How was everyone’s week?  Everybody feel good; or did that back hurt when you got up, or shoulder, or head?  Everybody has a hurt at some point, but to what extent?  That is a very good question, Scott.  (oh, I forgot, I’m Scott!).  There’s a reason that I ask that.  I had a great week.  UCLA had their fundraising gala this past Thursday; I’m on the gala committee and we raised over $3,000,000.00.  That’s right, and I’ll say it again, $3-MILLION  dollars!  This was the UCLA Neurosurgery department, the guys that drilled into my head twice.  That $3 million dollars, that’s a lot of money.  The event was at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. and there were a lot of stories that were told.  From all the honorees’, who put up a lot of money for donation,  to a lot of guys like me, who just had something happen inside their head, in an instant something DID happen; and a ton of people who were “in shape”phsyically, if I can use those words; something DID happen to them, also.  As it was with me, who would have thought these types of things could happen to them?  Well, it does, more than most people know.  (Does that back still hurt, now?)  It really makes you appreciate today, even if you’re not in the best mood.  If all of your limbs work, you’re doing great;  if your speech works, you’re doing even greater!  It’s those”little” things that we overlook, take for granted, and I understand that.  I’m here to tell you, though, that anything can happen to anyone, at anytime, even to superman.  I’ve been humbled by these events, especially when I think I had it rough for a while, these other people put me to shame.  So I’m proud of my scar, and I like to talk about it once in a while.

That event happened on Thursday, the 25th 2012.  On Saturday, the 27th, I was previously asked by a non-profit called PADRES, to teach kids with cancer, and any family members,  body weight exercises.  This is a Latino based organization, and this event was called HOPE Fair.  Besides myself as a fitness instructor, they had a Yoga instructor,  a nutritionist, and emotional support group, and other groups in that realm.  This population needed counseling on health issues, and it really was a beginning conversation with most of the group.  For most exercises, I had to begin most conversations with “Have you ever…”?  There were some kids going through chemo right as we exercised.  Others had been through it, and some people had joints and muscles inflammations; many didn’t know what a “squat” was, or a “push-up” position was.  I had to start my explanation from the beginning, and I do mean BEGINNING.  Most of the group had very low financial savings, so I had to explain in terms of “no gym”; what you can do on the street, in the parks, or school yard, or living room.  To me, it was so gratifying, to reach out, and attract attention to the exercise world.  Once I opened up about my situation, with a couple of brain tumors, radiation, and everything else, it opened up questions, and everything softened up.  It was really great.  So again, how’s your back?  There were kids from 2 on up to teenagers, and there families that brought them there, to Mt. St. Mary’s College, in downtown Los Angeles.  I think that once people, any people, start conversing about health issues, they get interested, especially after a life changing situation.  The event was so well put together, it was a thrill to be a part of it.  I talked to the C.E.O. about future projects, and I hope it all starts to happen.

I know that sometime sound like a broken record, but that’s what mean when I say “enjoy each moment of your day” (or something like that!).  Can you imagine the parents of a two year old, when the doctor says your child has cancer?  No one expects that, nor prepared for it.  That’s why this event, and the UCLA gala are so important to me.  I sent a lot of invitations out this year, for the UCLA event, and I don’t think that I got the response that I got last year; and I get it.  For some people times are tough, I get it.  I do say, though, act responsibility to stay healthy.  Some things aren’t that hard; if you smoke, try to quit.  If you drink, try to cut down.  If your going through chemo, chances are, your taste buds don’t want that, so don’t give it to them!  If you’re going through radiation, your taste buds are changes as you speak, so follow that.   Changes in life happen, and if you’re witnessing some of the events that I have in the past couple of days, you just want to jump on a sandbox, and shout! Trust me, I know that I’m doing that as I write, but it hit me hard.  Everything we do in this world is short, so pleeeaaase enjoy it!  It will either change, or it will be over, time wise.

I say conquer each day; think about it, it’s a brand new day, make it count!  Say “hi” to people, offer to help someone out if you can; trust me, it will make you feel better, much more than the other person.

Always contact me if there are concerns, or questions, for support, or whatever!  I think we all care, just let other people see that care!




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