I’m saddened.  No need to explain what the circumstances are, given the last few days.  There’s a lot of questions in a lot of peoples’ minds; and with good reasons.  I’m sure the start of most questions start with the word “why”.  I have that, too.  I wonder “why” does God not exist in schools anymore.  I wonder “why” does God not exist in our Pledge of Allegiance in most schools?  I wonder “why” are phones with apps that can retrieve pictures (with what content??) allowed IN schools, but no God: that saddens me.  I wonder “why” do a lot of cities, along with specific sites not allowing Christmas nativity scenes, but following Christmas days off?  I wonder “why” the blood/guts/bullets/guns/ knives in play/ games are given to children, but Bibles aren’t allowed in schools?

I never asked “why” when my head had to be drilled into, to get a baseball-sized tumor out, I knew that wasn’t my plan, it was the man upstairs’ plan.  I’ve been in the fitness consultant business for 28 years, but the result of me watching my body is  only from the neck down. From the neck to the top of my head,  (basically, my head), I have no control over; that’s not my plan, I have no control over that area.  We don’t realize that things happen,  that we have no explanation why they DO happen.  There’s a reason, we just don’t see the reason.  I feel so saddened for the families that have to deal with the loss of a child, wife, girlfriend…. it can be devastating.  Spiritual counseling should be advised, it can be very helpful.  I never asked “why” when I had to have a second surgery, for another tumor on my brain.  The only question I had was why the insurance took a year to approve a clearance for an MRI to scan the brain; if it was sooner could we have avoided the surgery?  Don’t know, don’t care; it was what it was, and I’m a little different now, physically.  Let me tell you this, it was a LOT of work, for recovery.  Took me six months on the first, four-five  on the second to go back to work.  I didn’t ask “why”, I just had to deal with something that I had no choice BUT to deal it.  This situation we are dealing with is very complicated, but we all have to offer prayers, and very warm thoughts to the families, not the politics.  I saw a sign on Facebook about our school incident, compared to something in China with swords, and a higher survival rate!!!  Are you serious, comparing!?!?!  Like a life over there is going back to normal, like nothing happened!  I feel saddened for those, that believe the knife situation might be “better”.   Are we losing our morality, trying to advocate to every religious beliefs?  Did we forget how this country became the country it was?  It had a little of religion, didn’t it?  We shouldn’t forget that.

I’m hoping that peaceful thoughts, and practices return to our culture.  I still don’t understand why God isn’t permitted in our schools, but the President can end his speech by saying “God bless America”.  I do hope he means it.  I also hope that these words don’t offend anyone, I just have a deep religious faith, and I believe faith can help everyone.

Merry Merry Christmas, and wish good thoughts to those that need it now.


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