How Was That Walk…


So who went for a walk today?  Or a jog; or a run; or a jog/run/walk?  It really doesn’t matter if it’s 10 minutes, or 60 minutes, it’s getting out and ENJOYING this magnificint weather.  In the 80’s the last couple of days, although it’s supposed to come down in temp. a little later in the week, but it’s been so long since we had a little heat wave, I loved it.  This morning, Lola got an extra long walk, with a nice cup of joe for me the middle of the walk at a nice little cafe, and then a nice walk home.  Couple of clients early, and then it was MY time.  Walk time it was.

I’m sure weather changes a person’s personality towards exercising.  How can you want to stay inside, when it’s so beautiful outside?  So now that warm weather, and hot weather in some places, is coming up, or already here in some places, how about using a beautiful day as a walk day.  Out here, where I live, Playa del Rey, there’s no excuses, since most of the time, the weather is certainly nice enough to be outside, let alone go for a great walk.  Once you’re out, that 10 minute walk can certainly go for 60, or even 90 minutes, depending on who you start talking to, or get invited to have just “1” beer; which believe it or not has happened in the past.  All of this is for the dog, Lola, by the way.  See, she’s  been out, in the past, for a 2-3 hours walk; see how thoughtful I am of her.  All of this, for her, only her; I even have the beers for her.  What I do for her.  Even a few rums; did I really admit that?  So where this was going, actually, is that if you commit yourself to outside time, only when it’s nice, I know that you’ll eventually start putting in “bad weather” walks; and I also know you’ll start to really enjoy them.  Trust me.

And then what?  Let’s see, do we start looking at product labels when we’re in a store?  Interesting how one thing starts following another; and then, (Lord help us), you start advocating this to someone else.  Then, maybe a third person wants to join “the group” for walking.  Then it’s very difficult to not go for the walk today, because there’s a little fog, or drizzle, or something like that, because now, a few heads will answer back at you, (not just in your own head).  That’s where having a few friends to do this, is very motivating.  You don’t want to disappointment any one else, let alone your exercising partners!  When I say exercise partners, all of a sudden someone says, completely differing from the walk that was in your mind, and suggests doing something, something that you might not have ever gotten in your head, like doing step-ups on that park bench seat, or squats on the grass, something like that as you pass it.  That’s why we call them partners.  It’s not that we try to out do each other in that arena, but if it makes sense, by all means do it!  Have a little variety, you might even start to like something other than walking!

With all of this in mind, you start to look at your locations as you pass them, and start thinking, ” what could I suggest that we do here”, and by the way, everyone is thinking that.  It just gets to be a very contagious thought process; and before you know it, ahhh, you’ve become a “bad weather walker”!  Shame on you!  You went from being a couch potatoe, to a nice weather walker, to a walker in groups, to now exercising a little bit on the walks, to….. a bad weather walker!  That’s like beautiful jazz in my ears!

The point, here, is you never know where some of this will take you.  Commit to something  short, and easy, and stick with it.  It could lead to more, or not.  But at least you’re doing it, and that’s where it starts, just doing it.  Sometimes you might just like your time;  birds, or maybe you like music, or maybe nothing.  There’s no rules, just you.  So go do it, allow yourself time; and I think the  beautiful sounds of ” a bad weather walker” in the making, are, again, beautiful.

Go enjoy….

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