By golly, it’s been a little while since I’ve put some words here!  I guess everyone has a story to tell about tardiness, but I really don’t.  Probably a dozen times, I’ve put myself in my schedule book to write, but as you can see, it didn’t happen.

Who feels good today?  I mean, really good.  You know, that’s a really a tough question.  Does feeling good mean waking up, and saying “This is the best I’ve felt since…”, or does it take a little sumthin’, sumthin’, maybe like a little workout?  I don’t mean this facetiously, I know this very well.  I like to train in the morning, early.  The thing is, that’s money time for me, and that comes first; and after several clients, I might feel a little tired, or I feel tired because I’ve been in the same place for a while.  In any way I put these thoughts down, it’s just an escape to not work out.  You know what?  You just have to commit to get going.  After I get it going, I start to feel good, and after I’m done, I feel GREAT!  How does that sound?  This is not to pat my shoulder. it is what it is.  Sometimes, if my morning doesn’t start until a little later, that thought crosses my mind that I’m going to sleep in, and relax before work, and then it gets to be mid-to-late morning, and it then gets very hard to convince myself to get it going.  Oh, and by the way, my workouts should be done in about 1/2 hour, and if I’m going real slow, 40 minutes.  That’s not a lot of time, out of your day.  That’s why I do still get going at the regular time, and do the workout before the late morning person; and talk about the creative ideas that start popping into my head.  That’s not just the fitness stuff.  Once you get going, you’ll start giving your brain activity, and again, ideas start popping up.  Sometimes I write things down; I don’t want to forget those brilliant brain-breakers!  I firmly believe that if I skipped workouts because I was “tired”, or “burnt out”,or whatever,  that would be over 50% of what I’ve done.  Think of all those wonderful ideas that I’d have missed out on!

Again, this is not about me; it’s about commitment.  Routine.  Just following your protocol to yourself.  I am on meds, as most of you know.  I don’t really wake up feeling great.  I even lie to myself, and to make matters even worse, I KNOW that I’m lying to myself.  I’ll tell me,(myself, whatever!) that I’ll only do two sets, that this is only a “maintenance” workout.  Nineteen out of twenty times that I’ve tried this move, I move past those 2 sets.  I know that I’ll feel much better, once we get going.  Whatever it takes, do it!  There’s no “wrong” in this game, to getting things accomplished.

There’s another plus to all of this; if you want to plan a few days, that you plan to take “off”, that’s perfectly fine.  This past month was a birthday for, ahhh, me.  I caught a flight to Las Vegas, for $61.00, round/trip!  Who could pass on that, only it left on a Tuesday, (my birthday), and came back on Wednesday.  Two days, and I planned on doing that ol’ trick; and it worked.  I had a GREAT  2 days.  I left here, at LAX at 6:15, so I got into Vegas at 7:30, (my parents would never be up at that time!), so my brother and I had a great breakfast!  Went to my parents home, and after that, you know what, the folks were up, and we just conversed for a couple of hours.  My sister came over, we went out and had some some coffee, and came back, and we had a pizza BBQ!  It really was a great time.  The next morning, stayed home with the folks, and we went out for a meal,  and then off to the airport.  What a great time, even if it’s just for a few days.

It’s a good thing, having a planned out effort, from workouts.  It makes you want to get back to your routine,  remember that word.  It  is a very important word, routine.  It gives you incentive; some workouts are great, and some aren’t so great, but there is not a bad one; remember that.  You’re doing yourself a grand motive, here.  Even keeping it to a walk, by sticking to doing it, it keeps you in a “routine”.

Keep yourself going, but also keep it in your text, meaning, in what you can do.  That way, you can enjoy; and what is life, really, but enjoying it?  Enjoy every moment of it; who knows, it could mean it leads to other possibilities?

So, take a break….

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  • 2Fun

    I love your energy and advice, could not agree more with you. I feel great every time I commit myself to gym. The first few sets is what takes a lot of energy but right after my energy climbs and I feel great working out.

    $61 dollars to Vegas? I can’t wait! Here I come Vegas lol 🙂

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