GO BOSTON…good thoughts for you

Boston:  Bostonian; Boston baked beans; Boston brown bread; Boston terrier; Boston cream pie; Boston fern; Boston ivy; Boston lettuce; Boston Massacre; Boston rocker, Boston Tea party; there’s a lot to Boston; but more importantly = HEART!!!  A lot of it!  I’m very sad for the family, and friends, of all involved in the senseless,brainless, idiotic act on Sunday.  What is supposed to be a very celebratory event, turns into chaos.  Why?  We don’t know, but we all know this won’t end, until all events are found.

I know a lot of friends from Boston; a lot of good people.  Some with a little attitude, but they still have heart.  Who doesn’t, after their tradition?  Look what I started with a lot of names; there’s a lot that goes with Boston, especially tradition.  The Boston Massacre came in the Revolutionary War with the British; think there’s a little history here?  A lot of heart.  I think that’s still there, and I think that they’ll recover, and take precautions to not let things like that happen again.  Things change, but some things stay the same with a lot of heart.

All of that starts with Trust; with whatever you believe is the next level.  I love the people, people with businesses,  who remained open the next day, because they had trust.  That was their response to say, “I won”.  Somebody did something that scared a lot of people, but some people refused to say, “you won”.  I don’t blame them, it just got their faces red with anger, and frustrations.  Who wouldn’t feel like that?  There’s a lot of people with trust, and trust finds answers.

Sometimes, we don’t know why events happens.  There’s a lot of ill-feelings in this world, from all sides, USA included.  All in all, though, we’re good people, and a lot of that came from Boston.  I think that we should all have a moment of our day, for the people that had to endure that.  Take a minute, one full minute, and give them a prayer, or a thought, or whatever you believe might make some good in somebodies lives.  That’s not a lot of time.  Guess what?  Nothing has happened in this town.  I’d be in fantasy land if I were to think that nothing will happen here.  It will, but hopefully, our experts will find out before it happens.  That’s where I have my trust.  I have to believe that we have the heart to step up, to help “us”, this town.

I hope everyone knows that our lives are not measured by the number of breaths we take, but “but by the numbers of moments that take our breath away”.  When I was going through my surgeries, that set of words rumbled through my half-brain, and I came to realize that certain things do happen to us.  We  can’t ask why, we don’t know the reason, we just have to rebound, and dribble the other way; there’s no other way to go.  We can’t crawl into a bubble; we have to STILL enjoy every day, and LIVE!  One day at a time, and be thankful for that day.  People have a lot of emotions, and they have a reason to be angry, but please, try to keep moving forward.  Time is a big thing, but if you keep moving forward, staying positive will help your transition.  Trust leads into transitions, and heart leads into trust.

Go ahead, have a heavy heart right now, but stay positive, and you’ll find, (soon by the way), that your heart keeps you truckin’, and you’re living life to it’s fullest.

All my thoughts, and Prayers, are going to a lot of people in Boston, and families.  Let’s all give them that.  Have a very encouraging day.  GO BOSTON!!!

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