MERCY: n.  an act of kindness,compassion, or favor;  something of good fortune or blessing.

Simple word; M-E-R-C-Y.  Simple actions; an act.  What is so hard about doing a blessing(s) in our lives?  It really isn’t that hard, but as we have seen, sometimes it appears to be; and it can take many, many, many paths, (Ahhh now I see Mercy, Mercy, Mercy…!).  This word, this noun, can stretch itself into so many areas; actions, fitness, music, religious beliefs, etc…take your pick, or take them all, it’s really up to you.  (On a side note, without looking it up, does anyone know the band that originated this?).

I love this word, Mercy.  The definition appears to be simple, but it can run very deep for some, and maybe it should.

Kindness can be the most important emotion to most people, and it sometimes can, again, be very simple.  An action, a thought; counseling someone through a difficult time in their lives, even just touching someone shows them that you DO care for them, right NOW!  Even though you’re just one person, you can be the world to that person in that moment!  What could give you more gratitude than to just reach out and touch a friend, a stranger, someone in need.  This is not hard to do, and I’ll bet that 99% of you have done something like this, and didn’t realize what you have provided to someone.  Sometimes, it’s out of habit, sometimes we are multi-tasking, sometimes we are just not in the MOMENT!  That particular situation is HUGE.  Try to think about times when you’ve done something, anything, and a few minutes down the road, you have no memory of what just happened.  This happens to everyone, you guys, and it just means that we’re doing something out of habit.  Try to give a person a smile, or simply “hello”.  That makes you feel good, and that other person, also. Simple, but very powerful.  Kindness says a lot about a person.  Show them Mercy.

Holding yourself to kindness shows up without even doing an action!  It goes a long way.

I’ve used this in my business over the years.  Sure, I want progress from a client, but showing them what they did right in, let’s say, in posture, or execution, or focus, puts them in a whole different light in their effort; isn’t that what we want?  Nothing matters if someone isn’t motivated, but focus and effort does. Little items of progress give someone hope, and that, also, is a HUGE word.  Hope gives us motivation, to keep going.  If someone gives themselves a goal, (fitness, or other), little notes of progress go a long way.  As I always say to clients, and also to patients that I visit at the Ronald Regan Hospital at UCLA, most of time you can’t go from A-Z by tomorrow, but if you can convince someone that they CAN go from A-B, and then B-C, and then C-D, that by the time that they get to M,N,O,P; look at the progress that they have made, but better yet, THEY will see the progress that they have made.  Kindness is of Mercy. You have provided “something of good favor”.  I dare anyone to tell me that a feeling like you just provided someone, doesn’t feel great!

From my own standpoint, showing Mercy to someone is so much easier than to be harsh to someone; no reason to go on with this particular point, because at one time, most have done this, so let’s just be in a present moment, and show a person a little kindness, and whew(!), you will feel great!

If you see, or meet someone who just needs a little kindness, try not to judge, and give them a smile, let’s just try to see through their eyes for a few seconds, to get a feel for their frown; it can work.  I say these words because I work with patients at the hospital, and I see a lot of unique circumstances.  I might see people who have just received wonderful results from a test, or scan; and also see those with a difficult future that they might be facing.  Each one deserves kindness, it helps, trust me.  Compassion for those that need a word, a sentence, or a complete conversation, can help them beyond what we can perceive that we can give them.  Go for it; pull that Mercy out of your hat, and throw it out there!  There WILL be those that will catch what you throw out there,  and this is not that hard.

Fitness guys, give words of encouragement, give your clients a little hope, tell them of progress; it gives them an appreciation of your compassion to them.  Fitness people, all of you doing whatever motivates you, biking, yoga, circuit training, roller blades, running, etc…give yourself a pat on your own back for your progress, after EACH workout; after all, “What’s a back for, to receive a pat for progress!”.  Keep everything simple, and you’ll see how simple Mercy can be.  Keep it going on, every day, do a favor for someone, smile, do something for someone WITHOUT them knowing about it, it becomes your habit, and ooooh it feels great!

Keep this going, you guys, and someone has to tell me how they are pulling this off!

Now, music people, tell me about MERCY,MERCY,MERCY….




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