8A brain for fitness, for gratitude, for appreciation. Humbleness fits into that category; so does spiritual praise. Each of these arenas, (and many more!), have come into my life because of friends, and God. People say how I’ve been so “lucky”, I say how I’ve been blessed. Here’s my story, my pitch:

I have a baseball-sized tumor pressing on my brain, (over 8cm, a baseball is around 7.25 cm), which I didn’t have any knowledge about at that time, (April,2008), and I’m dating a girl who knew something was wrong with me due to my actions faltering, and my speech weakening, and since her uncle is a doctor at UCLA and advising her to bring me in due to a seizure that I didn’t know that I had, and she did, and me not knowing what the hospital plans are for me,(which is how our $52,500 fits in), and how TWO of my friends, without me knowing any of the “plan”, put up that $52,500, and me having the operation to take that tumor out, set up by family and friends, because the brain that I had back then couldn’t process all of this, which led to my rehab which I had to start practicing my own preaching, since that is MY business, which then led me to NOW talk to neurological trauma patients at UCLA, to show them that I not only had an 8cm tumor taken out of my head, but that tumor decided to come back to my brain, (because it loves me, perhaps?), so we had to do the same operation to take that thing out of my head in September of 2010, to tell them, (the patients), this is what I had to do, but I’m now walking INTO your room, and you, too, can do this if you persevere, have faith, and BELIEVE in yourself to put you back in control of your life! WOW! That’s a mouthful, and that only about 10% of the complete story!

That’s all you get!!!

Ok, now you have it.  I’m putting myself out there; something I guess I am supposed to do, because I hate to “put myself out there”!  This is a paragraph out of my book, which is pretty much done, but I have seemed to hit a stopping point about bringing everything in the book together, so I guess I have to do THIS, putting myself out there, so I HAVE  to get it done, (or my face won’t be smilin’ too much!).  It’s been strange about what was the most difficult actions for this, and what was the easier ways to go; sometimes they get turned around, what I thought would be hard was simple, and the turn around on the “easy” part. I wanted to be done by the end of 2015, but that “stopping point” kind of stalked me, so I had to call in my back-ups, and move forward!   Now there are no options, don’t want you guys throwing pie in my face, (unless it’s apple, my favorite).

So, why am I doing this?  Why would ANYONE do this?  To make a point, I have to do what I commit to do, no re-do’s.  I’m doing this to myself; so why don’t you make a commitment to yourself, and unlike me, without anyone looking at you, make a little empowerment to yourself.  It’s a new year, (see, I can still remember!), think about your future, and how health and fitness  can be your fountain of youth.  It doesn’t have to be down&dirty gym days, times have changed, and so has health routines.  There are a lot of DVD’s out there that tell you how to meditate, workout, cardio movements, balance routines, stretching, yoga….just so many things to let you find something to motivate you.  That’s all it takes, motivation.  It can be walking, and with a friend to chat with!  Or, it can be hardcore routines from a gym, or a beach, or a circuit, just multitudes of what can motivate you!  Do it; I will guarantee you, once you start on something that you’re motivated by, it will be everything to you, trust me on that.  When it gets a little warmer, I will start circuit training classes at the beach, like last year.  I still go down there now, but you do have to dress warm, and if you want to “hit the beach” in this beautiful weather, call me and we’ll do it!  Everything that is done, is done at a pace that fits into one’s abilities.  We’ll make it happen!  Otherwise, come to my studio, and we’ll have so many toys,(as I like to call the equipment!), you can’t help but have fun!

Here’s the point on all of this; I’m putting myself out there to you guys, to push myself to reach my accomplishment that I pulled out of my hat.  You can do that, also, by just making a commitment t yourself, no one is judging you, because it’s for you.  Do that, I will help in any way I can, just do it.

You can always find me on my website; www.playapersonaltraining.com.  My blog: www.everythingisgoingtobealright.com.

Have some fun, put yourself out there, and put that smile back on that face!

Best wishes, and make today, tomorrow, and every day, YOUR day!



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