Ok, now let’s go on with the positives in our lives.  Last blog  was in the aftermath in Boston, as it should have been.  It was a disaster; I just wish the reporters should only report the facts, not “and we heard”.  Enough of that, and we move on.  I won’t go on with what “should have been”.

Let’s talk about what makes sense to you today; (fitness, perhaps?).  I’m not talking about tomorrow, and I don’t have enough energy to talk about yesterday, I want to know about NOW.  Do you like biking, or running, or weight resistance, or dancing, or yoga, or martial arts, or…or…or…the lists goes on, and on.  Even walking, or a casual stroll can start today, 10 minutes, or give me 30, even 5, just start today TODAY.   That’s the biggest step, to start whatever motivates you.  I know how time enters most peoples minds, and I DO understand and respect that; but I get up at 4:00 to train someone at 5:00!  I don’t know if it’s harder on her, or me, but THAT’S an effort.  I know, I know, that’s a bit extreme, but that is a commitment to her,( and her two daughters, and husband!), to keep herself in a state of keeping aware of daily intakes of food, everyday.  Sure, we all have a bad eating day, but let’s say 75%/25%.  Stay good 75% of the time, and you have the opportunity to indulge 25% of the time.  I’m not saying to do this all the time, because over a long period of time, you’ll WANT to eat good, because NOW you’ll know how it feels to constantly feel good.  It’s like a hangover, (not that I’ve had to deal with that for long time!), the next day(hangover) it’s all about, “I’ll don’t want to feel like that, again”.  When you wake up, and feel good, isn’t that worth a little commitment?  And I’ve mentioned this before, it doesn’t have to involve a lot of time.  I’ve always said, if you ever have questions, or concerns, write me either on my email, or go to my website,   www.playapersonaltraining.com  and go to the “contact Scott” category; there’s an area where you can enter all of your info., and we’ll talk!  Nothing hard about that!

I saw a special on “Dr. Oz” from yesterday; so I got on goggle, and entered it for 5/2/13.  The reason I did that, was they had a guy on, talking about juicing.  As if we hadn’t mentioned it several times in this column!  I’m not trying to compare, because juicing helped this guy loose over 100 pounds, I’m rejoicing him!  Good for him, he reached a point in his life, looked at himself in the mirror, was taking 15 pills every morning BECAUSE of his weight, and because he was so overweight,let’s just call it like it is, obese to be exact.  He is now on no pills, that would be ZERO, ZIP, NOTTA. Nothing to help “maintain yourself”.   I highly recommend juicing.  I juice every morning, I call it my “first breakfast”.  Trust me, I’m not trying to have someone pat me on the back, it is REAL.  Taking care of myself, NOW.  As we all know, I’ve had to deal with two brain surgeries, so I don’t know how much time my feet will walk every day.  I have hopes, but it’s not going off my plan, it’s in God’s plan; but I plan on making my stay here as healthy as I can.  I WANT to feel good, and trust me, I do.  I still have those days, those “dull” days, but I want to minimize them; and eating right, (or 75% right), makes a lot of sense to me.  Let’s all be honest with our talk; how many fruits/and veggies do you eat, everyday?  One, maybe two, if we’re lucky maybe three?  How about 9,10,11…?  You can put all of that in a juice; today I had carrot, celery cucumber, lemon, orange, beet, green peppers, kale, apple, I don’t know maybe one or two more things, ohh, ginger also for a little ting!  Now, would I eat 11 fruits/veggies in every day intakes; probably not.  But with juicing, it’s easy.  Oh, by the way, I don’t use the whole cucumber, or orange; that would be a whole LOT of juice to put down, and also a LOT  of sugar, which to be honest with you, I’m not real concerned about that, with a lot of activity.

All of this happens every day.  Routine; it’s no issue on my time.  It’s my NOW time, ( are you tired of my NOW time!).  The only reason that my NOW time is mentioned, is that is the only time I’m concerned about.  Tomorrow, I’ll worry about that then; but right now, all I can focus on, is what’s in front of me, what I can control, not what I can’t.  I’ve wasted a lot of time through my life worrying about things that control me; can’t do that, none of us can.  That use of your time, and energy can drain you with negative thoughts, does no good.  Think positive,  because thinking in this mode, in some way that day, something good will happen.  Thinking negative, sometime in that day, the opposite will occur.  Trust that; wouldn’t you rather have one , (or maybe more) really positive event occur to you.  Even if it is just you knowing what just happened, (that’s even better!).  Maybe just think, to yourself, about one little thing you’d like to do today for someone, or some act that you know will brighten your day!  Maybe no one will notice, but really, who cares; you’ll feel SO much better, so go at it because you did what you wanted to do.

Go out, have a great, GROOVY, (how old am I!) today, get something out of it; make this day, YOUR DAY!

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