Let’s see, do we want to live in the past for the pleasant times that we had, or do we want to make some sort of a  change because the  present that doesn’t contribute so much to our future?  Maybe a good question, or is it just a cop out?  Uhmmm….  Listen, we ALL had some great times in our lives, times that we’ll never want to replace, and why should we?  Sometimes, it takes the right person, with the same background, to really spark up the past; and that’s when you say, ” Top THAT”!  Sometimes it would be hard to top THAT, but look where it takes you, or leads you, or however you want to look at it.  It could be such a little rendevous, with an old buddy, and you feel that all you did was laugh, (which is what I’m leading to, and boy did I!), that makes one think, “Did I make the proper moves to really maximize my life?”  I think so,I really do, and when you think about my mindset in getting to where I’m at, well I guess you shake your head, or twice.

A lot of you out there are aware that I had a couple of brain tumors;  oh,and they had to be taken out; and then there was the seizure, oh yes, and that had to be dealt with; and then we had to change a little on the on the sleepless nights, and so on….  All of it, panned out in just the right groove.  Where am I going with all of this, (I don’t think that I really know, to be honest!); all I can tell you is that a buddy from 30-35 years ago, Jr, somehow called my brother during my second operation, this past September.  I wasn’t on the conversation, but somehow they got caught up, and then I started getting emails from Jr, about this, and that, and blah, blah, and blah.  This then led to a few phone conversations,  and you realize “Where did that 35 years go”? because in 5 seconds the conversation went back to, say 35 years ago.  Even that was fun.  It was fun, because of what life threw at us, especially at our youg ages.  What was I going to do, after college, living in Peoria, Illinois.  Well, I was moving, of course!  What would you be doing?  So in the course of a week, I had a trip planned, did it, and then moved out to L.A., because who wouldn’t? At the time, you never think about all of your friends, your cousins, family, and of what makes us what we are.  You think only of  CALIFORNIA!  So you do it, and never really try to keep up with all of your old buddies; and never really think twice when they don’t do the same.  At some point, as we get a little older, maybe a family reunion, or maybe staying in touch with just a few people, conversations do start to come up about this person, or that group of guys.  And trust me, it starts to happen a little more as the years go on.  So did it start to dawn of me that I hadn’t talked to Jr. in say 35 years?  No, but once I did, we said we’re going to get together, soon.  You know how that goes.  Then I get a message, how about two weeks?  I’m thinking, who wouldn’t?  So we did, and guess what?   We never left Playa del Rey.  Who would?

There was a bit of cocktails that went down, and you talk about nicknames, and stories that haven’t entered your mind in so long, and you LAUGHED, a LOT!  It’s just amazing how you’ll say something, and then that sparks another association that just keeps the laughs up, and you keep saying, “how does this stay in MY mind, and nothing else that should stay in there”?  It just keeps going, and so does time.  Before you know it, weekend is up, time to get back to what we “normally” do.  That’s when you know that what you did growing up, was what made you what you are today.  It is just what it is.  Crazy stuff growing up?  As we talked, absolutely!  Stupid stuff growing up, absolutely!  Change anything?  No way!  I know that I’ve said this before, but I’ve had some great people in my life, now, but especially, back then, and we really don’t pick ’em so much back then.  It just happens.  It tells us where we might go to college, it tells us what might attract us, to what area.  “It” being our boys, and how certain things affected my “CALIFORNIA” boom.  Then the entertainment bug hit, I needed to be in the industry!  This went on for about 20-25 years, but making me shape my working life around fitness, and all of this came from growing up.  How it all starts to make sense.

Like I said earlier, as the past weekend just flew by, and there was a ton of laughter goin’ on, it started to make more and more sense how every move figured in, amazing.  So go back to those memories, and ring up old friends, and you’ll start to ring up stuff you never thought your head would hang on to.  THAT, my friends, will make you think, again.  Now we’re talking about getting a couple of other bozzos to join up for a fall get together, so if you think I’m ramblin’ on now, oh boy, wait till then; I really couldn’t think of the conversation, then; it’s tough enough, NOW!  So be thankful, it all adds up, and believe me, it was SO worth it, both then, and now.  Lots of smiles….


  • Joseph Yonkouski

    I really don’t know what to say….except I WISH THAT I WAS THERE!!!!
    But, then, the conversations might not have been the same.
    You are sooo right…our pasts make us what we are today. Having you as a brother has helped me be the person that I am and what our family is today. We are all truly indebted to you.
    I hope that the fall reunion happens and I hope that I;ll be there to toss down a few with the guys!

  • Heather Sullivan

    I love your blog Scott! You are so awesome and everyone that knows you will say you make us all laugh and smile constantly! You are contagious! My husband John has always talked about the way he has been shaped by how he grew up and would not trade all the experiences he has had made him who he is. (All weekend he kept saying “it is what it is!!!”) We are having similar thoughts miles apart! I might just try to connect with some of my old friends…..you never know what tomorrow will bring. Miss you!

  • scott yonkouski

    I miss you, too! It’s always great to hear from you; I didn’t know anyone read this, I just sort of blurt out words, not really knowing what’s coming out! Anyway, hope to see ya soon, maybe this summer. By the way, if you’re thinking of pulling out an old friend that you haven’t talked to in 20 years, do it. You’ll laugh, and laugh some ore,and think like it’s that time again, trust me one this one…

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