How do you feel today?  It’s 9/11/13.  Twelve years ago, lives changed.  Every life you can imagine, changed:  old, young, different culture, different race, different religious beliefs, opinions; every person that lives in the U.S.A. had their life changed on the 11 day of September, 2001.  Every person has a different recollection of that day, if they were old enough to know the circumstances.  I do. The one that I’ll share, is that before I ever saw the news, as I was driving, I told myself that our country will never be the same, and certainly it is not.   We all know that.  This day, every year, puts my mood in a very confusing state.  What happened in New York, I ask why?  On the other hand, what happened in New York, I also talk to God on Why?  Confusing irony; but I have to accept the answer, to keep movin’ on.  This probably doesn’t make a lot of sense to some, but my faith holds true, God has answers.  I’ve watched a lot of videos today, and read a lot stories of that day; of the New Yorkers, of travelers, of anyone who needed to talk.  I certainly know the need to talk, (right now, of this present day).  I’m actually getting into another conversation, here; about when I had my brain tumor operations.  Before, I didn’t acknowledge the need to talk about traumas to us, as people.  I kept a lot of my feelings in.  Conversation, or writing in my case, helps release tensions, and anxiety.  I felt the same way, as someone in New York felt that day.  I know what they’re feeling.

As we live our lives, as we go about our day, we don’t know what the next hour is going to bring.  There were about 3000 people who didn’t know.  That’s why I want to keep speaking of acting in THIS moment, the NOW moment.  I want to LIVE  this life, no matter when it will end, 10 years, 20 years, tomorrow, 1 hour.  It’s all the same in my mind, and I really think that we should put piece of that, maybe only a bit of that, in our minds.  We don’t know what comes next, so live your life for your happiness.

The value of life does not depend upon the place we occupy, it depends upon how we occupy thatplace.

I saw this saying, and it meant so much to my being. Maybe read that again, I’ll bet it might mean something to a number of people.  As I was writing before, I volunteer at UCLA, 4 hours a week, speaking to patients who have had neurological surgeries, or actions that deal with the head, (since I’ve had some experience in that area!).  Do you know why I wanted to do that?  It’s not that I’m crazy, (or maybe so),  it’s that I don’t want to feel like I “made” it; because, really, what does that mean, to “make it”?  To me, the lottery comes in a lot of ways, and I think that I’ve hit it, the surgeries are how I “made it”  I do this, feeling better (physically) today, than 5 years ago, because when I leave the hospital after speaking with some of these people, I am SO humbled.  I know what these people of feeling; of pain, depression, being non-operative, etc…I’m still in that game, and I think it’s the greatest thing going.  The reason I’m writing this, in this column, is we should all feel the pain of the families, friends, brothers, sisters, whatever, who suffered loss 12 years ago, on this day, 9/11/01.  Find a moment, for them, and give a warm thought, or prayer for all involved.  It goes a long way, and maybe it will clear a little in space in your head, about not only that day, but also today.

I want everyone to enjoy this day, and to try and pass it on; to those who are still in pain of their loss.

We can all help, in our own special way.

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