Visiting IS Fun…and so are other things!

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last wrote.  I apologize, time just flies.  My parents visited for about 5 days; it was a terrific time.  What is amazing, is that they don’t need to be entertained, in any way.  They just want to be relaxed at all times; and that’s what they get!  There’s certain people that they want to see; and there’s a good chance we know where (the bar, or restaurent) where those people would be found, and we would find them most of the time.  It was fun.  Certain places that they want to eat, and we would eat there, and I don’t know if it’s my choice or not, but those places would be local, like I would choose any other time!  We had a great time, and I know that it’s getting harder and harder for them to get here, because of their age, but I would love to see them come down here a little more.  There’s a good number of people that they’ve gotten to know, some very well, so I think that’s what makes it so much fun for them, also.  I just love the time that I can spend with them, I mean, given my age, I still have BOTH my parents in decent health, and they certainly have a sense of humor, even if they are the only ones laughing!!  I thank GOD that I still have them both.

The only bad, (or sad) thing, is my new dog, Peanuts, never really lossened up for them.  He stayed away, out of fear from my Dad’s canes, and walking chair.  I tried to tell them to take it slow, that it would be a few days for him to loosen up, but they tried to become friends right away, and that turned into frustation.  All in all, they did like him, that just didn’t work out the way we all hoped for; but it will, eventually.  It’s hard when you rescue a dog, one who’s been on the street for 6 months to a year, to get what you want from him, but that’s the way it happens to be.

I lost a couple of friends this past months.  One was a very kind friend of mine, and I pray for him, he was in a lot of pain.  A good man.

I’m trying to help a friend find a job; she’s been out looking for about 6 months.  It’s  been rough out there for some people, so if anybody has anything out there…. here in L.A., let me know!  My sister started a new position at a new job, over in Las Vegas; talk about a tough place to find a job.  I say good for her, it’s been hectic for her, also.  I guess it’s been a little tough, all over.  It’s been about all I can do right now, with my schedule,( my work schedule), so I go in and take a nap!  I LOVE my naps!  Then I go and have a cup of coffee, and we’re ready to rock!  For some reason, training is still fun for me, but I still have to get up around 4:00.  I hate to say this, but now I’m used to it, it’s second nature!  I guess I was supposed to always get used to the early hours!

This is going to be a short blog, but I wanted to let everyone know that things are good, and boy, did I have a good time with my folks.  That’s what I mean when I say enjoy the moment, you never know when the next great moment will come; we can plan one, but we have to hope that that plan comes through.

Enjoy your time, and moments, and we’ll be in touch soon.  Have a great day, and may many blessings come your way…



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  • Donna, Max and Grace

    Love this sweet picture of your Dad! And love this post! I’m home from Europe and working at my new job! Would love to see Peanut and you soon…..xoxo

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