O.K., 2013, whatcha got for me?  I have a lot of plans, but I really want to know, what do YOU  have for me?  I’ve said, or wondered about that through a lot of years, especially after April 29th, 2008, the first brain tumor removal.  I guess that same thought pattern goes through just about everyone’s head,  about what you, (the universe has in store for my future) but sometimes it takes an event to hit some people.  It did for me, (the tumor).  It really settled me down.  I had big plans, and maybe you’ve heard me say this before, but I just don’t have any say in my future.  I have to be responsible for my actions; hopefully they are the “correct” actions.  When I said I was “settled down” before, it just means that I can appreciate the “less is more” attitude.

I think that everyone has a goal, something they might be able to attain.  They should also know, that maybe they can hit that goal in a way, completely different than their original plan.  (What’s he saying?)  I’ve said that I had big plans; and in so many ways, I’ve come close to many of them.  This past Christmas, I went to that grand ol’ city of LAS VEGAS, ready to tear up the town, and you want to know what I did?  NOTHING!!!  My family lives there, once in a while I would go there, and maybe gamble a little bit.  Not this time!  It was just getting up, hanging out until my folks got up, have some breakfast, and it could be 10:30, or even 11:00!  Who cares!  It was so much fun just to sit there, and converse, ( probably over nothing!!).  That’s what I mean when I say less is more.  I didn’t need to go out and be entertained.  We just had FUN doing nothing!  So much of visiting is just enjoying the moment.  Sometimes you look around you, and just acknowledge the positive, safety, and happy place that you happen to be in; you don’t let it pass you by.  It’s all about paying attention to what’s around you.

My brother does a great thing, each Christmas Eve morning.  He’s part of a non-proffit called “Chefs for Kids”.  He asked me a few years ago if I’d like to go with him, by the way, he picks me up at 5:00 a.m.(yikes!).  We go to a shelter for abused women, serve them breakfast, wait on them till there’s no tomorrow, and if they have kids, Santa is there, with gifts for every one of them.  We wait on them continuously!  It’s only a morning for me, but possibly a lasting memory for them; even if it’s for one person, it’s so worth it for me.  Less is definitely more.

I had so much fun visiting with everyone.  My sister came over, (she was very excited to meet my new dog!), and all we did was laugh!  If you heard what we were laughing at, I’m sure your brow might wrinkle.  It was very enjoyable.  We went over to her house for Christmas, and she has 3 dogs, and a cat, and tells me to bring Peanuts, (my dog)!  Now mind you, Peanuts is not the greatest with other dogs.  So we said we would separate them if there was a problem.  I couldn’t believe how they all got along, with the cat eye-balling him and running the show!!  You wouldn’t believe how much we laughed just watching the animal show!!  Less is more.  By the way, Peanuts didn’t sleep all day, so did he sleep that night!!!  So much fun.

I was happy to get back home, and get back to training.  It’s always good to get back to your routine.  It just makes you feel good to get movin’ again!  I’ve always said to clients, it actually helps the body to take few days off; it is just hard for your head to accept that.  Do that, though.  You will feel so much better.  I always call that first workout, or 2, “maintenance workouts”.  I don’t press it hard, I just want to feel movement.  That get’s me excited for the exercise to follow.

I say all of that, because there seems to be pressure on people to “get in shape” at the beginning of the year.  Yes, get in shape, but it takes time, and patience.  Oh yea, and fun!  Get with someone who you can relate to, either to teach you, or to train with you.  It will help you tremendously, to have a training partner; it’s only a question to ask someone!  So ask!  “Hey, do you want to go walking with me tomorrow?”  That wasn’t so bad, now, was it?  Try to remember; LESS IS MORE.  If you have questions on what I mean by this, ask me.  I’d love to be of some helpful hints!

So, enjoy your surrounding, laugh a lot, (that will bring more laughter), and think about LESS…

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