How do you start a blog about friends?  How about “take another step”, or “take each day, one at a time”, or”celebrate each moment, every day”.  I guess we could go on and on, as far as realizing the importance of each moment of every day.  Every body has their own experience to express.  I just did.  The state that has a lot of trouble right now, Colorado, with fires as I write this, is where I visited this past weekend.  A friend of mine whom I’ve known for 40 years, is where I went.  We did plan this several months ago, by the way.  I just tried to live by one of those sayings, above.  We just connected last year, after about 35 years of non-communication.  That, by the way, was really just 2 kids doing their own thing at the age of 21, with a lot of years coming.  I guess we were just living in our own little world, nothing any other 21 year olds wouldn’t do.

The cool thing about this visit, is I got to visit another friend that I haven’t seen in about 20 years.  Amazing, this wonderful life!  I flew into Denver, to visit Jim.  I know Roy, from my brother’s work association with Roy in Las Vegas.  About 7-8 years ago, Roy moved back to Colorado, to Black Hawk, this small little town on a small highway 119.  He opened a restaurant, called the LAST SHOT, and I’m telling EVERYONE, go out of your way, and go there!  Roy does not stop action wise, every thing adds to this place; from great food, to a collection of shot glasses, over 9,000 of them, (yes, I’ll say it again, the number is right, over 9,000 of them), to great pizzas, to a Doggie setting, to a pet store, to opening up a farmers market, to who knows what else!  Seeing him was terrific, and that was the beginning of this trip; that’s what I mean when I say enjoy each moment.  With all of the fires, who knows what might happen?  He lives 5-6 miles away from the restaurent, with 5 dogs, 20 sheep, chickens, roosters, cats; WOW, I don’t know what else, but all of this is up a rode that needs a 4 wheel drive vehicle.  It was all like a dream, as previously mentioned.

I had never met Jim’s wife, who is a terrific lady.  They live in a town about 1/2 hr outside of Aspen, so we had a terrific time.  A few drinks went down, and a lot of stories about high school, and college.  Some of it didn’t seem to interest Jim’s wife, she went to bed; that’s ok, I was still laughing, “enjoying the moment”.  People should take note of this, we never know where life wants to take us.  Look at me; I took care of myself with my business, from my neck down to my toes.  Then I got two brain tumors.  Who could know how that could happen?  I do, by the way, consider that the greatest thing that could happen to me.  I had to reconsider how to operate my life, and I’m very fortunate on how it all turned out.  Found out who all my friends are, and what they did for me.  I know that I’ve written about some of those things that were done for me, but who wouldn’t write about them?  It changed my life; it changed my “moment to moment”.  Very important.

All I did, the whole weekend, was laugh, (also sleep).  I haven’t done that for a long time.  We went to a restaurent, right along a river; in fact, the restaurent is called THE RIVER.  I had elk steaks, which was unbelievable!  I could go on and on about how great everything was , but please trust, friends go out of their way to make sure that I, and them have a great time, and boy, did we!  I would say, that’s taking one step after the other.  It never ends, appreciate what is given to you, and tell everybody!  They love to hear positive stories; and I’ll bet you do to.  If we all think in those terms, of speaking in nice, positive terms, I’ll bet we get better sleep, and even have a smile on our face; and that, my friends, puts smiles on other faces.  Even if it doesn’t , we’ll feel better, in our own little world.

So what did I learn?  A lot.  In terms of fires, life goes on.  People help people.  We do what we can do to help others; we all have been in situations where we need help.  Take it.  Put egos aside, people LOVE to help people in need.  That’s their “moment to moment”, and trust me, everyone who is involved, is thankful.

Life, really, is short, so enjoy it.  Whatever turns you on, if it is tall, or short, private or public, do it; you’ll be so glad you did.  I’m glad I did what I did, recently; but also a lot of things that nobody knows what I did, even better.  Be proud of being you, I’ll bet you’re better than you know.  Have a great day, week, month, and on, and on….


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