upbeat state.  She even went a day without a nap; and she’s on meds, just like I am, which totally exhausts her, like it does for me.  But guess what, after a little activity, your body NEEDS this; so quit resisting, give in.  You want another piece of info?  Sometime the strength, or endurance, or balance, or maybe two, or maybe all three put together, don’t let you do what you were able to do in the past.  Get past that.  What I used to do 10-15  years ago, possibly could be twice as what I can do now.  (Well, I guess age might have something to do with it!), A lot of the style of the workout also has something to do with it, but the point is, here, to do what I can do, not what I used to do.  That’s what my body needs.  That’s what everyone body’s needs. Everyone has a need, a functional need to work on, to improve their physical being.  I really want someone to reply by message text, email, phone, any sort of conversation, that they really wish they didn’t work out that day, that they DON’T feel better, that maybe doing nothing makes them feel better.  I really don’t get those conversations.  I understand that my brother got in on the act, and guess what?  He now feels a littttttle better; uhmmm. 

Those 2-hour workouts; done with those.  Give me 30-40 minutes, and you’ll feel great.  Give me 20 minutes, and you’ll feel like you did what you could do.  Anything at all, whatever time that you have, you can put something in there.  As I mentioned earlier, I have to take anti-seizure meds, which totally exhaust me.  When I work with someone, I have to get up at least 2 hours before, so I can be “awake”, so my mind can function.  If I work out first, yes I’m tired, but as I start moving, I DO become alert.  Movement.  That’s the key.  You might be tired, but start to do something.  You don’t know how many times that I’ve lied to myself, and I KNOW that I’m lying.  I’m tired, and I’ll say that I’m only going to do a workout on a minimal repetition mode; or do cardio on a real “short” time frame, because if I just start, I’ll hit my little goal, and 99 out of 100 times, I’ll keep going.  Just because of movement, no matter if you’re on meds or not.  Just start. 

Today I took the Boot Camp that I give someone else, a client; it made me work!  To be honest with you, it wore me out, where 6 months ago, I wore it out.  But now I know what I have to work on.  My point here, though, is this type of , what I thought was reggression, I didn’t actually care who saw me perform a set of exercises, that I breezed through before.  You know why?  I’m pretty darn sure that no one knew what I did before!  Guess what ego; no one else cares; so just go ahead and start!  And afterward, I just felt great!  Once again, just start! 

I know that I sound like I’m jumping on a sand box about doing SOMETHING, but if you’re not feeling physically like you did before, if you are feeling a little tired, or if you’re injured, working for your strength will make you feel better, and not just for the muscles being used, but for the functional movement that driving your body takes.  Do it.  Make time for yourself.  I know, I know; there’s only so many minutes that you can afford.  So use them.  Thirty minutes, twenty minutes, give me ten minutes, and I know that you’ll feel better.  Trust me on this.  I do this to myself all the time.  If I have a ten minute break, I’ll give it all I have for 9 and a half of those minutes, and my enthusiasm jumps!  Then YOU get put a lid on MY ego! 

I don’t let my ego get out of hand, anymore.  This is for me, just me, like it is for you.  Do what you can do.  We all start somewhere.  Don’t wait for something to happen to you, for you to start your little routine.  A little bit a time, and then a little more, and then you see some improvement, and before long, you actually start to enjoy feeling a bit better, as you feel good to yourself.  This is all part of our journey, why not do what makes us feel that we’re at our best?  ENJOY…


  • Ginna Yonkouski

    Wow in Scott’s blog how to eat your ego is so true. I am the sister in law he has revived and refers to in this particular blog.
    Yesterday I was so extremely tired from the medication and thought I’ll exercise in a little while. Guess what, Scott’s little voice popped in my head saying “No, just do what you feel you can do now.” Ok Ok I get it so I get up off my tushie. I honestly had the hardest but best workout yesterday than when he got me started. I truly thought going in I had about 10 minutes in me to attempt exercising. I worked out 45 minutes had some great sweat going and physically felt stronger and let me just tell you afterwards, mentally I felt great…I did it.
    I won’t lie and say it was a breeze but when I got to my regular set of 10, I truly heard Scott saying why don’t you try just one more and then guess what I did an extra 5 reps. How about that.
    Listen and pay attention to what Scott offers. He is speaking from experience and I am a walking testament to how his way of thinking and living is now helping me get stronger instead of being the sleeping zombie I had become.
    Additionally go back and refresh and re-read his blogs, like juicing, huge with energy. Take advantage of what is being offered and taught here.
    With my love and appreciation for Scott and everything change he is making in not only my life but others as well.

  • Vickie Trefero

    Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice

    Wayne Dyer

    Your words hit so close to home! 3 years ago I suffered from Fibromyalgia and hyper joint mobility to the point that my son thought I would have to move to an assisted living home. Just to pull the covers up caused me pain and would sometimes pop my fingers out of joint. I was on several different meds and had taken a leave of absence from work. It was quite possible that I would soon be in a wheelchair. The meds made me so tired and weak that I would have to hold on to the wall to get to the bathroom. I was completely broken in spirit! To top it off (as if that wasn’t bad enough) I broke out in shingles. Poor me! Went to an acupuncturist to see if I could get any relief from the pain! He informed me that my liver and kidneys were shutting down because of all the meds and offered to make me a special tea to detoxify my body and get rid of the shingles. This special tea was over $500.00 dollars! Not having the money at the time I decided to go online and learn everything I could about detoxification and nutrition. I started juicing, meditation, positive thinking. Then as my body got stronger and I weaned myself off the meds and started to move. Just a little at first, sometimes just moved my legs up and down in a sitting position, or lifting my arms. Then I would go to the pool and walk back and forth in the shallow end, and guess what within a month I could swim laps! What I had thought was so horrible changed my life! I now think, act and pursue only the positive in my life! No drama here! I get up every morning @ 4:30 am and do yoga, I eat healthy, look for the good in life and don’t dwell on things I can’t change and yes my ego is gone (although it does pop its ugly head up once in awhile).

    I guess my point in all this is.
    After almost 30 years for some odd reason your name popped into my head and I thought I should look him up. Looking at your picture on FB you would never imagine anything was wrong. You’re in great shape and if anything you look stronger and healthier than before. What was striking about the pictures was your smile, you glow! You have taken everything life has thrown at you and turned it around in a positive way to help others! I tip my hat to you my friend and wish you only the best! The story you have to tell will change lives, you are an inspiration!

  • scott yonkouski

    I SO applaud you! Yes, I know based on your words on your history, you got a bum piece of s#%t in your life; but your conquered it! No matter how much is conquered, because it matters only on you not quitting, and not only did you not quit, but you did your own research and tried something. And it worked! Good for you, you were blessed. I feel for all of your pain, but you did an exceptional step by finding out about what “might” work. I ended up with shingles myself, about a year after my first surgery, and I mistakenly thought that I would rather have another surgery than the shingles; never do that to yourself, cause’ I DID have to have another surgery!!

    Here’s the point, you did what I talk to a lot of people on; do your own research, and try it, even to find out it’s not the thing for you. You tried! Good for you.

    After 25-30 years to hear from you; lots of stories I’m sure; on my side, also. Very soon we’ll talk, would love to hear the history. The radio blog on this site is about 1/2 hour long; check it out. You’ll hear a bit of history of my experiences, but many more was not included.

    Take care of yourself, keep YOUR history out there; it will help many out there, sometime you’ll never even know, and really, what does it matter?? All your words, very inspiring. You keep going,


  • Vickie Trefero

    Scott great interview!!!!!!!!!! I always knew that you somehow would be involved in the entertainment industry……………how funny is that! You mentioned that your memory is not that good so I just wanted to remind you where we met. We were friends from Hughes Aircraft years ago. You hung out with my sister Kelie and my son Brandon and I for awhile. I was also one of the bridesmaids at your sister wedding in Las Vegas. You were always such a positive person I just wondered how you were doing in life?

    So funny where life leads us sometimes. I also feel that my illness (nothing compared to yours) although as horrible as it seemed turned my life around for the better. My attitude and appreciation for things I never even noticed before has changed for the better. My attachment and desire for many things that I thought would make me happy is no longer there. Helping others living in a state of love and appreciation is all that really matters! I’m so glad to know you found that place! Keep doing what your doing!!!!!!!!!!!

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